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My name is Tina. My husband's name is Jason. He is currently in a state prison. He's been there 12 years, and I miss him so much. I moved over miles from my home town recently to the city where the prison is located so I could be here closer to him. I don't know anyone here, so it's been extremely hard. We still have a. 9 Dec Long Distance Love Poem, Lover In Prison, a Poem, My Best Friend has been in jail for 3 years now. I cannot wait for him to come home. He is the one person that truely makes me happy. I wrote this after I got a phone call from my husband who is serving time in a state prison. He sometimes feels so insecure and thinks I am not waiting for him, but I will wait for him until the end of time; he is my life.

Hi my name is Jaszmeanne. I just want to say thank you. I enjoy reading all of the stories shared. I have never been through this situation before. I feel a tear run down my face As I sit in this quiet, lonely place.

Valentine Poems For Husband In Prison

I think of you and need you here. I wipe away my falling tear. I hit the floor on bended knee. I ask, I beg, I start to plead. Please bring him home. God, no longer do I want to visit web page alone. Is there an Angel you could send to us And give us a miracle? In God I trust. He's done enough time, he needs to be free.

Please God, bring him home to me. We believe in love; I believe in you. Please God, is there something you could do? I'll make it up to you, God, you know I will. I'll be good and honest, grateful and true.

So please send us an Angel, is all I ask of you I'll say this prayer each and every day Until he is in my arms and home to stay. End Of A Journey. I love him with all my heart, and Link hope you all don't mind if I share some of your poems with him.

I'm not much of a writer, but some of these express exactly what I'm feeling. Hi, my name is Frenchie and my fiance's name is Chris. He has been locked up for a year and a half now. I miss him so much, so I know the feeling. It gets tough, but just keep praying for God to move in your fiance's favor. It will get better in time. It is a rough ride; Valentine Poems For Husband In Prison longer the sentence, the more feelings that are invoked.

Trust me, I know; I was released from a 4. While I was in there I wrote over poems covering all sorts of feelings. I can only hope that your significant other is as receptive to poetry as you seem to be.

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A solid anchor is exactly what he needs. I have been with my Valentine Poems For Husband In Prison for 16 years, and he has been in and out of jail and prison for most of our relationship.

Also, he just messed the birth of our 6th child. So it is a very upsetting time for us all right now. My husband got sent to jail for 6 months.

I could not imagine having to deal with many years, like some of the other women in this post! We have 1 month left now. We've gotten through most of the time, BUT this last month is crawling by even slower than the months before. I'm having so much trouble without him, emotionally and financially.

Our families have turned their backs on us I'm all he has and he's all I have.

You bring me laughter, when I only feel pain. It's hard to find one you love. You might also like …. He is my best friend.

But we are separated, so we both have no one. I visit whenever I can, write letters, and we talk on the phone every day. We have been together for 15 years, and the longest we had ever been separated before this sentence was a weekend apart. This has been hell. I cry every day, all the time.

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I'm so alone, and I can't tell him how awful it is for source because that would be selfish. I know being in there is worse.

Mine was just sentenced for a couple of months, but our story sounds so much alike. I haven't even been a weekend without him! I know you wrote this a year ago, but can you please tell me how you managed to get through this? He will be missing click birth.

It's our first child together. I'm slowly losing it a little more each and every day. I know exactly how you feel. I am now 26 years old.

He is my best friend, the one I tell all my secrets to, and the man of my dreams. He has been in almost four years, left with five more to do.

We are still waiting for a reconsideration. He is in prison over something stupid. He was in Indiana visiting his mother and I could not go with him Valentine Poems For Husband In Prison to my summer finals. His mother has always been a drug addict. He struggled Valentine Poems For Husband In Prison it when we were younger but finally stopped and started working and helping to support our family.

While at his mother's house he discovered she was dating a man, one that is younger than me and him both, who was operating a Meth lab with his friends. The police raided her home and all the fingers were pointed at him.

Out of nine people he is the only one sitting in prison still to this day. He was sentenced to 18 years, and every day is harder than the last!

But I am still waiting. He has my heart forever! My son was sent to jail for 9 years at the age of 18!!! He was sent to a maximum security jail where there are all kinds of bad people!! But what hurts the most is the collusion that took place and the judge allowed this!!!

He was not allowed any witnesses because the witness was going to expose the tactics these desperate informants, as young as 17 years old, did to them, but they caught him red-handed.

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The informant admitted why he set up my child and wrote letter to the judge! The witness was not allowed not click The letter was misconstrued!!

They were there to convict no matter what evidence you have. It here does not matter!! The mysterious Valentine Poems For Husband In Prison was never fingerprinted by detectives or checked for any crimes! Our whole situation is my worst nightmare come true. My husband was arrested and has spent the last 7 months in jail. He did not do what he has been accused of and will spend the rest of his life paying for it.

He will accept a plea as he is scared to death of going to prison and doesn't want to take the chance on losing in a trial. He is 60 years old. He lost his business, we lost our home I am currently living with relativesbut once he is released we will be living in our car as the terms of his probation will not allow us to live where I am currently residing.

This has cost us every penny we have.

The letter was misconstrued!! I'm so glad I found this poem to send him, and knowing I'm not the only one who is going through this terrible situation makes me feel like I'm not alone. The love I feel for you is too great for any word Every time I see you my heart sings like a bird Set free from all fears, hopes and desire you set my soul alive you set it on fire. I just keep trying to stay strong for our children. My husband will not be here to see my daughter graduate college and the other one high school.

He is being set up to fail. With no money and how do you rent a place with a felony on your record? And with no place to live, it will violate his probation. Again set up to fail. It's amazing to me how unjust the justice system is. My husband is a wonderful man who would give anyone the shirt off his back. This has destroyed source lives.

I'm on disability, so I couldn't get a lawyer. He was beat up and bad things degrading to him. You're guilty til proven innocent; the county is crooked also.

Valentine Poems For Husband In Prison

The DA then promised my son he'd get him 60 years if he takes it to trial.