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15 Nov Home and Away actress Isabella Giovinazzo is 'understood to have started dating' her co-star James Stewart, reports The Daily Telegraph. 8 Jul Home and Away stars Rhiannon Fish and Charles Cottier are leaving the soap, reports have revealed. Teri Haddy, who played Rosie Prichard on the show, confirmed the news to TV Week following months of speculation over the future of the pair's characters April Scott and Dexter Walker. Rhiannon Fish. Who is april from home and away dating, most read news. Environmentalist dating site. The BEAR necessities which could save your life April decides to lose her virginity to Dex on the night of a schoolies party. April is delighted when Bianca stops the ceremony and runs off with Liam. Rules on dating me. Rhiannon left.

April Scott Rhiannon Fish Episodes: Bianca Scott half Marital Status: April was first seen admonishing Xavier for throwing photos of himself and ex-girlfriend Ruby into the sea, telling him he was spoiling the environment and could cause the death of an innocent sea creature.

She made enough of an impression on him for him to instantly jump in to retrieve them and put them in the bin and they soon got on well. She was a new arrival in town who was in his year at school. After he made several futile attempts to phone her, she rang him and asked him for his address before going link for a chat. While helping Tony and Xavier clear out the shed for the boxing classes, April recalled how a friend was attacked during a protest in Paris and how helpless she felt.

After exchanging a few kisses and falling asleep on the beach, they accepted they were now a couple. She was finally joined by her older sister Bianca, who was supposed to be in Summer Bay before her but had been delayed.

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She arranged a dinner at the Diner for Bianca to meet Xavier but Bianca spent the evening flirting with Liam, after inviting him and Ruby to join them. Xavier told April he was worried about Ruby, who seemed left out, but when he tried to talk to her about it she kissed him. He told April what had happened and she pretended to be angry with him before revealing she was actually all right with it.

Bianca soon got them thrown out of their home by article source into a fight with the landlord so Xavier persuaded Gina to let them stay at their place.

Who Is April From Home And Away Dating

She was worried that Ruby seemed to be avoiding them so followed her to the Diner and asked her if she had a problem with them living together. She gave some support to Xavier when he was worried about Tony and Rachel arguing. April asked Gina to install recycle bins at the school and was shocked and slightly when she agreed without much argument.

Wanting a challenge, she came up with an idea to ban the sale of bottled water, so people would have to fill bottles from water fountains rather than throwing them away. She was pleased with the rally John organised at the local tip but not so impressed when he and Xavier came back with a not-particularly-environmentally-friendly car. She also Who Is April From Home And Away Dating him some advice about the people smuggling money.

She was upset, however, when she overheard John expressing his disappointment when money allocated to his Highway to Summer Bay project was used for an investigation of the water bottle ban proposal. John challenged her to come up with an idea to make him money so she presented him with a proposal for using environmentally friendly buses as a door to door service, which she claimed was being used in Sweden. She admitted to Xavier more info the Swedes had rejected the proposal and he urged her to tell John.

She refused, saying helping the environment was worth the deceit, but when Gina overheard them she made them tell John. She supported Xavier when John had a heart attack and, when Xavier worried about whether to let John propose to Gina, gave him a list of questions to see whether Gina loved him or not. They were both left bemused when Gina rejected the proposal.

She was pleased when he changed his mind and spoke up for them, failing to get the ban but getting more water fountains installed. When Xavier discovered John and Gina had got back together without telling him, April helped him understand the situation better.

She was delighted when Bianca and Liam left together but horrified the next morning read article Bianca insisted she was still marrying Vittorio.

She was delighted when Bianca halted things and ran off with Liam but her mood soured soon afterwards when an angry Joanna took her back to Europe. She returned after six weeks to the sight of Xavier kissing Summer Horgan-Jones.

When Bianca learns she is pregnant with Heath's baby, she and Liam try to keep it a secret. Hayden Panettiere flaunts her curves in a black swimsuit as she prepares to go snorkelling during beach break Tom Daley and husband Lance Black were shocked to learn they couldn't pay a surrogate mother to have their child in the UK Leave them Breathless: Smitten Amber flaunts toned stomach in a pink satin crop top as she celebrates first Valentine's with 21 Savage Love Yourself? David Walliams mocks Katie Price's here at a sultry snap April tells Xavier she is going to perform a form of environmental protest and she steals some chemicals from the school.

She was also uncomfortable staying with Liam and Bianca, who were still on their honeymoon period, so moved back in with Irene. She was annoyed when he reacted negatively, telling him to keep quiet but admitted that she had no real plan.

Xavier tried to dispose of the chemicals but accidentally exposed them both to toxic fumes in the process. April recovered enough to stagger down to the beach but then collapsed and, although she was quickly rushed to hospital, Xavier was in a bad way when he was eventually found.

Who Is April From Home And Away Dating

After listening to everyone assuming Xavier was to blame, she please click for source until the next day to admit the truth to Irene, Bianca and Gina. She started hanging out with Dexter, helping him with his blogs, and was uncomfortable when Xavier came to the house and tried to win her back with a message in French.

She was reluctant to attend a birthday dinner Bianca organised but Dexter persuaded her to go along. The only thing that made her smile was a necklace Xavier had bought her, but when he suggested they get back together she rejected the idea and gave the necklace back. She also became paranoid about some marks on her skin, going to the hospital and asking Sid to test her for skin cancer and having a mole removed despite him saying it was nothing to worry about. She shared a brief heart to heart with Ruby about their respective problems.

She was persuaded by Dexter to appear in his blog about double standards towards relationships but was upset when she received some negative comments. When given some simple Geography homework to do — a map of a made up country — she repeatedly did more maps, even staying up all night to work on them.

She was thrown into a panic when Jase McKenzie messed up her carefully laid out pens at school and Liam confiscated them, especially when Bianca suffered an electric shock the same day. She spent ages working on a poetry assignment and kept all her clothes in neat order. She expressed her disapproval over Xavier lying to Miranda Jacobs to get her to date him and agreed to accompany Dexter to the party Ruby and Casey were organising at a holiday mansion, only to be thrown into a swimming pool by Heath Braxton and the River Boys and have to be taken home by Xavier and Miranda.

With Bianca away, she spent all night doing the ironing and then skipped school to write Bianca a text message in exactly characters, refusing to discuss her actions with Dexter or Liam. She was annoyed that Dexter had told Liam what was going on and hid from Irene and Bianca, insisting there was nothing wrong with her, only to break down in tears when Bianca messed up her neatly folded clothes.

She spoke to a counsellor and realised she had abandonment issues because of her poor relationship with her parents. She told Bianca to give Liam space after he was dumped to his record contract only Who Is April From Home And Away Dating get into an argument with him when he told Summer she was wasting her time trying to learn the guitar and be told to keep an eye on her own life.

They both tried to avoid neglecting Dexter but he was mostly left watching them kissing. After accompanying Xavier on an abortive trip to a music festival, she tracked Liam down in rehab and persuaded Bianca to go and see him for closure.

She was shocked to hear Dexter was dating a classmate, Kate Hanlon, and got into a jealous argument with her when the teens went away together. She and Dexter ended up spending time alone while the others surfed and he admitted he was only pretending Kate was his girlfriend but their conversation was interrupted when Xavier was dragged out of the water after hitting his head.

She seemed uncomfortable being around him at the hospital but shut Dexter down when he seemed to be about to tell her he liked her. When he turned up at her house and kissed her, she reminded him she already had a boyfriend and was annoyed to hear Bianca had slept with Heath, accusing her of cheating on Liam. She cancelled a date with Xavier to go and see Dexter and told him she needed to be honest with Xavier but then kissed him.

They began seeing each other in secret but Who Is April From Home And Away Dating was uncomfortable with the situation. She continued to meet Dexter in secret and, after Xavier had tried to arrange for them to go away together for schoolies, she broke up with him without giving a reason. She ultimately decided to be honest but before she could talk to Xavier he saw her and Dexter kissing.

After Xavier had punched Dexter, she tried to talk to him to sort things out but only made matters worse because he thought she wanted to get back together.

When she saw Xavier spending time with Kelly, she advised her not to hurt him. She managed to repair her friendship with Xavier and helped Kelly keep her job when she nearly ran over Colleen. She tried to help Bianca by tracking down Liam, only to find he had checked himself out of rehab, and then had to help Bianca deal with being raped.

When Liam returned, she was threatened over his plans to testify against Heath and looked after him when he was beaten up. She was upset when Liam and Bianca broke up. She advised Dexter over a suggested visit from his mother Jody and was pleased to be introduced please click for source his girlfriend.

Realising Irene was hiding something, she looked in her bag and found a card for a breast surgeon, forcing Irene to admit she had breast cancer. She offered to work at the Diner to help her out and defended Irene when Miles made a comment about her taking off. She helped Dexter search for his new sister Sasha in a storm and clashed with Gypsy when she arrived in town, annoyed at her disrupting her ordered way of doing things and feeding Lily a casserole Colleen Who Is April From Home And Away Dating made for Irene.

When she, Xavier and Dexter learned the school was to be demolished, they organised a protest during which April chained herself to the gates and was arrested. Read more was released without charge and claimed victory when the school stayed open, unaware Gina had blackmailed them with incriminating documents. She cut short a date with Dexter to look after an ill Irene and took her to hospital.

April and Dexter leaving Home and Away

The experience led to her deciding to become a doctor and telling Dexter they needed to cool things down until after her HSC. Irene and Ruby persuaded her to go but she left early since Dexter was too busy keeping an eye on Sasha to spend much time with her.

While accompanying Irene to her chemotherapy, she got chatting to an intern, Phil Jamison, about stimulants. However, she was terrified when she learned Sid had alerted the police and guilty to be awarded dux of the year.

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She planned to confess but Ruby talked her out of it and disposed of the drugs, although Heath realised what had happened when he saw her. April collapsed whilst giving her acceptance speech and Ruby told Sid what was going on.

She offered to accept her punishment but Sid felt she was sorry and kept the matter quiet. Feeling guilty, she apologised to Sasha, Gina and Ruby, then wondered why Dexter was off with her. She made things up with Dexter and they made visit web page to lose their virginity together after a party at the surf club but she cancelled when Irene felt ill. When Marilyn and Sid turned up, April agreed to go to the party anyway but arrived to find Dexter kissing another girl, Dallas Phillips.

She went home in tears and next day saw Dexter accepting the congratulations of their classmates who thought he and Dallas had slept together. She locked herself away in her room and refused to see him or forgive him. She spoke to Heath when Darcy tried to see Bianca and he confirmed Dallas had said Dexter turned her down.

She felt flattered when a group of Rive Boys wolf-whistled her. She roped Heath into driving her, Xavier and Ruby to a car rally but Bianca chided her for spending time with him. A member of her debating group, Jonathan Brewer, asked her to the formal but she turned him down and asked Xavier instead, confirming to Ruby she was planning to sleep with him.

She stocked up on sexy lingerie but when Bianca found out what she was doing she agreed to reconsider. After sitting by the beach feeling depressed, she ran into Heath, who was similarly down over his family leaving. They went for a drive and she kissed him, then when he took her home she slept with him, smuggling him out of the house the next morning. April made her peace with Xavier and then approached Heath, only to find that he viewed their night together as a one-off.

They were interrupted by Liam and a furious Bianca but she went home with Heath and spent the night with him. However, he ended things when he learned she Who Is April From Home And Away Dating been a virgin. There, she found out Dexter and Dallas were just friends and Bianca made her promise not to see Heath again because of the stress it was putting Irene under. She changed her mind when she overheard Liam accusing Bianca of being jealous but, with Irene also unhappy, she asked Heath to keep their relationship secret.

He initially refused before turning up in her bedroom and agreeing. Having failed to get into medicine, April decided to repeat Year When Liam saw her with Click to see more, he got her to admit what Bianca had said.

Peter Andre, 44, shares sweet snap of his children gazing at Emily, 28, on Lorraine Home and Away actress Jessica Falkholt pictured has tragically died more than three weeks after a horror car crash which claimed the continue reading of her parents and younger sister. Johnny Ruffo is all smiles as he shares his inspiring mantra on Instagram April's storylines initially focused on her relationship with Xavier Austin David Jones-Roberts and her views on environmental issues. Wanting a challenge, she came up with an idea to ban the sale of bottled water, so people would have to fill bottles from water fountains rather than throwing them away.