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The worst company I have ever seen. To make me go with them they promised me that at the end of the year the last month was free. When we arrived to the end of the year they told me they mever said that and refused to give me the month free as promised.

It's extremly slow amd works. It can take 4 hours to see a 1h30 movie.

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Wouldn't recommand at all. Thank you for taking some time to share your experience with us. We're extremely sorry to read there might have been a misunderstanding. We are a prepaid service so every invoice covers the next month which means if you terminated your service today, we would have to refund you for the days you wouldn't use.

Perhaps Electronic box needs a better method to determine is service is available at a location before taking payment. The Internet is fast and I don't have to worry about bandwidth. Reliable internet service, tech support always available, billing is friendly and informative, excellent pricing. Here is the terrible experience I am having with electronic box: I followed-up everyday, and that did not help.

As for the slow service, it is extremely unusual to have to wait 4 hours to watch a movie and we are quite sure our technical service could fix the issue after performing some tests.

We'd like you to contact us so we can work towards winning back your satisfaction. Thank you very much! Je crois que vous devriez remettre cette facon de recruter de nouveaux clients en question La raison est simple: Using Ebox at the cottage for the last 2. Ebox still charging full price for service that's not delivered. First of all, we would like you to contact us to see what we could do regarding the available speed at your address.

We should change your profile to the 10mbps for you to pay the right price. Unfortunately, the rural address fee is something that is charged to us by the provider but I'm sure we could figure something out together. Courteous staff, easy signup, installation on the date and fast speed at fair cost. Thank you so much for taking some of your time to share your experience with us, we really appreciate it. EBOX is very awesome.

Great customer support no waiting time great internet connections and speeds. Thank you so much for the kind words: We're glad to see that you're satisfied with visit web page service, it means Speed Hookup Comment Ca Se Passe world to us!

Have a nice day! It seems Ebox don't' have an established process to transfer from another ISP. Trying to transfer the cable connection from Fido to ebox.

Speed Hookup Comment Ca Se Passe

Ebox claiming the Fido is not releasing. Fido says there is nothing they can do to prevent a transfer. I am in between making calls and worried if I will be out of internet as I am depended on net for my work. Fido is gracious that they allowed me to change cancellation dates.

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All ready give ebox, the order number, memo number for the cancellation from Fido. First of all, thanks for taking some time to share your experience with us. We would really like to continue reading more about what happened exactly but we would need your account number in order for a supervisor to call you.

It unfortunately seems like your provider wasn't sending the request to Rogers directly because if they did, our transfer request would go through immediately.

We sure don't want to make our clients go through such a hassle and we would like to have a chance to make your experience better. Send us a PM on Facebook if you would like and we'll set up a callback with a supervisor according to your availabilities. Thank you very much. It took 41 day to get my cable internet service transferred from another TPIA provider.

I am in Rogers cable service area in Mississauga. The 21 day waiting period rule applies. Activation date needs to be 21 day out from the date you submit your existing cable service cancellation request with your provider you are switching from. Service itself is slow during afternoon hours after 5pm going back to normal after midnight. Huge latency and only half of the ordered 75Mbps speed is what I get in afternoon.

This is observed every day.

Bad experience, many set-up problems, bad customer service. We surely have solutions for you. I am told that yes I could get the package, so they charged me for the setup and I was none the wiser.

They closed it in a few days with a "courtesy call" stating that they are aware of the issue and working on it. Waited a few days and opened another ticket.

Technician says there is no ETA on resolving this The company which can properly address capacity and over utilization issues and deliver what is promised. Read below about routing: Another issue is effectiveness of peering and routing. So traffic got to go there and back. You get your extra latency from that. Good evening, We are truly sorry about those delays, we know that it's not always easy to change provider.

Speed Dating Comment Ca Se Passe

Could you contact us via private message, a supervisor would like to speak with you and offer you a better experience with our services. Installation process with Ebox was smooth and so far the internet has been great. Full speeds and a solid connection. Few things to note: Once the Videotron technician has verified the service, you must call Ebox to activate the modem presumably to register the modem MAC address.

This was done very quickly and check this out not a hassle at all. I see people giving Ebox negative reviews about the installation process, which I feel is partly unfair, as they have very little control over technicians.

Keep in mind that most third-party providers operate this way and that if you're looking to switch or you are moving you should make sure to initiate the process far ahead of time! If you're looking to make the switch and Ebox is available in your area I say go for it! It'll be worth it!

First of all, thank you so much for taking some of your time to leave a review, we greatly appreciate the kind words! Just to clarify for those who might be reading this, calling us to activate the modem once the installation is done is not necessary at all although some technicians believe it is. The modem will get activated automatically afterwards.

It can click here up to 3 hours but it's usually almost immediate. Have an amazing day! Probablement un de pires services-clients avec lequel j'ai fait affaire.

Bingo, ils reprennent mon compte. On va y arriver! On se fie au message. Steve prend soin de moi au soutien technique. Un autre 54 minutes mal investies! C'est donc demain matin que je vous donnerai des nouvelles!

Speed Hookup Comment Ca Se Passe

Visiblement, l'information ne circule pas chez Ebox. Aussi, Steve aurait probablement eu contact avec le soutien technique du fournisseur que nous pouvons contacter afin de tenter le traitement rapide d'un changement de modem. The problem was that often the connection would drop and had to restart my modem to get the connection back up.

Called Ebox multiple times and got lame excuses like "Oh So eventually i cancelled with ebox and joined Techsavvy and never looked back.

We're really sorry about the experience you had with us. This is not a common situation here but unfortunately, we sometimes have to assume the infrastructure is damaged and causing the issue when every possible solution has been tried.

This is when we usually suggest a switch to cable technology. I agree with you, we should've done something to try to keep you as a customer from there since none of this was your fault. This is on us and you're unfortunately not part of the EBOX family anymore. All we can do is hope we can have a second chance someday and prove you the experience you had the first time does not represent us as a company. Hi, Thanks for the comment and share your experience. We're happy to count you among us.

I have to say I never write reviews however I feel that it is important to make people aware about this company. I am in Ontario and contacted Ebox on June 9 to set up internet. I spoke with 2 different reps and it seemed that Ebox was the way to go. The customer service was good.

Ebox confirmed our account and took money for the service. I was told that the hardware would be shipped. On June 15 I called to confirm that the hardware was on its way. I was assured Speed Hookup Comment Ca Se Passe it would be there by Speed Hookup Comment Ca Se Passe 16 or after the weekend on June Today - June 22 I called to check where the hardware was and the company told me that they can not service our area with any of their internet services.