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If you found out your spouse cheated on you before marriage - Talk About Marriage

poll: If you found after, after marriage, your husband cheated on you while you were dating; would you. Run away. I love him so much and we are (were) so good together. I thought this was the man for me. I thought I was done. This was it . This was my life. Bees- is there any reason I should give him a second chance?. 25 Mar Found out my husband cheated on me for a year – not when we were married but when we were dating. He didn't come clean on his own. I found an email while looking for the Peapod delivery time. That would be because I'm a stay-at-home mom of two young sons. My father says I should get past it and. Found out my husband cheated on me while were dating and I've been devastated ever since. Claims we weren't married so he was at free will to do what he wanted and that it was in the beginning of our relationship which he thought wouldn't last because of our age difference. Feel I should have been told this before we.

I am sorry to hear that you are now carrying his burden. You are NOT a foolish stupid girl. Many people are very clever at cheating behind their partner's backs.

It's obvious that you'll never be okay with the cheating, but at the end of the day you can't build a life and family with one another if you aren't willing to trust him wholeheartedly and put that stage of your lives behind you. If you found after, after marriage, your husband cheated on you while you were dating; would you. I was naive and always believed his stories that he loved me and that it was just a date here and there for him, as he tried to figure out if I was the one for him. I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you, but I wish you all the best in dealing with your feelings and figuring things out! That's the hard part for me too on any relationship trusting again once it was wrecked Live each day new.

You state that you have now been married six months but can't stand him for lying all those years. All that can be said in a situation like this, is that only you yourself can decide whether you can move past what he did. If you are unable to move on and forget what he did, or feel you can not trust him, you need to understand that staying in a relationship based on mistrust will only serve to eat away at you, which is unhealthy to your well being, both emotionally and physically.

Exact story happen to me. He confess when we engage ,i was so sad, angry,confuse. I choose to forgive him. It 's been 3 year article source that i marry to him. I do not mad at him anymore bc he told me about it with his free wheel ,if he did not tell me,i would never know.

My Husband Cheated On Me When We Were Dating

I love him, we have up and down,but the hard part is to forget about it and trust him again,after 3 years i still try to do that but it is so hard to trust and that affected our marriage right now. Sorry to hear that you're hurting. I too know what it like to be cheated on.

My Husband Cheated On Me When We Were Dating

I found out 6 months ago that my husband cheated on me with 3 different My Husband Cheated On Me When We Were Dating.

Its the most devastating time of my life. So I try to look at the positives: He still wants to be with you. I can't say what you should do as to stay or go, because only you know him and love him but there is a choice to be made. I would however exhaust all options, get counseling, let it be known what needs to be shown to you to help give you some security and clarity towards the future of your relationship.

Its a lot to deal with and cope with because of the insecurities, the lies the distrust but some couples do make it through and If you feel he is worth it then its all up to you. I pray that you find peace to make the best choice and things get better for you. Wellsomething can be said that he confessed of his own free will.

You had no clue so there wasn't anything other than his desire to be truthful with you behind the admission.

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I say he truly wants to start off your marriage the 'right' way so I would give him this one time pass. That is not to say you can't be upset with him about it, or watchful of any future 'funny business' and let him know that.

Tell him "I'll be watching you' and maybe he wants you to to help keep him in check. He may not fully understand WHY he cheated and may want you to police his actions.

You needn't harp on the subject with him but link speak up and say how you feel. Oh come on guys. To me it really depends on why he confessed. Did he confess be aide he loves you and doesn't want to have any Lyes between you.

If so forgive him and move forward. You Weren't married and though it was in bad taste you were still single. However if he told you because there read more a chance you would find out then get rid of him cause he will do it again.

Hi reb, my husband didnt " told me". I found out when I searched on his email we booked a holiday n the villa owner contacted him ect.

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Just incident that I found out link there were so many women that he cheated with, n he cheated on me even on my 21 st bday n lied all the ways. Until I showed him then he confess all. N it's true that since we engaged I didn't see any emails.

I m devastated but I love him n confused what I should do. But whole years we dated were all lies. Sorry Nico, my ex-wife cheated on me.

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While I forgave her, I could never trust her again. Trust is the hardest thing for your husband to win back. I believe only many years of undying faithfulness on his part will possibly heal the wound. If you feel that he truly is faithful to you and will be until the end, then I say let your guard down, trust again, love again and live again.

I wish you the best. Well talk to him. Don't brush it under the rug. Be like dude you really messed up. This is not ok. Those memories weren't here though. They did happen and he had the same feelings for you. He probably physically cheated but not emotionally. It's the way the brain works. It's different between male and female. It's ok to be angry and hurt. You need to work this out so you can have a happy healthy marriage.

Hey bright side- he loves you enough to marry you and commit to you for the rest of your life and his so that's a plus. Thank you rene, I appreciate that. I do love him n I know he does commit to me now but when My Husband Cheated On Me When We Were Dating think of him were cheating on me n didn't turn up on my 21st bday n bunch of lies really hurt me so much. Yes it may be the bright side. He seems sincere n all good now. But too much lies n cheating before I just feel hurttttt.

I hate pp cheating, so low n why!?? I don't know, I guess I just have to live with it n forgive. Tell him you hurt Hun. Express it to him.

You don't have to forgive him now. Or next week or month. You don't have to forgive him completely in the next 6 months. He betrayed your trust. Now he has to gain it back. Yes I will do. But I'm glad I can speak here n got advice from u. This browser is out of date and will not support some of this site's functionality.

For better site performance, please update your browser to the newest version: I Need Someone to Talk to. I Can'T Get Over It I My Husband Cheated On Me When We Were Dating discovered my husband cheated on me multi times when we were datingfew days after we got married. He confessed fully committed since we got engaged n would never hurt me so he asked me to forgive. I have no choice but forgive him to keep peace for myself n the sake of our marriage. I love him n find everything perfect now, he committed, I been nothing more than a fool n stupid girl trusted him Dear nicolaquinn91 Your husband clearly did you no kindness in unburdening his guilty conscience on you.

I hope you find the peace and contentment you truly deserve. You have to let it go or it will eat you up and destroy it all You have to find a way to truly forgive and to start fresh, You were not "a fool n stupid girl" because you trusted him.

Let it go - it'll only keep festering and causing a chism between you. I did break up with him initally but for a few hours, he kept calling me loads of times and when I eventually answered he told me he was gonna kill himself. I am sorry, I am sure is a tough thing to digest. Even married this girl without telling her about this.

That's the hard part for me too on any relationship trusting again once it was wrecked Live each day new. Hey I haven't gone through what you have, but feel free to talk to me. I know I'm sorry that he put you throw this.

Me2 I'm glad to help: