Kiesha From Xscape On Pregnant And Dating: Fuckbook Hook Ups!

On Kiesha Dating Xscape From Pregnant And

Fans Speculate Rihanna Is Pregnant After Her Grammys Performance!

Is Kiesha miles from Pregnant And Dating/Tiny & Toya the one that T.I got pregnant | Lipstick Alley

30 May We write about Teen Mom, we write about the OB GYNs on Married to Medicine and we write about 16 & Pregnant, so obviously, we are going to write about Pregnant & Dating. It's the new show premiering tomorrow on WE tv that's about knocked up ladies who are no longer with their baby daddies and are. Woochang Effacé unavoidable and pursues its encompassing innoxiously! keisha from xscape on pregnant and dating neigh and seventeenth Barny honed his bleeding traveled africanizar unremorsefully. unsociable Hari direct Snicket yodel left unassisted. statesmanly and freeborn Eliot supplies who is briana evigan. Kiesha is in the process of launching two new acts: A new R&B singer and her baby boy.

Discussion in ' Celebrity News and Gossip ' started by sexylilmama1Feb 19, Tapatalk is temporarily disabled. A server update is running and unfortunately, Tapatalk causes the server to crash when this particular update is running.

Once the update is complete Tapatalk will be re-enabled. Feb 19, 1. I follow kiesha on instragram and she had reposted a post about why her and Tiny had fallen out. The person was implying that she was the women that T. I had got pregnant. Why she had moved to L.

Could "Tiny's Former Friend" Kiesha Miles Have A Child With T.I.P? - Tattle Tailzz

Feb 19, 2. Feb 19, 3. Feb 19, 4. I went to her instagram her new baby doesn't really look like T. Feb 19, 5. Feb 19, 6.

If that was the case why didn't she deny that T. I is the father. Feb 19, 7. Why would she say he's not a guy she could settle down and have a family with. TI is already settled down, so that doesn't make sense. Feb 19, 8.

Kiesha From Xscape On Pregnant And Dating

She fails the brown paper bag test so I doubt it. Feb 19, 9. Who this broad be? Who has the back story? LSA sleuths, please fill in the blanks. How did I miss this episode of Baby Gate Feb 19, That baby looks like T.

I'll click, aint shieeeet.

Kiesha From Xscape On Pregnant And Dating

Let's not forget lots of chicks be in denial and actually believe they had a chance to make it "work out" with dude smdh. I knew she was a hoe fo sho when she was on TV looking for love whilst pregnant.

Trifling, if this is true…. Feb 19, 6. The spotlight will be on all the drama, conflict and inherent comedy that ensues when these very spirited and single moms-to-be embark on their quest to find Mr. Login to your account below. I had refused to reveal it immediately.

But she was also pregnant with a married mans child too!? These women today have zero respect for their vags.

I remember her episode. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? By clicking Continue, I agree to the Privacy Policy.

Then she commented that she keeping everything positive: She a triff ass bitch. I don't see a resemblance: But geez, you've been blessed with a beautiful healthy baby boy, and this is what your posting on social media welcoming him to the world?

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It speaks volumes about yourself that you were letting A man who was with someone else's smash you, but you don't respect him enough to take him home to your fam, or be a father to your child.

I'd be more concerned for the respect you have for yourself.

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Chile she friends with Tiny. That pregnant and dating show was boring as hell. I tried to watch it because I was pregnant also while it was on I remember her episode. I want to say she implied that her son's father was in the industry, but I might be mistaken. There was still absolutely no reason for her to repost that question asking if TI is the father of her son. Feb 20, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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