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We're now at the beginning of a relationship ourselves - not knowing what to do with her ex/my good friend? It feels like we're (purposefully) hurting him, as the breakup is still very fresh and I feel like I'm betraying his friendship by dating his ex-girlfriend. I guess this is a fairly common situation, but I'm new. 16 Mar It's risky, but if you want to date your ex's friend, there are ways of making it work. Any fan of Seinfeld remembers the episode in which Jerry and George spend hours trying to figure out how to accomplish “the switch,” racking their brains looking for some way to swap one girl for her roommate. Trading in. 14 Apr Here was a woman who I thought was my good girlfriend. We had gotten together a few times and I had told her things — personal things about my ex and our relationship, why I was getting divorced, etc. etc. I shared things with her and trusted her. Weeks later, I saw my ex leaving her house. It was like a.

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To post a reply login or register. My ex ended things while ago like 5 months ago. I know she has been seeing one of her best friends a guy she has know for long time.

My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Her Friend

When we were together she said he just a close family friend he like a brother. But I always knew this guy had deep feeling for her I never met him but I knew he wanted more then friends.

She ended it and I noticed she was talking a lot more to him couple months after noticed it when she was going on family vacation in August seen it on snapchat he was top one for sometime.

She came by my work before leaving saying she wanted to see me and miss me. She left came back never heard from her but she still associating with him a lot. She randomly hit me up weeks down the road after she got back which by that time I had seen she posted big on her facebook she is in a relationship with her friend and had a picture of them together.

I told her I know your with him now and your happy now.

Go ahead months down the road toward the end of October she called me out of the blue asked if she could come over I said ok. When she got there I asked if she called and asked to see me cause her and her new boyfriend were arguing or just got in a fight is that why you here she said no it not like that I been thinking bout you a lot but she never said why or what.

Can You Date A Friend's Ex? - Hook Up With Ex!

She ended up leaving soon after said we would talk tommorw and hugged me bye she said she misses me. I was blown away.

Even if she hadn't broken up with your friend, i'm one of those people who thinks it's just unhealthy to go straight from relationship to relationship like that with no breaks You don't' have to be overly friendly to your ex and your friend. Frankly, I disagree with asking your friend if it's OK to date her - she's not his property, so you don't need to ask his permission.

Ever since I have not heard from her randomly saying she misses me or thinking bout me like I have since the break up till end of October when she came to my place. She is always posting stuff of them and other reference that pertain to them and him. He is doing the same posting things and saying she is under my spell with a heart next to it or she is love of my life. She is so much happier now then she was with me. Wait, do you still have a chance?

When that wears off, and everyone in the community moves on to the next piece of gossip, and your ex and your friend really get to know each other, the appeal will fade. I think they began as a simple set of rules of common decency. Just be aware of that. Putting myself in his shoes, I'd probably be hurt and angry, as well.

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My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Her Friend

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