What Men Look For In Women Physically: Hookups For Sex!

Physically Look For In What Men Women


1. The Ideal Body Ratio

29 Jun We tried to figure out what Kenyan men look for in Kenyan women physically and came up with a list of 10 physical features which we sent out to 40 men in order to carry out a mini survey. The participants were to rank every feature on the list on a scale between and then comment beside that feature. 21 May Science can put a man on the moon, turn sunlight into electricity, and now science can answer the age-old question: "What do men really find attractive?" What men are physically attracted to are features that make a woman look healthy and fertile. Here are the top physical traits. 1 Feb Top 5 things men find most physically attractive in women (PG rated) So ladies, I want you to take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down what you think that men find most physically attractive about us in order of importance. Then compare it to my research and see just how.

When we talk about attraction, we are not talking about lust which is also a form of attraction.

What Men Look For In Women Physically

What we are talking about, in this article, is the attraction which is synonymous with love. Relationships are built on a love based attraction. There are certain known traits in women, that men find most attractive, which makes them fall in love. The following are some of the traits that men find attractive in women.

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Before we go further, please note that this list is no way comprehensive and is most definitely not applicable to all men.

Also items are not listed in order of importance. Guys source to be mothered not nagged but cared forand so they tend to fall for a woman who offers them acceptance and warmth. This would have to be the trait that men find most attractive in women.

So men are constantly on the look out for a woman who can invoke trust through her strength of character.

7 Physical Characteristics That Attract Men - How To Hook Up Online!

It is a known fact that women like deep voices in men and men love high tones. Some women have a husky voice and many guys find that attractive too. Surveys have indicated that women subconsciously lower their voice when talking with a potential mate. According to a studymen can judge how attractive a woman is just by hearing her talk! Some research indicates that men get attracted by long to moderately long hair or anything close to shoulder length as that looks more feminine and continue reading indicative of better reproductive health.

Having said that, there are a lot of men who find women with short hair attractive. So if you feel short hair makes you look and feel sexy and confident, by all means go for it.

Evolution and Human Behavior. According to researchmen preferred women who wore up to 40 per cent less makeup than the average woman, like these celebrities who still manage to stun without makeup. Although they might say they prefer short women, the truth is that they can have just as much fun with the tall ones. A Wider Waist to Hips Ratio.

As long as you love how you look and feel, everything else should fall in place. But it has to be noted that attraction to these factors are purely subjective and vary widely across cultures. So these were a few important traits that men find attractive in women. Note that every man has his unique taste. The above points are common to most men but not for all.

Look at it this way. A man may look for and get attracted to such qualities in a woman that he lacks himself.

What Men Look For In Women Physically

For instance, a tough guy will look for a soft female. Hope you got the idea. Does it mean I am a second preference or what?

Simple things men find attractive about a woman

For instance, I can walk into a room full of girls but would get attracted to only one girl in the room. It could be because of a variety of factors here mentioned here, but I think the main reason was the wave-length match which happens on a subconscious level. So girls, stop trying to change yourself. Just be yourself and you will find a mate who compliments you and you will live together ever after.

Men love funny women. I am chubby, easy on the eyes but hold eye contact very well when talking with men.

I have also learnt that men are drawn to strong women who show respect and who do not back down when they are passionate about something. Men want women, not sheep.

Being yourself is one thing — being brave enough to show it is another. All in all — we all want the same thing from each other. My girlfriend of five years is a very shy girl and we share a deep relationship. Apart from me she only has one other friend who is her distant cousin. She is shy with others but when we are alone, she opens up click I love that. Also, she is not big on the makeup and prefers staying natural.

Either type both have their advantages and disadvantages. We are a curated destination for the culturally curiou David Lewis at Turkey's Bilkent University observes, "Men click think they like big bottoms may actually be more into spines. Sadly there are some men who will feel intimidated by a woman who is educated. Beauty and attractiveness are two separate concepts — one is what you are born with, and one is how you carry yourself.

Another factor that I find attractive in her. I just wanted to add that male-female attraction is a genetic mating trait specifically intended to preserve and procreate the human species. Men like bigger breasts because they want their babies nursed on them.

But first the male must inseminate the female uterus. Hence, males have a mating response to large, firm, well-formed, pointed-up breasts. Babies nursed on ample breasts have a higher survival rate over the last 10, years, so the male trait of desiring to mate with large-busted females, and the female trait of large firm well-formed breasts have been passed on through countless generations up to today when the trait among men is almost universal! Sorry you had to find out this way.

Traits Men Find Attractive in a Woman The following are some of the traits that men find attractive in women.