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It's better to date a younger woman....10 Reasons Why

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15 Mar Many men and women are seemingly rejecting those cougar and sugar-daddy stereotypes, as new data suggest a substantial portion of middle-age and older singles are willing to choose partners who are younger than themselves. 11 Jan Most men would love to follow in the foot-steps of Hollywood biggies and date + marry younger women. While it is ultra glamorous and a great ego-booster to date someone half your age, it comes with its share of drawbacks too. In case you are considering dating a younger woman, we have chalked out a. 23 Oct It's not surprising to see a young woman with a signficantly older man, but when it comes to dating someone younger than you, certain rules apply, says Caroline Kent.

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Three Common Mistakes to Avoid when Consolidating. Is Flirting the Key to a Successful Marriage? Though straying from those unique traits that make you a special person is not the ideal way to present the best sides of yourself, it is important to recognize that certain qualities take time to appreciate.

Though the most common complaints men express about dating women may not apply to you directly, understanding which traits are considered the most undesirable by men may provide you with some insight into the complex nature of relationships. Understanding the difference between complaints a man might have about a woman, versus a complaint he might have about a relationship in general, is important. Some men are simply not cut out for any kind of long term relationship, but feel it necessary to force themselves to stay in one because of social expectations.

In these kinds of cases it would often be unproductive to pay much attention to the complaints a man might have about his partner simply because the entire relationship is faulty. Keeping all of these ideas in mind it is still of great use to know what men are generally thinking when it comes to women and what drives them up the wall.

When a woman has access to such information she may choose to tone down or key up any traits that might fit the profile depending upon the result she hopes to invoke from the men in her life. This trick can be useful for both attracting and repulsing men, which most women can attest the uses of, depending upon the situation. Though men are also unique creatures with their own individual likes and dislikes, many tend to lean in the direction of putting these traits on their top pet peeve list: Most read article do not find loud women attractive sexually, though they may find them excellent social Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman, the booming voice often detracts from the typical perception of femininity.

Though the idea may be outdated in many social circles, not too long ago it was nearly unheard of for a proper lady to swear or use very vulgar language. Some of this idea still remains today and many men find it a turn off if a woman swears a great deal or is extremely crass in conversation. Challenging the Male Role: In this Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman age it can be difficult not to step on the classic male role being that gender rules have been all but destroyed.

Though you should never have to dumb yourself down, or play it weak, purposely bruising the male ego through his more classic roles won't often inspire romance. This is not to say that strong women are not appreciated by many men; this applies to women who seek to humiliate men by proving that they are not just strong, but stronger than the man.

Absence of the Feminine: In today's world it can be a challenge to keep up with the daily grind and still look like the classic beauty, however many men still look to the women in their life for a definition of beauty.

You find yourself feeling jealous, and this is affecting your relationship. Romances between "ambitious, aggressive, money obsessed" New Yorkers and "relaxed, cultured, soft" Londoners on the rise, matchmakers claim. Younger women are sometimes not ready for a serious relationship yet.

A particularly sexless style of clothing or haircut may turn off a great many men if worn during your social time together as it not only makes role definition unclear, but it may also indicate that you feel no physical attraction. Codependent or Depressive Speech: Many women use pity as a lure when trying to get men to pay attention to them.

While some men may feel it is their gentlemanly obligation to help a damsel in distress, most men do not find the helpless woman to be a turn on in this day and age.


Problems of Dating Younger Women

Likewise, constantly morbid or depressive speech drags down a man's romantic side like concrete, stay away Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman conversations that revolve around such topics as your demise or anything related to it.

Ladies, it's sad but true, many men are terrified of this subject. Talking about pads, tampons, cramps, bloating or any other issue related to that time of the month, is a sure-fire seduction don't! A great many women head out into the singles world looking for matchmaking that will lead them to a man they can boss around for the rest of their lives.

Though a great many men will put up with this kind of their behavior from their sweethearts, most of them detest bossy women and certainly do not find it attractive. These gents have already had mothers; most of them aren't looking for a replacement.

Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman

It is the belief of many women that with the right amount of attraction a man will fall in love. This is sometimes true, but in many cases it takes a great deal more than just a physical spark to ignite the heart strings.

Mixing up love and lust in the beginning of a relationship can push some men away, especially if it comes across as too desperate or eager to enter into a relationship.

Though you may get a drawer in the bedroom and a shelf on the bathroom rack Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman is not always an initiation to take over a man's living space. Intruding upon a guy's living area can mean this web page quick end to a relationship as it often comes across as too clingy if pushed too soon in the relationship.

This may apply to large decorations in the home, or the skin on his mobile phone; in any case too pushy is often pushed out. Whether or not you like his friends it is likely you will have to accept the majority of them, at least in the early stages of your relationship.

Though this can be a trial as many men tend to act more immature with their male friends, you must Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman patient and be understanding of those aspects of his life which make him happy.

Don't be afraid to make some requests, but demands made in the friends area sends up very large, red flags in the male world. Hopefully after reading these common complaints you will have a little more information about continue reading traits which make it difficult for men to get along with women, even when they love them.

It's important to remember that in all successful relationships communication and compromise are a key element; make use of them and other tips while still being true to yourself for your best chance of being in a successful relationship.

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The effectiveness of such method is actually high. EditorialToday Dating Guide has 1 sub sections. There has been an increase in the trend of older men dating younger women. Even celebrities are now following these trends with the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dating despite the huge generational gap. The main argument is that even though there are several cons of dating younger women, every kind of relationship has its own pros and cons.

There are several cons of dating younger women and despite this fact; many men still love the idea of dating a younger woman. The reasons why men date younger women tend to be purely superficial most of the time.

Their sole purpose for dating a younger woman is simply to be amused by her beauty with the hope that she will help him boost his libido. When an old man goes to a social function with a young pretty woman by his side, it shows that he still Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman a lot of game left in him.

Several interviews conducted on older men who dated younger women showed that most of the men did this so that they can feel young again; although they were quite aware about the cons of dating younger women.

Women who date older men have their reasons also; one of them being that older men Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman more mature and understanding. This is because the older you get the more wisdom you accumulate about matters to do with pleasing a woman and maintaining a steady relationship. This article will highlight some of the cons of dating younger women that most people have experienced; 1.

Article source is hard to be taken serious when you are in such kind of a relationship. Most of these young women are not looking for serious relationships but are in it for fun.

Older men are likely to be financially stable and you can't go shopping and have fun without finances.

Disadvantages Of Dating A Younger Woman

A lot of people have ended up ruining there reputation because of getting into this kind of a relationship. One of the cons of dating younger women is that the society will view you as a man who is out to use the girl and dump her as soon as another pretty girl passes your way.

If you are a woman who is in such relationship, then people will assume that you only interested in his will and love has nothing to do with it.

Such types of relationship increase the chances of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. Younger women have a high sex drive which can not be satisfied by an older man. The woman will have to look for another sex partner who can be able to satisfy her needs.

The study comprised of 68 newly Though this can be a trial as many men tend to act more immature with their male friends, you must remain patient and be understanding of those aspects of his life which make him happy. This might mean you both have different lifestyle expectations.

This increases the chances of contracting sexual diseases. You have managed to live a full and healthy life only to get a sexually transmitted disease at an old age. This type of relationship usually leads to family conflicts. This is especially true when the young woman you are dating is young enough to be your daughter. The rest of your family members will never take her seriously. Men Dating Younger Women Though straying from those unique traits that make you a special person is not the ideal way to present the best sides of yourself, it is important to recognize that certain qualities take time to appreciate.