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Updates on the show's first guests; Steve catches up with memorable bad daters and parents who needed help to see if his advice ended up helping. Steve's look back at segments featuring luxurious and outrageously expensive items; tips from millionaires on how to get rich.

Steve looks back at his favorite family-themed moments on the show; the Chrisleys vs. Steve looks back on his favorite second-chance moments from the last five years of the show. Steve gives viewers some instant satisfaction, combining Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary "befores" and "afters" of some of his favorite relationship-advice segments from the last five years. Steve picks on his warm-up guy, Rubin Ervin, for the hour and reminisces over his favorite Rubin segments throughout the show's past five seasons.

Highlights include a kids edition of Ask Steve, helping single moms struggling with raising boys, kids trying to help their single moms find romance, and Steve's daddy-daughter dance. Highlights of moments on the show that featured Steve's own family, including his wife Marjorie, his seven children and four grandchildren.

Show highlights of people doing outrageous things in the name of love include a woman named Monica, who is sent on extreme adventure dates, a lumberjack named Katie, who is in search of romance, and a cowgirl named Darlene.

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Steve looks back at his favorite segments featuring twins; Steve's twin daughters, Brandi and Karli; Michelle and her twin daughters Brea and Breanna; year-old triplets get a makeover. Steve celebrates some of the show's most memorable moments; segments include the world's largest first date, a mass wedding with 50 brides, and a marriage proposal at Grand Central Station.

Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif "Botched" ; a man is named a Harvey's Hero for raising money for a stranger to go to nursing school; motivational speaker Bill Wooditch helps a mom who says that her teenage son lacks motivation.

Steve takes a look back at his most memorable "Ask Steve" moments and takes new questions from the studio audience; TV personality Kelly Osbourne, Frank Grillo "Kingdom" and chef Myron Mixon help Steve answer questions. Dolphin crown a winner in the "Big Day Bridal Challenge.

New York" ; money maven Patrice Washington teaches a mom to stop enabling her daughter's bad money habits; singer El DeBarge talks about his career and addiction. A woman says her husband's career in puppeteering causes him to neglect her and their family; Cheryl Burke "Dancing With the Stars," "Dance Moms" ; a woman shows off her new figure after completing a Dherbs cleanse; benefits of doing a visit web page.

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Steve and son-in-law Ben school a group of boys on the fundamentals of dating; Patti LaBelle performs a jazz song. Comic Gary Owen gives comedic advice on how to take the best family road trip ever; Jenni "JWoww" Farley "Jersey Shore" gives relationship advice to some women with summer-themed situations; Steve taste tests guests' recipes for ribs. A family of five gets a vacation; Steve helps two women learn the warning signs of a summer fling, with advice on how to turn it into a real relationship.

Josh Murray "The Bachelorette" looks for someone new; Capt. Steve helps a bikini model who is looking for a man with a good body and an even better heart; Steve's personal trainer gives advice on how to get a beach body; summer sex health questions with OB-GYN Dr.

Hip-hop artist Faith Evans and Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary daughter, Chyna; "mom-ventors" compete for cash, presenting their products to Steve and business guru Amilya Antonetti; a "Steve Harvey" staffer surprises his wife for Mother's Day. Three sisters desperately want to find their mother a boyfriend; Discovery's Richard Rawlings helps a widowed mom who had to take over her husband's auto mechanic business; a macaroni-and-cheese cook-off.

Steve surprises a woman who had a baby after years of infertility; a woman worries that her "mama's boy" fiance will never be able to put her and their child Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary Mother's Day gift-giving guide; a family devotes a day to making mom feel special.

A mom creates derby hats to auction off for the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation; Steve learns how to make his own derby hat. Bela Gandhi teaches women about online dating and overhauls their dating profiles; a 6-year-old thanks her older brother for taking her to the daddy-daughter dance; year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jaylen Bledsoe's success story.

Man in Demand Rollo Tomassi Lecture Audio Finally Available Now - Dating Hookup Sites!

Steve meets a young fan and sits down with radio titan Charlamagne Tha God Breakfast Club" ; a former professional athlete adopts a homeless teen and helps him become a college basketball standout; Steve helps a woman find a good cop to date.

Steve answers teen boys' questions about the prom and helps a young man pull off the ultimate prom-posal; Monte Durham "Say Yes to the Prom Dress".

Actor David Oyelowo; comic Sinbad. Tips to ignite passion in one's relationship; the miraculous story of a two-time cancer survivor; Val Warner "Windy City Live" talks about her recent weight loss challenge. Porsha Williams "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" ; a pastry chef who runs her own business turns to Steve for help finding a continue reading the founder of a nonprofit musical group for children of all skill levels gets a donation and a full scholarship. A singing baker tests men's baked creations to decide whom she will date; Kim Gravel and Steve help a man whose wife died when she gave birth to quadruplets; entrepreneur Miko Branch; a woman, 64, cures her medical ailment by pole-dancing. Four women want a day break from sex; Dr.

Brother" ; siblings compete to see which duo knows each other best: Misty Copeland book "Ballerina Body" ; young ballerinas perform; Steve learns to use the app "House Party"; a behind-the-scenes look at the Disney Dreamers Academy; Steve tells a young poet he will pay for his college education. Morris Chestnut "Rosewood" and trainer Obi Obadike book "The Cut" ; an Uber driver tells of busting her boyfriend for having another girlfriend on the side; Steve helps a woman choose men who are not her "type.

Three women in brand-new relationships follow three easy steps said to make men fall in love with them; Egypt Sherrod "Property Virgins," "Flipping Virgins" advises a father-daughter duo who don't see eye to eye on big design decisions.

A woman wants her year-old son to move out on his own; a man who helps people in need dress for success is named a Harvey's Hero; Steve helps a young woman decode misleading texts from her ex.

Model Hunter McGrady helps women who struggle with body image; Steve helps a young woman find a date so that she can stop being so clingy with her mom; a 7-year-old whose quick thinking saved his mother's life is named a Harvey's Hero. Judge Lauren Lake "Lauren Lake's Paternity Court" advises two couples who are ready to throw in the towel; a child gives tax advice; four brides-to-be kick off a weight-loss challenge.

Musician John Oates; Ryan Stew, "Chicago's most eligible bachelor," meets women; author Bill Wooditch gives career advice to a woman who feels that she is at a professional crossroads. Caroline and Albert Manzo "Manzo'd With Children" advise parents; psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser and Steve try to help a couple overcome infidelity and trust issues. Single women want to know why they Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary attracting the wrong men online; Kim Gravel tells how to keep a relationship sexy.

Steve helps a man re-do a failed marriage proposal; pastor John Gray "The Book of John Gray" helps two women in need of spiritual guidance in their relationships; a new parenting app spots potentially unsafe online behaviors. Steve tries to find a date for a man who was pranked by his friends; Nev Schulman and Max Joseph "Catfish" ; a man works with young see more in urban communities to try to help break the cycle of absentee fathers.

Steve's daughters Karli and Brandi talk to young girls about dating and relationships; Steve talks with two teen boys and the man who broke up their fight. Steve sits down with a man who has lived with his girlfriend for five years to advise him on whether they should marry; Danica McKellar "The Wonder Years" ; celebrity stylist Lawrence Zarian joins Steve for a spring fashion show. BFFs try dating each other for 30 days; two 4-year-old boys get buzz cuts to play a trick on their teacher; a pregnant New York City woman gives a trophy to the man who gave up his subway seat for her.

Tanya Acker "Hot Bench" and Steve help guests with tricky situations; Steve helps a married couple learn how to date each other again; an year-old college student and classical soloist performs. Holly Robinson Peete "For Peete's Sake" ; taking years off photos with Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary two mothers connect after a tragic loss.

Tips to ignite passion in one's relationship; the miraculous story of a two-time cancer survivor; Val Warner "Windy City Live" talks about her recent weight loss challenge.

Single mom Suzanne introduces her new beau to her grown daughter; Steve's son-in-law Ben joins him to give a group of boys a little insight on young love.

A basketball bachelor looks for love; Sarah Merrill joins Steve for a social media class about memes; Jeff Musial shows Steve some tiny wild animals.

Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary

A returning guest, who has lost weight, asks for help finding a man; Josh Henderson "The Arrangement" ; motivational speaker Bill Wooditch discusses success and failure. Steve gives his unique view on news headlines; a couple who talked about infidelity in an online video; women ask men questions about why men cheat; Ta'Rhonda Jones "Empire" ; non-invasive cosmetic procedures for swimsuit season.

Steve helps a woman find the right kind of man; chef Lawrence Page "Hustle and Soul" makes hot fried chicken; Gaius Charles "Taken" ; life strategist Sheri Riley talks about achieving work-life balance. The content officer and beauty director of Cosmopolitan Magazine give advice on beauty, fashion, dating and sex; audience members transform into Cosmo cover models. Theresa Caputo "Long Island Medium" ; overprotective brothers help Steve hand-pick dates for their sister and their mom; making a household a "smart home.

Steve assigns spoiled kids to work in a sausage factory for a day; Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary Whitfield and Keith David "Greenleaf" ; Steve intervenes for two best friends who haven't spoken in two years.

Pairs try to take the leap from friendship to romance; Judge Patricia DiMango "Hot Bench" offers bold, no-nonsense opinions on how to deal with viewers' sticky legal situations.

A former college basketball player chooses among eight men; "Steve Harvey" cameras go behind the scenes at "Little Big Shots"; pint-sized dancers show off their impressive skills.

Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary

Kenan Thompson "Saturday Night Live" ; another installment of Steve's Day Date Experiment, with best friends who may want to be more than just friends. A man wants Steve's help in sizing up his cousin's boyfriend; "travel mom" Emily Kaufman suggests where to go for a romantic getaway. Comic Mike Epps; Click the following article honors a teacher who created individual handshakes for each of his students; Steve helps a woman quit her job, allowing her to pursue her dreams.

Louie Anderson "Family Feud" ; Mykelti Williamson "Fences" ; Steve's daughter Morgan helps a first-time mom with advice on how to balance motherhood, her relationship and her job; Morgan shares recipes that take less than 30 minutes. Three stories of men who have gone above and beyond to sweep their women off their feet; Steve provides a fail-proof plan for women on how to drive their man wild, with advice on how to make sure they get what they want too.

An over-the-top romantic marriage proposal on the "Steve Harvey" stage; young children talk about love, Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary and marriage; an engaged couple wait to tie the knot until the man's mother gives her blessing. Moms work together to match up their sons and daughters, who will meet for the first time on the "Steve Harvey" stage.

Three popular bachelors return to the show to go on dates with women in the audience; a woman loses more than pounds after her husband cheats on her; Steve's Valentine's Day gift-giving guide. Comic Chris Tucker; three couples, married a combined years, give away the secrets to a happy marriage. An update with a year-old woman who had never been kissed; journalist Tamron Hall starts a fund to support survivors of domestic violence; Defecio Stoglin, Matty Richards and Jasmine Orpilla "Ghosts in the Hood".

A dermatologist performs procedures onstage; a single mother learns dating skills; a man convinces more than KKK members to give up their racist lifestyle. Cierra returns to the show to meet a new man; an update from a single mom who was the recipient of a rent-free home over the holidays; one of Steve's campers thanks Choice Hotels CEO Steve Joyce.

Men and women discuss topics that divide them; a taco-stand owner from Los Angeles shares his success story; delicious recipes for a detoxifying raw cleanse.

Updates on past guests; a hilarious conversation with a year-old guest; four self-proclaimed nerds return, and one wants to propose to his girlfriend; a couple who went to marriage boot camp tell what happened afterward; dating disasters; a hero. A Neighborhood Award recipient proposes to his girlfriend; a surprise visit from artist Maxwell; mastering the second date. Steve surprises a young woman with her online boyfriend; a woman wants to turn her overweight husband's health around, and Steve enlists Click to see more T; Rushion McDonald makes no-bake apple-snowball bites.

Witney Carson "Dancing With the Stars" helps a man propose to his wife, 20 years after he proposed in the drive-thru of a fast-food taco joint; Steve discusses life lessons; former prison inmates make up the staff of an upscale restaurant.

Kandi Burruss "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" advises a couple about their love life; a principal turns an impoverished school into a safe haven for children; Pastor John Hannah book "Desperate for Jesus" answers viewers' questions. Nancy Grace book "Murder in the Courthouse" and Steve tackle viewers' legal issues in a special edition of Harvey's Law; author Kendrick Shope "Sell Like a Woman" tells women how to sharpen their sales skills.

Steve sets up a dating experiment for a woman who has never had a boyfriend; creative ways to express oneself in the cyber world and get noticed; making a bitmoji; people want to know if things they are doing are weird.

Steve decodes a couple's Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary producer Nely Galan tells her success story and advises a woman who was passed over for a promotion at work. Four young people who make a difference in their communities; getting a tax refund in advance; comic Rubin Ervin; a married couple helps survivors of domestic abuse with free reconstructive surgery. Steve has no idea what to expect for his 60th-birthday show: Mothers discuss parenting teenagers; Nischelle Turner "Entertainment Tonight" asks Steve to find a man for her year-old mom, Miss Jacque.

A man says his friend is too nice and allows men to get away with bad behavior; getting winter vacation deals; communities mentor black and Hispanic youth; a 4-year-old internet sensation.

Steve helps a woman with her dating life by talking to her exes; Dr. Michael Salzhauer live-streams his cosmetic surgeries on Snapchat; a woman starts a foundation to help families adopt children; Ringling Bros.

Steve helps a woman find out where her relationship is heading; Bill Rancic book "First Light" ; a woman turns to Steve for help with her workaholic husband. Carrie Keagan from "The New Celebrity Apprentice"; update on Steve's progress with getting in shape; astrology and decision making.

Fox and dancers from "Vivica's Black Magic! Fashion designer Rachel Zoe; Steve reunites a military family Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary Christmas; Steve's son Jason and his business partner give an update on their shoe line; holiday gifts for tech-savvy people. Ashley Graham "America's Next Top Model" ; gifts for teenagers; Steve and fashion guru Lawrence Zarian help a single mother and her six children have a memorable Christmas.

Two women want to know if their relationship issues are deal-breakers or if their relationships are worth salvaging; gifts for food lovers; Ta'Rhonda Jones "Empire" chooses a man to take to a holiday party. A working mother of three young children gets extra-stressed at holiday time, and her husband does not chip in to help; Christmas photo shoots at the home of Steve's daughter Karli; the hottest toys of the season; a woman shows off her weight loss.

Then you add Kurt Angle to the mix, your chances of winning drastic go down. Steve gives his comedic take on all of the crazy things that have happened in the presidential race; Steve helps an election volunteer find a date; Steve talks to young link about politics; Andre Holland "Moonlight". I particually like the way how such a wide angle lens puts the subject into a context rather that isolating them like a telephoto lens does. Gender roles and double standards; a panel of young men and women discuss marriage, family, work and sex.

Alicia Keys "The Voice" ; Steve helps a homeless single mother get a home for the holidays; Steve's gift-giving guide; stylist Ty Hunter Atlanta Bodybuilder Hookup Meme Trash Wikipedia Dictionary holiday fashion advice; Steve's wife, Marjorie, sells some of her luxury designer clothes. A family who cannot get along during the holidays; Judge Lauren Lake "Lauren Lake's Paternity Court" helps viewers deal with breakups; finding the best bargains on Black Friday while escaping the madness surrounding the shopping day.

Comic George Lopez; Taraji P. Steve takes questions via Click to see more from military members in Kuwait and Iraq; Steve helps a veteran get a job offer and a home; comic Rubin Ervin goes to boot camp and gets a family reunion.

Three couples have histories they must confront before they can move forward; Omar Epps "Almost Christmas" ; holiday smoothies. Steve gives his comedic take on all of the crazy things that have happened in the presidential race; Steve helps an election volunteer find a date; Steve talks to young children about politics; Andre Holland "Moonlight".

Karli, Ben and little BJ stop by; the people behind some of Steve's favorite viral videos. Steve's new book, "Jump," encourages people to follow their dreams; model and business mogul Tyra Banks. A Madea Halloween" ; a 9-year-old photographer.