Characteristics Of A Player Dating Lebrons Mom And Delonte: Secret Hookup!

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VICE Sports Sits Down with Delonte West: "I'm not livin' for just me anymore"

Let's finally ask the question: Was Delonte West really dating Gloria James? -

28 Feb During the NBA Playoffs, one of the worst rumors of all time surfaced. The rumor said that LeBron James' mother Gloria James slept with Delonte West, her son's teammate. 3 Jul Delonte West's Rumored "Sexual Encounter" With LeBron's Mom. Sports figure(s) involved: Delonte West and LeBron James Year: . The relationship between a coach and their players is one of trust, mutual respect, and a boatload of other character-building qualities. Nowhere on that list, though. 4 Jun He just wants you to remember that when you're chuckling about LeBron's mom and a gun-laden motorcycle ride, you're laughing at a human being—“a person who plays basketball,” not just a basketball player. After Sept. 17, , people said that West was like a character out of El Mariachi. It was a joke.

That changed on Sept. West explained to the officer that he was carrying weapons: The police later reported that the shotgun was in a guitar case.

Characteristics Of A Player Dating Lebrons Mom And Delonte

By the next morning, West had ceased to be an ordinary NBA player. The website Rotoworld cited Terminator and Raising Arizona. Everyone else brought up El Mariachithe Robert Rodriguez film that features a motorbike, a guitar case, and a whole lot of weapons. That diagnosis had been fairly minor newsand West had gone on to have his best NBA season to date. But now the clinical label offered, or seemed to offer, an explanation for an outlandish story.

VICE Sports Sits Down with Delonte West: "I'm not livin' for just me anymore" - Hi5 Dating Site!

For the rest of the season, West did not speak to the media at all. That year was a difficult one for West. A month after the motorcycle incident, they were divorced. He also lost his starting spot on the Cavaliers. Not quite two months later, James went on television and said he was taking his talents to South Beach.

The day after Cleveland bombed out of the postseason, an email began to circulate among sports fans. For another, it was salacious, a tidbit that people wanted to be true because it was so juicy. But the gossip also gained traction for another reason: The Good, the Bad, and the Insane. InDelonte West entered the Tyson Zone. He had, in other words, become a joke, and that joke had serious consequences. West, who turned 30 last July, has article source been out of the NBA for two seasons.

It was a joke that may have concealed a deeper truth. The protagonist, a young guitar player, dreams of making it as a musician. When the mariachi rides off on a motorbike at the end of the movie, his dream of a life in music has been destroyed. He was mistaken for a person he never was, and his livelihood was taken from him. A Texas Legends home game feels like an extravagant birthday party thrown for the most popular kid in suburban Dallas. West, who signed with the Legends a few months before, is easily the most famous player on either team.

He saw a stint with the Legends as a path back to the Mavericks, who had cut him the previous October. West eventually decided to report anyway, with the aim of impressing some other team. But at the moment, to an onlooker sitting courtside near a bouncy castle, the NBA seems very far away. Regardless, the level of play here is high, better than top-notch college basketball and with less all-out chucking than you might expect from a league where every player hopes his stats will catch the attention of NBA scouts.

Characteristics Of A Player Dating Lebrons Mom And Delonte game is close, and West keys a third-quarter comeback with a couple of steals, nifty passing, and some timely baskets. His play helps the Legends to a close winthough the box score shows only a pedestrian stat line. As this web page gets ready, he jokes with his teammates that with the media present—just me—they better get their Braveheart onpretending for a moment to launch into a rousing motivational speech.

In conversation, West is quick and can be very funny, with an off-kilter sense of humor that can throw off earnest media types used to the more staid interview styles of his athlete Characteristics Of A Player Dating Lebrons Mom And Delonte. In order to love the brother man, you gotta know the other man. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Knick knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone. For a long time, that sort of misperception seemed harmless enough. A video that he and a friend made that showed them freestyle rapping while waiting on some KFC chickenfor instance, was mostly beloved.

He needed to do something about those weapons, she told him. The NBA referred him to a psychologist in Milwaukee who was wonderful, he says. West was fully within his legal rights to carry it. While other players took jobs overseas, West was not yet allowed to leave the country. West eventually decided to report anyway, with the aim of impressing some other team.

West grew up in and around P. West was recruited by a few different colleges but chose St. West then left for the NBA and was drafted late in the first round by the Celtics. Despite breaking his thumb just before his rookie year—the sort of injury that West, who plays with abandon, has suffered often—he earned the backup point guard spot in Boston behind fading Hall of Famer Gary Payton, combining his already reliable jump shot and aggressive defense with better-than-expected playmaking.

The left-handed West moves in a funky way on the court—on purpose, he says, to keep defenders off-balance. Right away, he appeared confident playing with veterans. Then you put your video game inside your car. Many players bring old friends along, paying their ways in exchange for doing chores like buying groceries. West brought his older brother, Dmitri, with him to Boston. Dmitri, though, had already met the woman who would become his wife. West came home from practice one day, and his brother had left, gone back to Washington, D.

West admires him for it. When he got frustrated, he found it difficult, despite his verbal facility, to put his feelings into words. No one really showed me how to sit down and discuss my feelings and what exactly is bothering me. Just a few months later, in Februaryhe was traded again, to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There his ascent resumed. He became a starter on a team more info, in the Eastern Conference semifinals, fought eventual champion Boston for seven close games.

West played more minutes in that series than any Cavalier save LeBron James, had the second-most assists on the team, and was third in scoring. Just a few weeks later, in OctoberWest blew up at a high school referee who was officiating a preseason scrimmage. West took a few days off and saw a therapist. By all accounts, getting help was a great move for West, and his decision to speak openly about his Characteristics Of A Player Dating Lebrons Mom And Delonte turmoil took a lot of courage.

But anyone Characteristics Of A Player Dating Lebrons Mom And Delonte goes public with his psychological struggles—especially in the sports world, where open and honest discussions of mental health issues are still rare—has to worry that people will judge him, laugh at him, and treat him differently.

Delonte Just Confirmed That He Banged LeBron’s Mom

All three of those things happened to Delonte West. Psychiatrists have been diagnosing an illness characterized by depressive periods and manic episodes since the 19 th century. It was known for a long time as manic depression. Some people experience severe depression and mania that includes hallucinations, while others have much milder symptoms.

There are those in the field who believe the illness is now overdiagnosed. West was diagnosed as bipolar by a D. Or go to the mall and spend 25 grand. He now thinks that he was suffering a temporary bout of depression, not exhibiting symptoms of a chronic disorder.

Then again, neither do most sports writers. David Haglund on the click here calls, emails, texts, and dead ends of a year trying to interview the former NBA player. For many sports writers and fans, the clinical label became an easy explanation for anything he did that seemed out of the ordinary.

He was worried that he might get serious prison time for the weapons charges. He had married and then divorced his college sweetheart. He says that negative thoughts went through his head every day: Turn myself in now.

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In fact, he thinks this relentless negativity helped drive him to become an NBA player. Farello found West on a bench alone, and he asked him if he was hurt. Danny Ainge, who drafted the St. Like Farello, Martelli thinks that the trait can cut two ways. West has a formidable work ethic. He has also, in the past, become fixated on failure, and channeled that frustration in a way that he later came to regard as unhealthy.

West says something similar, but more pointedly: I was always so hard on myself, almost to a fault. There is no shortage of professional athletes who hate losing and will practice obsessively to avoid failing the next time.

But most also acknowledged that athletes can channel otherwise harmful tendencies—obsessiveness, aggression, anxiety—in ways that benefit them as competitors. Thomas Eppright, a psychiatrist who worked with West in Cleveland and has stayed in touch with him since, makes the point bluntly: But these were just the costs of working with the greatest player in NBA history.

Jordan was always the best player on his team, and his teams usually won. As a kid, moving from school to school, he often found himself the target of playground taunting.

His light skin and red hair stuck read more, too.

Characteristics Of A Player Dating Lebrons Mom And Delonte

All of a sudden the laughter is now coming from the mainstream. Everywhere I look, the joke is on me. She said the kids had gotten into a closet in his small, in-home music studio, where he stored guns that he had bought, legally, in Cleveland.

He needed to do something about those weapons, she told him. Seroquel makes you drowsy, and as he headed link on the highway, he found that he was dozing in and out.

After he felt himself drifting off, West was pulled over for making an unsafe lane change, and he told the officer that he was carrying weapons. West has said all this before.

When Jason Caffey began suffering from an anxiety disorder, he says that some in the league didn't understand the challenge it posed. Some shows interviewed sports figures for their thoughts, and while most offered either a passing dismissal, or a flat out denial, some weighed in. Many players bring old friends along, paying their ways in exchange for doing chores like buying groceries. The website Rotoworld cited Terminator and Raising Arizona.

It was the explanation his lawyer offered to the state of Maryland, and it echoes what a friend of his told a reporter two months before his case was settled.