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25 Fun Things to Do in Fort Wayne, Indiana

riding down Hines in the sunshine, maybe some food packed in the saddle bags or stop somewhere and grab some food and drinks and then continue riding. Members Only · bp (59 / W / York, PA). I am sure we can figure it out. Members Only · LadyRider4 (56 / W / Fort Lauderdale, FL). The first date would be. You can create your own Night on the Town by discovering an upcoming event and combining it with an upscale dining destination. After taking in the drama and music, head over to a downtown hotspot for some jazz and a cocktail with a twist, then stay at your choice of hotels. And, be sure to check out our current romantic . 2 May Stumped on what to do with your guy Friday night? Consult our expert list of bond -boosting dates he'll actually be down with—no arm-twisting required.

Go to a bar on karaoke night and grab two seats with a prime view of the stage. Huddle up and spend the evening making like you're Christina A. Tap into your inner Giada and have your guy over for a DIY fondue dessert night.

Crack open a bottle of vino and tackle the assembly together, then spend the night snuggled up, sipping on cab and feeding each other chocolate-dipped everything. Most bars offer "sample-sized" beers in 8-ounce glasses, as opposed to a full pint. Find a strip in your city with a few spots in close proximity, and embark upon your own beer tour—hopping from bar to bar source your BF, taste-testing different brews as you go.

Snag tickets to a stand-up comedy show.

How about Nancy Lee and the Hill Toppers. BLOG The lighter side of real estate. Slip on your most mysterious LBD, and bring your guy out to a jazz club. Rose garden is an enchanting world of fragrances and colors with more than 1, roses displayed in beds and on whimsical pergolas.

It'll keep you both cracking up for like three hours straight…and did we mention laughter is a major aphrodisiac? Rent a sexy foreign flick with your guy—but instead of turning on the subtitles, let the film run without. Then take turns guessing what's going on in each scene, making up the plot up as you go. Enlist one of your favorite couples and hit up bar trivia as a foursome. Research shows that hanging out with coupled-up friends will actually make you and your guy feel tighter.

You might even win a round of free drinks.

Good Date Ideas In Fort Wayne Florida

Sign up for a private couples massage class. Ask the masseuse to pinpoint the more tense on each other's bodies, and show you both exactly how to rub them down. Then go home and practice until you get it perfect.

Take your guy on a blind date…sort of. Tell him you have something in the works, but don't give him any hints other than how to dress and where to meet you. Once you're together, hit him with your surprise—like tickets to a concert or a VIP table reserved at a swanky bar. Have your palms read together. Even if you don't buy into the whole future-telling thing, you'll still get a kick out of hearing each other's predictions and interpreting them for yourselves.

Slip on your most mysterious LBD, and bring your guy out to a jazz club.

With estimates nearing 6, Fort Click is cited as having the highest Burmese-American population in all of the United States. It has over acres of wet marshland habitats and over 85 acres of forests, prairies, and meadows that are home to a great number of reptiles and amphibians, as well as mammals such as beavers, otters, and muskrats. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Between the dim lighting, sexy music and dark corners to snuggle in, it's practically a recipe for butterflies. When it's nice out, go to a car rental place and check out a convertible for the day.

Good Date Ideas In Fort Wayne Florida

Spend the afternoon driving around, showing off your hot new ride—and at night, find somewhere open and airy to park it so you can lean back in the seats and check out the stars. Take an afternoon to go roaming around a flea market or street festival.

50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fort Wayne

Spend a few hours sampling tons of goodies, buying knickknacks you don't really need and letting everyone else there gawk at how damn cute you are together.

Sign up for a tasting tour at a nearby chocolate factory, brewery or winery.

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Anything that engages your senses will automatically make you both feel more touchy-feely, making Good Date Ideas In Fort Wayne Florida feel thisclose during your date. Grab brunch at a fancy restaurant. Not only will your brunch have a way more, intimate vibe than lunch or dinner would, but it'll also be cheaper—and you'll have all day ahead of you to spend together afterward.

Sign up to take a beginner's painting class together PSA: Double or nothing if the instructor can tell what either of you actually tried to recreate. Play tourists in your own city for the day. Visit all the landmarks you never go to, eat at the spots that are usually jam-packed and take cheesy pictures together while you do it. It'll be just like your own impromptu, just-because vacay, sans the cost and travel time. Recreate the very first date you and your guy ever had—down to the exact dinner table and whatever else, if you can swing it.

No matter how long you've been together, you'll both get a kick out of the throwback. Bring your beau on an early afternoon hike in the mountains. It'll be cool enough so you're both comfortable, and bright enough that you can hang without worrying about it getting dark. Once you get to the top, post up in a chill spot together and take in your sweet view.

Set off on a one-night dinner cruise, aka one of the most genius date situation ever. You've got moonlight, an awesome meal, a cool breeze and no cell reception.

It's practically impossible not to get the tingles. Hit up a dance club, just the two of you. Carve out a spot on the floor and break it down to Http:// and Rihanna like no one's watching. With no Good Date Ideas In Fort Wayne Florida around, all you'll be thinking about is how hot you are for each other—and you'll both be riding an endorphin high from all the grindage.

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