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This website is not affiliated with the U.S. government or military. All proceeds from the operation of this site are donated to veteran and other charities. Home; > ; Army Presentations; >; First Aid; >; Heat Injuries. Petty Officer 3rd Class Eustacia “Tasha” Joseph | U.S. Navy HONOLULU — Army Vixens player Kim “Kimbo” Raymond (with football) makes a break past the Falcons' . For more details about ACAP, contact the transition services manager , Charlene Shelton, at , or contractor installation manager, Mike Bormann. Search the database under "Jody" and you'll get two variations of the Duckworth Chant (Sound Off). Here's one care of Bart Simpson, I believe that as of the last music catalog I saw from them they had a number of tapes of US military cadence calls - can't find the catalog at the moment, but I'm sure they.

Reveille 14 Lyr Req: A friend also sung me another old one with an actual TUNE about the appropriate distribution of a keg of beer through the squadron, but I never got her to write it down. So, is this stuff all discussed somewhere I shoulda looked, or does anyone have input? Vaughn Monroe made a hit of that one in the early 's, and I've been looking for a CD recording of it - so far, no luck.

Be a while 'till you get back, So Jody's drivin your Cadillac. And have you tried it out in your rotc group? The two discussed, among other things, recruiting, the Army budget and the Army presence in Europe. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who does it.

It was a difficult quest, because I wanted to find a song that had "Duckworth" and didn't have most of the songs that are on the other Vaughn Monroe compilation that I already had. I dropped out of a Roman Catholic seminary inand lost my "divinity student" draft exemption.

I considered filing as a Conscientious Objector; but at the time, I could not say that I was completely opposed to all war in all circumstances. I've moved a little closer to complete pacifism in my old age. I'm sure glad they sent me to Berlin, where I worked as a German linguist. Tim Jaques Two Of Us Hookup Service Njrotc Ribbon netcom.

The complaint was that they did all the fighting, while all the wine and women were for Scipio Africanus. I'll see if I can find it again, as it was rather funny. He also appears in Bruce Jacksons collection of prison worksongs see Jody. Ain't no use in writting home ya, ya,, ya,ya Jody got your girl an gone ya,ya,,ya,ya, Ain't no use in feeling blue ya,ya,,ya,ya Jody got your sister too ya,ya,,ya,ya, R Abrahams claims Jody, in his many variants was sung by all Afro-American outfits in WWII.

I just yesterday read this term for the first time in a newspaper column. The writer used the term 'Jody' to describe a guy from a Marine base's morale and rec department who had an affair with a Marine who was overseas. My life is one giant confluence of ephemera! I seem to recall some interesting little ditties. I do remember one of hisdrill instructor's favorite instructions to exhort the troops to line up properly. The general wording was: I owned the title for several months, more on the strength of a strong voice than an encyclopedic knowledge of calls.

The calls were much like Sea Shanties in structure and purpose. One common format was to have each line echoed by the column. A local favorite example was: I don't know but I been told echo Navy wings are made of gold. He gave us over half an hour of invented-on-the-spot Jody, without pauses, just to prove he could do it. A great guy to listen to, as long as you don't want to get in a song edgewise yourself On one episode he was conscripted into the Roman army and was marching along to the chant of Sinister - Dexter, Sinister - Dexter I believe that as of the last music catalog I saw from them they had a number of tapes of US military cadence calls - can't find the catalog at the moment, but I'm sure they would be happy to send you one if you read more to call.

Eric Two Of Us Hookup Service Njrotc Ribbon edberge ibm. We sang a lot of Jodi. I don't know how much I can remember, but I can say that there were 2 tunes chant styles? One style was done in the movie "Battleground" and was recorded as "Sound Off". That one had verses like: I don't know but I believe, I'll be home by Christmas Eve.

I don't know but I been told North Korea's mighty cold. Raise your head and learn this song Our CO's a real ding dong.

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If the other call style was given, the answer rhythm was different: You had a good home but you left! Jodi was there when you left! Cadence chants had been around much longer, but were generally pretty square rythmically; apparently the black troops were given more freedom in jazzing things up. I want to be an econ major, I want to live a life of ease.

My thesis is a thirty-pager. Gee, this department's such a breeze! Does this tune sound to anybody else like a slight simplification of a tune from Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto? Not that I know any.

If you sang it with the exact Beethoven melody, maybe you could get a psychiatric discharge They formed a line, of maybe 5 men between the 2 rails facing one rail, all in the same direction another 5 men on the outside track, facing the same way as the others, they'd all take their bars side them under the track, one man between each tie with a bar jimmying the track inches at a time.

The songs they used were the same as Two Of Us Hookup Service Njrotc Ribbon chants. The caller would sing the song first so every one would know what they were working to, the; Ain't no use in writing home all would lift on home Jody got your girl an gone all would lift on gone the lifting would only be enough to move the track an inch or two at a time.

The song "Lining Track" could be sung in this "Jody" style, if sung the way it's famous the movements mould have to happen durning the chours rather than durning the verse.

What a click here, thought I'd share it. And, Nonie, if you're still around, the beer song goes: Glorious, glorious, One keg of beer just for the four of us Glory be to God that there are no more of us For one of us could drink it all alone And then you sang Drink, 4x Drank 4X Drunk 4x and a snore or a barf or whatever There are two basic types: The mentioned "I wanna be an Airborne Ranger" is a running cadence, as are most of the calls about Jody.

Three and a quarter, I got a date with the General's daughter - or - wish I had some scotch and water.

They took first place in tug of war, academics, unarmed platoon exhibition and unarmed platoon basic. I'm a hillbilly, so my present challenge is English. The new regional, ten-room kindergarten can support the education of children and doubles as a storm shelter as the region is prone to torrential rains and flooding. Foley leftpresent the Lt. In Vietna-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahm Vietna-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahm Late at night when your sleepin' Charlie Kong comes a creepin' All arou-ou-ou-ou-ound, Vietnam.

A different type of running cadence is used as soldiers become winded during a long run: Woke up about a quarter to three! Little girl it was you and me!

Two Of Us Hookup Service Njrotc Ribbon

Woke up about a quarter to four! With the First Sergeant at my door! A good caller can adlib this type indefinitely, using common couplet strings from other cadences: Put me in a barber's chair, spun me round I had no hair Nine to the front and six to the rear, that's the way we do it here Issued me a hand grenade, should have seen the mess I made Use to drive a Cadillac, now I hump it on my back A common marching cadence: Hey, Hey, Captain Ja-ack soldiers echo Meet me down by the railroad track.

As the Army becomes more politically correct, the cadences have become more tame, both sexually and with respect to violence. Most senior commanders either forbid or discourage singing cadences that refer to sex or are too gory napalm sticks to kids. I know some pretty funny ones if anyone is interested, but won't bother unless there is a request.

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.

However, much of the cadence of my era and, I assume, others as well was pulled from the popular music of the time. For example, a Vietnam Two Of Us Hookup Service Njrotc Ribbon was done to the tune of "Poison Ivy" They say there is a pla-ace A-Way across the sea That's where they wanna bury me-ee-ee-ee-ee. In Vietna-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahm Vietna-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahm Late at night when your sleepin' Charlie Kong comes a creepin' Http:// arou-ou-ou-ou-ound, Vietnam.

I'm gonna jump from a big iron bird. Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door, Jump right out and count to four.

If that chute don't open wide, I got another one by my side. And if that spare don't open wide, Guess I'm in for a hell of a ride. Lay my arms across my chest, Tell the girls I did my best. There were probably others. The version we sang included these verses, which supply the title to Tim Http:// classic war novel: If I die in a combat zone; Box me up and send me home.

Bury me just six feet deep, Put cross rifles at my feet. Fold my arms across my chest, And tell my mom I did my best.

Sound it off One, two! Hit it again Three, four! Bring 'er on down!

Two Of Us Hookup Service Njrotc Ribbon

One two three four, one, two--three four. If I die in the old drop zone, Box me up and send me home. Pin my wings upon my breast and bury me in the leaning rest. I want to be an Airborne Ranger I want to live a life of danger I want to play with the Army's money I want to be a rich lieutenant This was also a running call, and the call leader "sang" the verse and the rest of the unit shouted the chorus.

I would love to hear some of the funny ones. I can only remember one verse We are the girls of engineering Tough as nails and not endearing We just love to take a licking Smells like fish and tastes like chicken.