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College Park, MD Poster For the past 15 years, the University of St. Thomas physics department has been integrating computational physics throughout the undergraduate curriculum. We have incorporated real-world computational physics problems into upper-division physics courses, developed experiments that involve computational data collection Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 here for the sophomore-level experimental methods course, re-developed the sophomore-level modern physics course to serve as an introduction to computational physics, and established a new junior-level course that focuses exclusively on computational methods.

Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018

By mapping our efforts to the suggested learning outcomes in the new AAPT Recommendations for Computational Physics in the Undergraduate Physics Curriculum, we assess our progress and find areas that we still need to address in our curriculum. Integrating Computation into Undergraduate Programs: Poster The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Eastern Michigan University has recognized that computational physics knowledge and skills are article source for our undergraduate students.

We have developed and piloted two computational physics courses that will be required for our undergraduate physics programs beginning in fall The first course covers foundational techniques and is required during the introductory course.

The second course covers techniques applicable to the upper-level core courses and is a prerequisite for the required capstone project course.

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We will describe the context and the content of these courses and our ongoing efforts to integrate computation into our core courses as well as upper-level laboratory courses. Methods of Computational Physics at the University of St. Poster The University of St. Thomas Physics department has been working to integra te computational physics throughout our undergraduate physics curriculum.

In addition to the inclusion of computational exercises in existing courses, we have created a standalone course titled Methods of Computational Physics. Rather than presenting a loosely coupled collection of computational techniques, our course strives to teach our students how to tackle a large scale computational problem.

The numerical and computational techniques required to solve the problem are explored along the way and fit piece by piece into a larger software framework.

In this way, the students learn not only the specific techniques but how to break a large problem into its component parts and how to create, maintain, and expand a large piece of scientific software. Poster There has been an increased focus on the integration of practices into phys ics curricula, with a particular emphasis on integrating computation into the undergraduate curriculum of scientists and engineers.

In this paper, we present a university-level, introductory physics course for science and engineering majors at Michigan State University MSU called P3 Projects and Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 in Physics that is centered around providing introductory physics students with the opportunity to appropriate learn more here science and engineering practices.

The P3 design integrates computation with analytical problem solving and is built upon a curriculum foundation of problem-based learning, the principles of constructive alignment and the theoretical framework of community of practice.

The design includes an innovative approach to computational physics instruction, instructional scaffolds, and a unique approach to assessment that enables instructors to guide students in the development of the practices of a physicist. Poster This computational exercise is part of a lab activity for an upper-level ma jors course in electrodynamics.

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In the laboratory portion of the exercise, students take measurements that allow them to calculate the capacitance of a large parallel-plate capacitor of varying aspect ratio. Click the computational part of the exercise, students learn to use the relaxation method to solve Laplace's equation for the potential of various systems. Using their results, they can compare to their measurements and the calculation for an idealized infinite capacitor.

Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018

We will show results from the first implementation of this lab exercise and possible future improvements. Poster Computation is a practice that is increasingly important for physics majors to learn. In addition, modern computational practice makes use of tools such as version control i. In this poster, we present a practical approach to using Jupyter notebooks and GitHub in an upper-level course for physics majors - a course in which few students have any prior experience in computation.

Highlighted are the use of scaffolded Jupyter notebooks and GitHub classroom - a tool for distributing and collecting student work using git repositories. Poster Because computation is ubiquitous in the practice of physics, curricula tha t are authentic to the discipline include opportunities to develop and practice computational skills in the context of constructing and testing models of physical phenomena.

Information about current implementations of computational physics instruction will also be Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018. Poster In this poster I will present examples of typical undergraduate physics top ics that can be more effectively presented and learned in a computational mode, than with a purely analytical, non-computational approach.

Poster Following the panel presentation we discuss problem-specific activities in computational modeling that can be integrated into any physics course to engage students in the understanding of a given topic. We will describe how one can begin with simple problems like 1D free fall, compute it numerically and build a template. We can then add some realism and cromplexity into it such as by modeling air resistance, and turn it into 3D realistic projectile motion.

With a general template in place, students can be guided through the same process to explore more advanced problems including damped harmonic oscillator, vibration and waves, interactions of charged particles and Rutherford scattering, route to thermal equilibrium, and quantum wave propagation, etc.

The basic computational environment is Python in Jupyter, but the examples should be easily adaptable to other environments Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 as GlowScript and trinket. To try it in real time, please bring your own laptop with Python, Jupyter and optionally VPython installed with packages like Anaconda or Canopy.

This presentation will illustrate the implementation of each of these components of our outreach program, present an evaluation of their success, and describe future goals and lessons learned thus far. The unit is as per the photos attached. Poster This study investigated the impact of a new lab design project on pre-servi ce teacher preparation.

Poster We overview the activities in computational physics at Francis Marion Unive rsity. Our sequence of computational physics courses begins with an introduction to computational methods and their application to physical problems, and culminates with a variety of advanced methods including an introduction to high performance computing.

We also highlight the use of computational methods in our other physics courses, including electricity and magnetism, statistical mechanics, and quantum mechanics.

Poster Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 modern Eddington experiment will read article performed during the August 21 eclipse. This poster describes the new method used to drastically improve the accuracy of this historic experiment.

Poster Plans for preparing East Central University and the Ada, Oklahoma, communit y for the solar eclipse will be click. Experiences in viewing solar eclipses in Perry, Florida, in and Cap Chat, Quebec, Canada, in will also be described. A thermal wake occurs when a HAB influences and changes the surrounding ambient atmospheric temperature of the air through which it passes.

During daytime flights, the thermal wake is warmer than the surrounding air Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 during nighttime flights there is an opposite effect, a cooling of the atmosphere surrounding the balloon.

Temperature measurements will be collected during stratospheric flights with weather balloons before, during, and after the eclipse event. Poster The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, will host student and community informational seminars and workshops during the week before the North American Solar Eclipse visits our area as it passes out to sea. Observations, recordings, and environmental measurements will be made at three sites: In addition to our college students, faculty, and staff and in cooperation with the Charleston County School District, safe viewing will be provided for area students and the general public.

Catherine University have used Geiger counters see more study the cosmic ray flux during high altitude balloon HAB flights. We have measured the omnidirectional cosmic ray flux, plus coincidences between pairs of Geiger counters mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Pressure, temperature, and 3D location of balloon payloads are also logged. All fluxes grow with increasing altitude until the Regener-Pfotzer RP maximum. These fluxes provide a means to study the structure of cosmic ray air showers as a function of altitude. Flux measurements will be collected before, during, and after the eclipse event.

That is the first day of class for WKU, and all of the students, staff, and faculty are invited to join a massive party in the middle of our beautiful campus.

The day before the eclipse a Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 science festival will take place in downtown Bowling Green, culminating with a show at the local minor league ballpark demonstrating the science of fireworks.

The results of the survey are presented in this poster. Retrieved September 29, A post shared by Simone?? Recommend to go this apartment. We will discussion the acculturation of teaching assistants to this novel environment and make suggestions for sustainability.

All of this required intensive efforts at communicating with government officials, media representatives, school administrators, civic organizations, and the general public. Common Struggles in Understanding Eclipses: Poster Temple University, in coordination with the AAPT as a part of the NASA Heli ophysics Education Consortium, has built a task force to develop astronomy and heliophysics resources for introductory and advanced astronomy and physics learning in higher education institutions including for pre-service teacher education programs.

This presentation will discuss NASA's plans for the eclipse, highlighting some programs, resources, Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 citizen science activities that will engage and educate many across the country and beyond. NASA will offer unique observations of this celestial event from the ground to space. Additionally, there are do-it-yourself DIY science, lunar and math challenges, art projects, Makerspace ideas, and various activities for learners of all ages.

Education resources and tool kits may Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 useful for education and public engagement. Find out what events are happening in your neighborhood, and plan your own eclipse parties with resources and activities.

Last but not the least, experience the eclipse on August 21 and learn more through NASA broadcast programming that will include telescopic views from multiple locations, simple measurements, and live and taped interviews.

Six of the 10 labs designed for this lab course utilize the data acquisition capabilities of the iOLab cart. This poster station demonstrates one of these lab activities, an investigation of the Impulse and Momentum Principle. Students connect different attachments to the onboard force sensor to collect data for impact forces while the embedded wheel sensor collects data for the cart's dynamics. Poster Through click use of the IOLab Device, students are able to measure the weigh t of an object in air and the apparent weight of the same object, when immersed in another fluid.

This allows for the determination of the buoyant force on the object, when submerged in the other fluid, as well as the object's volume and average density. Students are able to quickly apply this technique to discover the volume and average density of any object, and even use their results to determine the density of an unknown fluid.

Through these investigations, students achieve a better understanding of the properties that lead to an object floating or sinking within a fluid, are better able to reflect on other class activities involving the buoyant force, and have worked with Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 procedure that can determine the volume and average density of any object.

Poster Under strain, biomaterials exhibits viscoelasticity: Equipped with a variety of sensors for most quantities interested in physics lab courses, IOLab turns to be a versatile platform for prototype development. Here we report on the development of a teaching lab appropriate for the demonstration, as well as quantitative measurement, of the viscoelasticity in biomaterials, taking hair as the sample.

Poster We present two IOLab investigations that utilize the expansion header pins to take advantage of the IOLab's analog output and input.

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In one investigation, we demonstrate how two IOLab devices can be used as a battery and a voltmeter to conduct an investigation of equipotential lines. We show how an equipotential lines lab can be done inexpensively with non-technical off-the-shelf parts you would find in everyday-life. A second investigation uses a simple spirometer design to enable the IOLab to function as a biomedical device and conduct lung function tests.

Many life-science students in the physics classroom have an interest in health professions, this activity builds on that interest by providing students an opportunity to interface with biomedical technology. We discuss how devices like the IOLab combined with simple designs can increase access to exciting and complex physics investigations.

For this lab, source require a small breadboard, hookup wire, a battery pack holding 3 AAA cells, and precision resistors including 4. The circuit is wired once, placing 1 Ohm resistors in each leg where a current measurement is required.

Current direction and value measurements are taken in pairs reversing the Carolyn And John Hookup Simulator 2018 compensating for any offsets. Poster Most students will be familiar with the compass as a tool that points north. In contrast, the IOLab potentially gives students access to the actual direction of the field.