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Scooby curse of the lake monster 2010 shaggy goes out with Velma

Velma Dinkley is a fictional character in the Scooby-Doo franchise. She is prone to losing her glasses. She is usually seen wearing a baggy orange turtleneck, short pleated skirt (or in later episodes an A-line skirt, or sometimes shorts), knee socks, and Mary Janes. She is seen as the brains of the group. This is where the writers got the idea to start season 1 of Mystery Incorporated with Velma and Shaggy having a secret romance, and Shaggy afraid of Scooby being jealous, contrasting with Daphne trying to get the aloof Fred to show interest in her. This is probably a spoiler, but if the idea of Velma and Shaggy dating. Shaggy and Velma came out of the blue in Mysteries Incorporated. I find it amusing especially since Velma's sister had the hots for Shaggy in Abracadabra- Doo and he in turn was showing feelings for her. Then POOF months later he's dating Velma. Unfortunatly once Scooby (who for some strange reason.

Can that relationship be saved? Should Mystery Incorporated's Shaggy and Velma get back together? As of the last episode of Mystery IncorporatedI'm really really torn between the shipper in me wanting them to get back together mainly because we may never get a canon romance with them again and the logical thinker in me that says, "These versions of the characters are absolutely TOXIC as a couple and should just stay friends.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Night Fright Clip 3 - Looking For Hookups!

After all, Shaggy seems relieved to be rid of her and not at all bummed out or conflicted about the break up". Anyway, I've been trying to see if I could reconcile those two sides and figure out how Mystery Incorporated's Shaggy and Velma could possibly get back together without it feeling like an unbelievable plot contrivance.

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Here's what I came up with: Even in the early episodes i. And the two times he actually did something romantic holding her hand in Gatorsburg and dancing with her at the end of the Que Horrifico episodethose things only happened after Velma had spent the entire episode twisting his arm. And before you mention the makeout scene; that could easily be chalked up as Shaggy simply doing what any heterosexual teenage male would do.

Scooby and Shaggy will always be inseparable no matter what.

Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Shaggy And Velma Dating

And Velma will have to let go of her anger and be friends with Scooby if she ever wants to pursue a relationship with Shaggy again. This already seems to be happening Scooby spent the last two episodes trying to bury the hatchet with Velma. Let's hope that Scooby wanting to be her friend again is a sign that he's willing to accept her or anyone else, for that matter as Shaggy's girlfriend in the future.

He seems to have trouble letting people get close to him.

September 18, — via YouTube. At this time, Scooby-Doo started to walk and run anthropomorphically on two feet more often, rather than on four like a normal dog as he did previously. Silverman envisaged the show as a cross between the popular I Love a Mystery radio serials of the s and either the Archie characters or the popular early s television series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. DC's Scooby-Doo series continues publication to this day. Velma had no friends and now she was friends with a mermaid named Amybut it shows that the mermaid was Amy Cavenaugh the wife of Dr.

Shaggy needs to realize that he can have a girlfriend AND a best friend and he can divide his time between them without giving either the shaft. In the beginning of link series, Velma seemed read more practically hinge her whole identity on being Shaggy's girlfriend and that bad writing habit overshadowed all of her other character traits like her intelligence.

That was a HUGE problem in their relationship from the get go and it only got worse when Scooby found out and we entered the godawful 'Scooby vs Velma' story arc. Even after the break up, she's still constantly mooning over him. Velma needs to be more at peace with herself and the idea of being single before she can enter into a romantic relationship again. Both Shaggy and Velma obviously have no idea how to properly handle themselves in a romantic relationship.

As of right now, all they do is bring out the worst in each other.

Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Shaggy And Velma Dating

Can this relationship be saved at all? Flat Top-Level Comments Only.

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I think you pretty much nailed everything. I really hope they get back together though.

They're just so cute together, honestly. And I'd hope I'm not just saying that because I ship them together. Daphne seems to have a level of patience and tolerance for Fred Velma still needs to come to terms with the fact that Shaggy is BFFs with Scooby, he's going to eat like a pig, and he's going to be Shaggy. If Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Shaggy And Velma Dating can love him for who he is and get along with Scooby, I think it definitely could work out.

Link Reply Thread Hide 1 comment Show 1 comment. But I want it to be natural because it can be! Its not just Velma. Link Reply Thread from start Parent.

Yeah, you nailed everything I can think of. Personally, I hope they get back together. They are adorable together. I think that they will be back together eventually, because, the writers would not have introduced them as a couple without a true reason.

Obviously, there is a meaning and purpose for their relationship to the story and plot. Sure, it could be just that they wanted there to be more tension between the group and more struggle to keep them as a team Mystery Inc but, a part of me is thinking, I doubt they would have gone to all this trouble just for that. They could have thought of other things to cause trouble among them.

Plus, you have to remember the older Mystery Inc. From what we've see, those kids who disappeared were a lot like the Mystery Inc we know now. The "Shaggy" and "Velma" equivalents of that group probably tried to be a couple and the parrot can't remember his name might have possibly gone insane when his owner best friend starting dating.

E even told Velma in a note once. Their relationship has a reason and I doubt its about to be forgotten. Now all these characters need to do, is pretty much everything you just listed.

Link Reply Thread Hide 3 comments Show 3 comments. Speaking of that note I can't help wondering if Velma ever told the rest of the gang about it. You'd think someone would have brought it up back when Scooby and Velma were trying to force Shaggy to choose or during that tense time right after the break up.

My pet theory is that Velma never told anyone about the note click she deduced Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Shaggy And Velma Dating meaning behind it that the old Mystery Incorporated had a problem similar to what she, Shaggy, and Scooby were dealing with and it contributed to their disappearance.

My guess is that she was afraid the warning would cause Shaggy to freak please click for source and break up with her. And when the break up happened anyway under different circumstances, she figured there was no point in showing it to them after all that time.

I know and theres actually so many reasons to explain why there was "no chemistry" at the end of that movie for me from the fact they had their very first kisses with each other in front of people to the fact Velma had been possessed, yes she was free but she was barely free, she needed to get back to herself But if they cop out again, I will hunt down the creators and slap them. Do not take Shagma away from me after 20 years of waiting damn it!

Freddie and Daphne have at least had canon romance in other Scooby shows. This is Velma and Shaggy's only shot in the cartoon-verse anyway.

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This needs a stretch. Velma is always wearing thick-framed, square glasses covering her green eyes [1] and normally wears an orange sweater with a turtle neck, a short red skirt, knee-length orange socks and red shoes. User Name Remember Me?