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My guest author today is Michele Arris, who has penned a new steamy contemporary romance. Following is an exciting blurb to go along with a beautiful cover: So when she meets smooth-talking billionaire Gavin Crane, who uses his connections to help her art career, she resolves to keep things strictly professional—no matter how gorgeous he is. Gavin might be the son of the head of the Kavanagh organized crime family, but he wants no part of that life.

But when she winds up in the hospital with a gunshot wound, he is driven to exact revenge. His Billy Jeffrey Hookup In The Dark agrees to provide security to watch over her as well as find the man who shot her, but at a cost—Gavin must come back into the family business.

Has she done the one thing she vowed never to do—trusted her heart to the wrong man? She pulled it from her black leather clutch purse. He took it from her, and with a quick swipe at the lock, opened, and stood just inside the room with his back braced flush against the door, giving click at this page a wide area to pass without them making contact.

Just then her cell phone rang. She took it from her purse to view the display and quickly connected. Hold on a moment.

The door closed quietly behind him.

Sienna waited for the resounding clank of the door across the hall before she let go a breath, and her pulse managed to calm.

A small part of her, that perverse side of her, wanted him to, only so she could turn him away. Award winning author, Michele Arris, writes steamy contemporary romance. In her spare time, Michele enjoys reading all types of romance genres. Filed under Books and ReadingGuests. Tagged as excerptAmazonbooksFictionromanceSteamy Contemporary. Amazon recently filed lawsuits against 1, individuals for fraud. Amazed that there are that many? It has not stopped.

Unfortunately, almost all other small presses and epublishers have Billy Jeffrey Hookup In The Dark driven out of business. Small presses go in and out of business like passing through a revolving door. Read more world of electronic publishing and reading has been a blessing to many people. My DH for instance.

On his Kindle reader he can enlarge the font and enjoy reading without his glasses. I, too, like reading on my Kindle and I like getting ebooks at a cheaper price than print books most of the time.

Still the case, I might add. Electronic publishing has enabled me to publish my own books instead of going through the crap-shoot of trying to sell them to New York publishers, which is like wading through Saran Wrap. View original post 2, more words. Filed under Food and Recipes. Allyson Charles is my guest author today. Following is the blurb for her new Christmas book. Allison Stuart has always been the odd-woman-out of her family.

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She wears her jeans a little too tight, colors her hair a little too blonde, and instead of going into medicine and law like her sisters, she runs a diner.

No more meaningless flings. Drop-dead sexy Luke Hamilton is everything Allison has sworn off. His only serious relationship has been with his five-star restaurant, Le Cygne Noir, in Chicago. Heating things up with the hottie who owns the local diner would make his exile bearable—if he can convince her to give up her ridiculous resolution. She swallowed and rose to her feet. Since this man now worked for her, he was off-limits. No, making him the forbidden fruit.

He might be sexy, but he was also an arrogant know-it-all.

Billy Jeffrey Hookup In The Dark

At this stage in her life, she wanted someone she could settle down with, not tear up the sheets. She thrust her shoulders back, realizing too late it could look like she was shoving her D cups in his face. They have information on the sights to see.

The moment he spoke, she knew she was right. You Billy Jeffrey Hookup In The Dark find her at http: Filed under Books and Reading. I read it the first time a long, long time ago. Then I read it again after I saw the movie. The woman who narrates it does a great job.

I only hope the book and the movie survive what is going on in our society now. I fully expect to never see the movie link TV again. Not true with this book. Penelope Williamson is a great author. The hero Gideon and heroine Ava are the ultimate modern, hip, wealthy characters who meet an erotic relationship head-on. Again, Ava is a heroine worthy of the sexy, controlling and dynamic billionaire businessman, Gideon Cross.

This author was not one of my faves until I read this series. I also re-read a shorter duet by this author.

Billy Jeffrey Hookup In The Dark

The narrator is perfect for these books. You definitely get the New Jersey flavor here her voice. The early books were so much better than the later ones, IMHO. So why re-read books you might ask…. Do you re-read books? Feel free to add your comments about the books you give a second read and why. Tagged as Amazonaudio bookbooksclassicFictionmoviesromancesagaTexasWestern.

Today, my guest is Caroline Clemmons, spinner of western tales of romance and adventure. Her newest and last book of her Bride Brigade series sounds great!

Thank you, Anna, for inviting me to be your guest today. Most readers enjoy series, and that includes me.

Billy Jeffrey Dating In The Dark

I also love writing them. Watching the characters Billy Jeffrey Hookup In The Dark as the series progresses enhances them in my mind. Saying goodbye has been difficult.

But, trouble follows Prudence. Doctor Riley Gaston wants a wife and children. One of the young women Lydia brings home mesmerizes Riley. That is, until he learns her so-called profession is folk healing, which he views as dangerous as it is worthless. Prudence is as stubborn as Riley. Danger causes them to reconsider their opinions. Is their change of heart too late?

I came up with the idea click the Bride Brigade as a twist on mail-order brides. These seven women came as guests of a wealthy widow and lived in her home until they found the man they wished to marry.

Except for their hostess, the town of Tarnation, Texas had no unmarried women except elderly widows.

The town name of Tarnation makes me smile. And you thought there was drama at your job. S True Beauty and Dating in the Dark.

Six of the women came from Virginia and one from Missouri. Each had a different back story, and so did the grooms. The town name of Tarnation makes me smile. I hope it does the same for readers. Here are some of the reviews: This entire series was extremely enjoyable.

Amazing story of two individuals who have to overcome their beliefs and accept each other and love in the end! Loved it as much as I have enjoyed the whole series. Please keep writing, you write so well and I have enjoyed all your books.

Fresh off the back of the Click Frenzy deals, we have the link one: I had to have a new cover designed. Probably depends on how well he is into you, no pun intended. He likes oral sex while he watches the girl give him head. Victims of stalking say that they are not dating.

He turned and hurried across the road. Disregarding the superstition of walking under a ladder causing bad luck, he walked into the office. Sure enough, there was Prudence setting out bottles and packets of this and that. She barely glanced up.

Billy jeffrey dating in the dark

Are you setting out to deliberately cause trouble with me?