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What Are The Best Colleges for LGBTQ Students?

12 Sep With high marks from The Advocate and, Oberlin College also takes spot No. 3 for gay-friendliness. Nearly three-quarters of Oberlin's classes enroll fewer than 20 students, with an 11 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio in the College of Arts and Sciences and an impressive 8 to 1 ratio in the. According to Princeton Review, the gay-friendliest schools are Macalester, New College of Florida, NYU, Simon's Rock College of Bard, College of the Atlantic, Stanford, Wellesley (big They have very active and very visible lesbian populations. R3, "gay-friendly" doesn't necessarily equal "highest percentage of gays.". Somewhat. There really aren't that many hippies, but there are a lot of socially awkward people and Oberlin is a safe haven for them. You will not find a republican, unless they are in the Conservatory, and we all do support Obama, except for the hard core feminists who support Hillary. They tout buttons saying " bitch is the.

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Post reviews of your campus visits. Find hundreds of pages of informative articles. Search from over 3 million scholarships. We want your feedback! July edited August in Oberlin College. Oberlin looks like a great LAC from an academic viewpoint. However, I have some concerns about the community itself. Although there is a signficant and vocal faction of extremely liberal students, where do most of the other students fit in politically?

Would someone who is moderate to conservative, and who holds some strongly religious but generally private views regarding abortion and homosexuality be able to fit in? Are students with moderate or conservative views marginalized or is the campus tolerant of diverse viewpoints, including conserative ones? Post edited by pmyen on August How liberal are students at Oberlin?

While the campus itself loves a gay, it is still in the middle of rural Pennsylvania, which isn't always as open-minded. UCLA places special attention on the transgender community and includes medical and mental health services specifically for transgender students. So he's going to encounter the same views at most colleges -- unless he goes to a place with a strong conservative bent. I rarely interacted socially with people who were ultra-liberal and outspoken about it. Internationally known for its ever-expanding Tisch School of the Arts, continue reading offers BFAs in film and theatre, the school attracts a diverse population, landing it at No.

Here are the stats on facebook questioning political orientation: Oberlin is pretty liberal, though that doesn't mean that everyone is that involved with activism and political stuff most people are supportive of issues but don't do anything for them.

I think moderates would not have a huge problem, especially if you do not go seeking to impress your views on others though unfortunately some students may try to impress their views instead.

Which college has the highest % of gays?

I'm guessing there would be more debate and toleration of views than criticization, but I'm not sure, partly because a lot of people have the same views and those topics just haven't arisen.

I'm hoping more students will post because I don't feel like I grasp the circumstances for more moderate students on campus but I know that there are atleast some out there and they survive.

Most students are pro-choice, though if you aren't I don't think you Oberlin College Gay Statistics Population Proportion be marginalized. However, Oberlin has a very large homosexual population that everyone is very tolerant and supportive of it, so in that case, someone against this might be marginalized.

So, what I'm trying to say is that basically, you would have to accept the liberal tone on campus and if it wouldn't bother you too much then I think you'd be OK. Son just finished his freshman year. He is pretty liberal in his thinking Oberlin College Gay Statistics Population Proportion non-religious.

He loves Oberlin, but one thing he really dislikes is that he feels too many students are too dogmatic. His experience is that students who take conservative stands on issues are readily dismissed by their peers.

He says he has also seen it happen occassionally in his classes as well. Like I said, he really likes the school, but finds that people are not really interested in an open dialogue with differing opinions. You could always join the Black Gay Republicans club. Well, maybe you could. I've heard a lot of classmates on Facebook saying they wished there were more conservatives so that they could have fair debates, otherwise it's all liberals. None of us has actually been to Oberlin yet, though - we all start this fall.

This is what my friend says: I think people are very tolerant. Most people are just looking for you to have a way to back up your argument if you disagree. My son, who's a rising junior, expresses a lot of the same concerns as shennie's son. If anything, he thinks oberlin needs more conservative students to mix things up a bit. That said, I would agree that someone who is intolerant of the gay community may not find much support there.

Tolerance is a big value at oberlin. I would make a distinction between the two issues the OP raises.

How to Choose an LGBTQ-Friendly College

I think most Oberlin students would respect pro-life positions on abortion, though the great majority are pro-choice.

Homophobia, on the other hand, would be regarded in the same way as racist and misogynist prejudice is. It's bigotry, pure and simple. That was very helpful. My son would not have problems attending classes or even befriending someone who was gay; however, he has strong convictions against its practice. Probably same attitude with illegal substances.

Oberlin College Gay Statistics Population Proportion

Article source probably would be able to tolerate use by others but would not personally condone it or participate.

Can one be 'tolerant" while still expressing conservative positions in class or in the cafeteria at Oberlin or would one be labeled as intolerant or 'homophobic'? I think this would be a very unfortunate experience for him if he were attending a LAC with a relatively small community.

Pseudonym Registered User Posts: If your son were openly "against [the] practice" of homosexuality, then yes, I think many, many people at Oberlin would consider him a bigot. But hey, maybe it would be good for him to be somewhere that his preexisting viewpoints would be challenged.

If you straight son chooses not to "practice" homosexuality, I think he would find himself in a lot of company. However, if he announced that he thought homosexuality were sinful or wrong, I think his views would be challenged. But I don't think this is unique to Oberlin. If you look at polls and surveys, you'll find that most young people are accepting and tolerant of homosexuality and believe it is an orientation, not a choice.

So he's going to encounter the same views at most colleges -- unless he goes to a place with a strong conservative bent. Homophobic bigots are not welcome at Oberlin. His presence will harm the welcoming environment of the college. The same is true at all the top schools. I was a member of Oberlin's College Republicans - mostly for the sport of it. There's no better place to hone your debating skills if you aren't as liberal as the student population.

Also, the Conservatory has plenty of students who are there for the quality of the music education, not the politics. Many of my Conservatory friends were apolitical and regular church goers. Oberlin source very liberal, but I didn't find it to be dogmatic and we had plenty of people who were "openly Republican," Christian, and homophobic or bigoted.

We still have a football team, and two senior football players were expelled my year for beating up a Black kid who wrote sarcastic commentary about the football team in the Grape.

I went to Hampshire before I transferred, and I hated the self-rightousness there, but most who I met at Oberlin were down to earth and there were plenty engaging political discussions. Also, the 'gay community' at Oberlin is not ubiquitous.

You don't have to go to Oberlin College Gay Statistics Population Proportion, but it accounts for some of my best times at the Obe even though I'm straight.

Anyway, I had an incredible experience at Oberlin, academically and socially, and I don't think anyone should be detered from going to the school because they're afraid of hippies or In Blackmail Is Relationships Emotional What, since our anarchist dumpster diving hippies and commies are a very small percentage of kids, about the same as the Randians and Republicans.

Oberlin College Gay Statistics Population Proportion

I think my education gave me a huge advantage in law school, and I am now a very well compensated corporate source, despite having gone to such a liberal institution. I mean, you wouldn't turn down a great job in San Francisco or New York because you think the cities are too liberal, at least I wouldn't.