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Should You Ask That Waitress Out?

Are waitresses really hit on that much? I talked to a couple of them and they said something like, on occasion. I think that it just sems like that they are, because of their job. Am I wrong? Do. Have you ever gone to a restaurant or café and been struck by your waitress? Was she charming, attractive, friendly, and flirty? Perhaps she seemed interested in you? Asking out a server is always risky, because it blurs what is normally a straightforward business interaction. How can you know whether or not she is like this. 5 Oct The cold approach to asking a waitress out is the one that is most fraught with peril. Think about it. From her point of view, you are a complete stranger trying to get into her panties while she is busy trying to make a buck. Things may turn out in your favor. She may be single, on the rebound, and looking for.

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I talked to a couple of them and they said something like, "on occasion. Do you think it would be ok to ask her out? What would YOU like to hear?

But they would finish eating and drinking and leave before I was done for the night so I never had a chance to really talk to him. Make sure you're dressed to kill and well groomed. So if you still feel the need to "ask her out" throw all the smarmy tricks out the window and be genuinely honest

Thanks for your help. I have been a bartender and server for many Unhealthy And Characteristics Healthy Relationships Of years so I have pretty much seen it all everything from condoms in the check presenter to phone numbers on coasters. In my opinion people in the restuarant business if they are attractive get hit on alot. Think about it this way: A People in the restuarant business are exposed to new people like every five minutes or less.

I can't tell you how many people I meet on a daily average of How To Ask A Waitress Out differents walks of life, races, ages and so on.

With that kind of exposure of course your going to get hit on more so then someone who works at a desk with the same co-workers day after day. B It's our job to smile, flirt, be nice and act like we like you even though we may be cursing at you through our teeth in the kitchen.

I am not saying that she doesn't have a geniuene How To Ask A Waitress Out in you, I am saying that people often confuse our acting waitress jobs as "omg she really loves me". Believe me we get very good at putting on the pasty smile and the happy voice. C In some ways I think the fact that we "serve" people and are waiting on them not only makes them feel good but makes us look more attractive. I think you need to remember that no matter how you ask her out you need to keep it simple and short.

She is working, getting paid to do her job just like you do yours not to date or get hookups. Honestly sometimes I would rather just have a simple small expression of interest like "you seem really nice would love to take you out sometime" leave your phone number and leave.

It's embarrassing when your loud, obvious or trying to dominate our attention when we are extremely busy. Another idea that I think would be nice would be to send a small bouquet of work with a short note attached about who you are and how you want to take her out. Hopefully you will get other ideas here. Delete this one also.

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It seems other posters are having problems with you also. With your b itchy attitude, is it no wonder you can't find anyone? If it's because of my profile I'm here for the board. You know, like the ones who are already married are?

How To Ask A Waitress Out

Don't forget your typical "bu-bye. For those of you who replied, thank you. I do appreciate it. Its an unfortunate reality that if you are cute and nice to guys you get alot more tips. Its part of the job to sort of mildly flirt with customers and make them feel good. On the other hand, If a guy is nice and sincere it wouldn't bother me if he asked me out.

I'd probably be flattered even if I wasn't into seeing him. Do something very low key like maybe write a note and say you'd like to get to know her outside the restaurant sometime; maybe get a coffee.

How can I ask a waitress on a date?

CHeck out the Alicia Keys song "you don't know my name" for a girl's perspective!! DON'T do anything heavy-handed or stalkerish. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Offer to cook her dinner and allow her to be served for a change of pace.

12 Rules to Successfully Ask Out a Hot Waitress Or Bartender

Tell her that you'd like to meet her for a cup of coffee or for lunch and get to know each other a bit better. Just be honest, be yourself and show that you have a great sense of humour. They have heard every possible pick up and come on line that was ever thought up.

I would just be blunt find out if she dates and go on about your waybut make it quick she's busy. If you catch her on a break don't go bug her she's resting. If you see her after the bar closes like getting invited to an afterparty or something then that is where you meet your competition.

These woman are usually since they are so outgoing not ready available so if she likes you she will typically be very obvious if she more info you.

How To Ask A Waitress Out

It's all entertainment more info they How To Ask A Waitress Out the game better than most. I've known some very impressive servers. She is most used to I imagine being asked out in a profession where you have opportunities to meet people all the time.

I think if she likes the idea, she will go for it. Have you spoken to her much? If she hates to be hit on and is frequently, then you may have a problem with her beliving you really do want to date her. Leave a rose instead of a tip. Just look her straight in the eye and say" you must get hit on all the time. If you need your child played with to make that tip It's the cutest ever,If you look like you could use that wink you'll get it I would just leave her the option by leaving a on the napkin on the table If not rent it, its worth it even if it doesn't help your dating life.

Anyway, I think the very laid back, not taking things too serious, don't really care if I get shot down attitude is probably the best.

Of course all that won't matter if she has a boyfriend. But it can't hurt to take a shot.

You should feel guilty for screwing them over initially so this is you chance to make it up to them. Here ya go, Leeanne. Be yourself, make conversation with her, next time you are there if she rembers your conversation you'll know if she has some interest.

Be they bar tenders or waitresses at eateries So if you still feel the need to "ask her out" throw all the smarmy tricks out the window and be genuinely honest Thats just my opinion tho. Most times it requires you taking the initiative to How To Ask A Waitress Out and make dates.

By giving out your number you end up over all the power to the server who gets hit on frequently and may not be that interested in you at first. If she doesn't call it makes it awkward to return to the restaurant for you and for her. It may be better just to tell her that you noticed she works hard and ask her when is the last time someone took her out for dinner.

If she tells you her boyfriend took her out last week then you saved face by not asking her out. You can then respond by acting surprised and with a smile say, "Oh you have a boyfriend Well I'm glad you have someone to keep you company when I'm not around. Make sure to smile and be confident when saying something like this. If she doesn't mention a boyfriend, but says something like she's been too busy working to get out or it's been a while etc.

Tell her you'll take her out on her next day off. If she says, sounds good tell her to give you her degits and you'll text her the details. This way she doesn't have to worry about you calling her and wanting to talk and her having to say no over the phone if she decides later that she doesn't want to go out with you.

The bottom line is you don't want to leave the ball in her court while she's at the restaurant and in work mode. If you do she has 50 balls to choose from and she won't How To Ask A Waitress Out yours. Chances are she won't choose any and she'll wait for a guy who knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

One thing is for certain if she's attractive she is likely seeing someone and in some cases seeing more than one person. So you have to be ready for that. Have fun and check this out sincere, but keep your pride.

I have never known a single guy who has continue reading his number or bought a bouquet for an attractive woman he hardly knew and got a date or a call back unless the woman was nuts. I don't know everything though.

If its a night clubshe can pretty much pick who she wants to go home with by the end of the night every single night. Here's what you do.

Go to the restaurant where the server you fancy works. In the note make sure to put the name of the great nearby restaurant you plan to take them, the date and time you want to take them out and your first name with a smiley face.

DO NOT leave your number or last name!!!! Then leave without paying. When you dine and dash it comes out of the servers pay check. On the day you're supposed to meet up show up early and hide out in a parked car or somewhere where you can't be seen, but where you can clearly see who's coming in and out of the restaurant.

You're waiting to see who shows up. If they show up with friends, the manager or police be ready to sneak out unseen in a hurry. If they don't show up at all at least you know they're not interested and you got a free meal at their expense. If they do show up looking like they're ready for a date you can come out of hiding and introduce yourself.

Make sure you're dressed to kill and well groomed. Bring a single red rose or some kind of thoughtful gift to show you're appreciation for them coming out.