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Does Pierced Hurt Nipples How Your Getting Bad


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2 Mar How long does it take to heal? On average, it's between a few months and a year (six months is the most common answer), but some nipples, unfortunately, cannot tolerate the piercing and never heal. (The warning sign yours is rejecting the piercing? A red streak across your nipple. You want to get the. 4 Dec I thought if they could do those, they could do nipple piercings. Then a couple weekends ago, a friend was visiting, and we just decided to walk in and do it. It was kind of a spontaneous decision. It hurt less than I thought it would because they pinch your nipple with these little tongs first, but it was still. If you decide to go ahead with getting your nipple (or nipples!) pierced, it is vital that you get the job done at a clean, professional piercing parlor and that you can commit to a rigorous aftercare and If the piercing is not properly cared for infections may occur, which can be serious, especially for breastfeeding mothers.

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Please Share your Nipple Piercing Experiences! The purpose of this thread is to share experiences so that other people can read it and get an idea of what to expect when having their nipples pierced.

In fact, my whole boob is sore on both sides. Thanks for letting us know. Obviously, all places work a little differently and it's very important to make sure you go to a reputable piercing studio with clean conditions, good reviews check Yelp and Google the shit out of your piercerand an experienced staff — but you already knew that.

Your post can be as long or short as you like, but please try to cover the following points when you post:: Nips, done at age It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't fun, either. I'd say about hours of throbbing pain, then they were just very sensitive for a couple weeks nephew elbowed me HARD in one, was trying not to cry, that sort of thing After about 2 months my nipples had grown so much that the rings were very painful, they were too small in diameter. I got barbells, and then had to get even bigger barbells.


All the changing jewelry didn't help them, I'm sure. Eventually I got put on some medication that made me gain a lot of weight, and my breasts grew massivly They never fully healed. When I had them, though, my nipple stimulation went read article the roof! I remember my first shower once they weren't pressure sensitive anymore was The water on my nipples was SUCH incredible stimulation, it was like nipple-orgasm.

I can't wait to get them done again, but I'm making sure I lose the rest of my weight first. This was written right after I was pierced. Sorry it's a little long For my 25th birthday, my best friend Wendy offered to pay for me to get my nipples pierced. I got them done just an hour ago It was excruciating, it was horrible.

Now, let me clarify, I have the best piercer in the world, he was fantastic and without him and Wendy, I would not have survived this piercing.

How Bad Does Getting Your Nipples Pierced Hurt

It was my own body that betrayed me. Of course I was hyped up, nervous and excited when we walked in, but I always hit a Zen state once I walk in the door. We talked to Steve, the piercer, and discussed the jewelry. I had pretty much been set on curved barbells, but he very politely asked if he could offer his recommendation.

Of course I wanted to hear his opinion, as I told him. He said that he preferred to use straight barbells because they here better and straighter; he said that he also found that curved barbells usually caused the piercing to heal in an oval shape. I explained that I was concerned about healing with a straight bar and then switching to a CBR at a later time after completely healing of course!

He said that it would not cause a major problem or prevent me from being able to wear CBRs, How Bad Does Getting Your Nipples Pierced Hurt would just be irritated for a few days when I changed the jewelry. So, it was decided, straight barbells it would be!

We went into the piercing area as Steve set up for the procedure.

Your job will affect the healing, but in my opinion not a professional not enough that you should feel swayed if you really want to do it. Both Nips done at age 18 B-Day present for myself Pierced by a professional Pain wise it smarted pretty good, worse then anythin ive done yet. Be prepared for a lot of setbacks where something irritates the piercing and you need a few no-touch days to recover. Make sure everything is opened in front of you and that they're wearing gloves. And the healing is forever.

He prepared everything in a perfectly sanitary manner, as always. He asked what gauge I wanted; I replied that I wanted 12g. He and Wendy and I talked while he was getting everything ready, which relaxed me more. Finally, he told me continue reading he was ready and to take off my top when I was ready to go. I bared my breasts and decided that this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Steve first cleaned the area with a Q-tip, which, surprisingly, tickled! I was laughing out loud. That was amusing to all of us.

We joked about how great it would be if the piercing itself tickled. He took a while to mark my nipples, checking and re-checking until he was satisfied with the placement. Then, he placed the clamp on my left nipple and adjusted it. That was pretty darn uncomfortable; I was making some funny faces, but I was okay.

The needle was placed against my nipple and I felt a How Bad Does Getting Your Nipples Pierced Hurt prick. I was instructed to take a deep breath and as I let it out, he pushed the needle through. Holy mother of the earth, it was 10 times worse than I ever imagined!

For some reason I thought that he had gotten stuck halfway through and was going to have to push again, but everything was fine. He had already removed the clamp. He double-checked that I wanted to have the other pierced before putting the jewelry in and I confirmed.

Wendy told me that after her fist nipple had been pierced, the other was harder to get the needle through. My right nipple had no idea what was coming, it hadn't reacted at all.

The second clamp was placed and adjusted and it hurt just like the first. I felt the small prick of the needle being lined up, took a deep breath and thought I was going to scream as the needle went through. Steve noticed my considerable discomfort and asked if I was okay.


Trying to keep it light and mask my pain I joked that it hurt but I would live. He told me that I was "cool like the Fonzie, but with boobs".

That gave me a chuckle. Wendy then inquired as to my condition and I admitted that Here was feeling a bit nauseous, but I would be fine. Steve backed off and asked if I wanted him to let me rest a minute before continuing. Being stubborn and full of pride, I told him to press on.

He placed the barbell in my right nipple and I noticed that my entire body was reacting in a bad way. My legs went numb and I became very light headed.

How Bad Does Getting Your Nipples Pierced Hurt

I didn't notice how bad it was at first but I then had to ask him to stop when he started screwing the balls in. He scooted back and told me to relax for a minute. I was so surprised at how I was reacting; I was also very embarrassed and kept apologizing.

Steve was very gracious and told me that I was doing great. He asked if I wanted a soda to link my stomach. After some resistance, Wendy finally convinced me to at least have a sip or two.

She went to the lobby and returned with a Coke for me. I took a swallow and it did help my stomach, but I was still feeling light headed. I decided that I was okay and told Steve to continue. He moved to my left nipple and began to place the ball on the barbell but the second he touched my nipple, I got very close to passing out.

My head felt like a balloon on a string; I was looking through a tunnel and I couldn't feel anything on my body except two fireballs in each nipple. Once again, Steve backed off and gave me some room. I was sweating profusely at this point and Wendy put my hair up in a clip while Steve wiped my face with a wet paper towel. He was joking with me the whole time and kept How Bad Does Getting Your Nipples Pierced Hurt me to focus on him.

I sat there for about 15 minutes trying not to pass out or puke or do both.

I was very close to telling him to just take out the jewelry and end my ordeal. But, I decided that I had come too far and gone through too much to give up. At some point, he told me that he was going to be using a Q-tip on me and didn't want to surprise me.

I learned from Wendy later that I had a bit of blood running d own my chest. Wendy finally insisted that I lay back and practically demanded that the chair be tilted back. Steve gently lowered the back of the chair, making How Bad Does Getting Your Nipples Pierced Hurt it didn't jar me as Wendy removed my hair clip. I was amazed, I felt better almost immediately. My head cleared, my vision straightened out and I stopped sweating. Less than five minutes later, I was ready to get going again.

Still reclining, Steve placed he balls on and tightened them. It was a bit uncomfortable, but nothing like the piercing itself. Finally, it was over. I laid back for another minute before slowly sitting up. I felt fine as I got up to take a look at the cause of so much pain. They make my boobs look pretty darn cute.

Please Share your Nipple Piercing Experiences!

Two little silver balls resting on either side of each nipple.