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18 Oct Follow/Fav iCan't Keep a Secret. By: CertifiedShipper. Sam and Freddie have been dating in secret. When someone finds out, will they be able to work through it, or will it ruin what they have? iOMG Never happened. My first story! SEDDIE! T cause I'm paranoid.. Rated: Fiction T - English - Sam P., Freddie. 2 Nov A/N: I have read iCarly fanfics about Sam and Freddie hiding the fact that they're dating from Carly, and then they "talk" it out with Carly and make up. I decided to write my own. Was listening to some garage music and oddly enough it gave me some inspiration for this story ;). Disclaimer: Dan Schneider. 15 Jan Freddie said. Sam and Freddie had been dating for six months ever since the whole fan war thing. They hadn't told Carly yet because they knew she'd freak and make a big deal out of it, like when she found out they kissed. So they didn't tell her. At first it was fun, sneaking around all the time, secret.

Sam and Freddie were out on the fire escape at Bushwell Plaza. The sun was setting. Pink, yellow and orange filled the sky. Sam and Freddie were talking to each other their conversation went like this We have to tell her, we promised. Sam and Freddie had been dating for six months ever since the whole fan war thing.

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They hadn't told Carly yet because they knew she'd freak and make a big deal out of it, like when she found out they kissed. So they didn't tell her. At first it was fun, sneaking around all the time, secret meetings and secret make out sessions. After awhile though, their relationship got pretty serious.

They started sharing emotions and feelings, and the more time they were apart the more time they missed each other. They both really wanted to spend more time together and be nice to each other in public, instead of pretending to link each other. Every time Sam hurt Freddie, she wanted to kiss him until the pain went away.

But they couldn't risk people finding out because then Carly would find out. Carly would totally freak out, like when she found out we kissed. She'd overreact like she always does. Sam And Freddie Secretly Dating Fanfiction mean, if I was dating Carly, wouldn't you want to know?

Freddie saw this and quickly added "theoretically, of course. She was glad knew her so well. She looked into his chocolate brown eyes that she occasionally got lost in. He looked into her icy blue eyes that he loved and also got lost in.

I care about you and I always will. I really miss you when you're not around. Sam wouldn't admit this but, she loved it when Freddie took control, in her eyes, it made him seem hotter than he already was. She started to gaze at him.

Sam And Freddie Secretly Dating Fanfiction

Freddie didn't notice this and carried on talking. I'm tired of pretending to lose our beat up sessions. She took her hands out of Freddie's, took two steps back and placed her hands on her hips. You don't actually think you can beat me for real. I know I was weak but I've gotten stronger, I can beat you. He closed his eyes first, but instead of kissing him she pounced on him and tackled him to the read more. Freddie, who didn't expect this, landed on the ground with a 'THUD'.

He quickly recovered and grabbed both of Sam's arms. Sam struggled to get her arms of Freddie's grasp but he wouldn't let go. Freddie flipped her over so he was on top of her. Sam was still struggling, she tried to kick him but her legs were trapped under his.

I smiled at her and shook my head and reached down to play with a loose string on her sneakers. Hacking of Grades This is what I really want to talk about…" Emily looked over at Sarah and raised her eyebrow. My World Stops Spinning Sam looked down at her feet, and Freddie awkwardly played with the end of his shirt as Spencer and Jenna said something to Carly.

She gave up and stared at him mouth open and completely dazed. Freddie took this advantage and put his tongue in his mouth. Sam was still in shock but kissed back after awhile. Their tongues were fighting for dominance, exploring each other's mouths, memorizing and savouring every bit of detail in there.

It started out slow, soft and sweet. Then it started to get heated. Freddie got off Sam and she sat up, but never breaking the kiss. Sam wrapped her arms around Freddie's neck and Freddie wrapped his around her waist. Unfortunately, the need for oxygen became too much and they broke apart panting and smiling.

It was firm and big, AN: She turned as red as a tomato when she said this. Freddie however stayed calm and tried not to smirk. Sam tore her hand away from his bicep and moved it to his chest. She could feel his abs though his shirt. Then she realized something. Why didn't you tell Sam And Freddie Secretly Dating Fanfiction I mean, I'm your girlfriend for crying out loud. Sam was staring at his shirt dying to see the abs underneath it.

Freddie could sense her eyes on him and knew exactly what they were looking at. He sighed and lifted up his shirt halfway. Sam's eyes widened and she blushed. This web page cheeks turned a deeper shade of pink.

She raised her hand and gently ran it over his abs. She ran over ever bump and dent. Freddie was still looking out to the view of Seattle and shivering at her touch now and again.

Sam took her hand away and Freddie put his shirt down. How could I not have known he was hotter and stronger than I could've imagined?

She turned to look at him and absentmindedly ran her hands through his hair. He loved it when she did that. He stood up and held out his hand out for Sam. She took it and he more info her up.

Promise me that you'll think about it. Did you just call me Sammy? Don't you like it? Freddie went home, while Sam went to Carly's. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Freddie and Sam are dating but nobody knows yet. What'll happen when Carly and Mrs Benson find out.

Have you been working out? They'd arrived outside his and Carly's door. It's just weird, anyway, bye.

I'm scared you might be angry" She told me giving me no clue what the heck she was talking about. Book 2 out now! Getting Kicked Out She had been laying across the window sill of the fire escape, her head on my lap. It's a family tradition, but we live in a place of intolerance pretty much, so we have to keep the arranged marriage on the down low.

Kisses, Desicions and Muscles 2. Texts, Hurt and More Kissing 3.

Sam And Freddie Secretly Dating Fanfiction

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