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As long as the bush is trimmed up then you shouldent have a problem.. unless she does some kinky tooth brushin shit. . So yeah, if a girl has braces and she cuts you while giving you head, she probably shouldn't be giving head in the first place because clearly she doesn't know what she's doing. And he says he can feel the brackets but they don't hurt but I'm too scared to let his penis go any farther into my mouth because of them Any advice? Braces ? I've never tried it, so I was wondering if giving a blowjob while I have braces would hurt the guy? Like, does the metal hurt them? 4. Last reply Oct 14, I have braces and my significant other badly wants a bj and I'd love to give it to him but I worry that I'll hurt him in the process. I don't have Topics covered by the FAQ and in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ. More details on the.

Equal Pay Day Week Ending 28 March 3 years ago 14 comments. Hello, I'm new here. I have braces, and I was wondering if I ever give a blow job to my boyfriend, is it going to hurt him? Is it going to be any different, or uncomfortable for him? Or should I wait till I get my braces off to make a move?

I don't want to try it out before knowing if it'll hurt him or not. Send by e-mail 16 comments Lend a hand.


I dont really think your question is so stupid. Of course, you dont Can I Give A Blowjob With Braces to just take it in your mouth, there are a few ways you can pleasure him without worrying about your teeth being in the way. I know my husband always enjoys a little tongue motion! Make sure you always pull your lips back over your teeth before you ever go near his penis, and you'll probably be fine.

I'd go very slow at first, to be sure you don't hurt him. Yes, you can hurt him if you aren't careful. From friends who have had braces and given blowjobs, I hear it's more painful for the person giving it if they do it right in the sense that the person receiving just click for source it.

When giving a blowjob you wrap your lips around your teeth so that you don't hit your teeth against him - with braces this can cause discomfort because you'll be digging the braces into the sensitive skin on the inside of your upper and lower lip. Not doing so would cause you to most likely hit your teeth constantly on his dick, and most guys don't enjoy that. If the person you'll be giving oral sex to is willing to experiment with you, I'd say give it a shot and see how much discomfort it brings you - you may be able to find a method that works for both of you.

If not, oh well! There's always later when the braces are off. Heck, if I'm not careful, I can abrade the skin of my inner lip right above the canines.

On the other hand, the OP might be lucky enough to have a guy who doesn't mind, or even likes, a bit of light toothiness. Add your answer to this question! A lot well, for me of the sensation comes from the movement of the lips over the head onto the shaft and back again.

Must brush very thoroughly there -- if there's any plaque buildup, it abrades worse. On the other hand, the OP might be lucky enough to have a guy who doesn't mind, or even likes, a bit of light toothiness.

Going slow and experimenting does sound like the way to try it. And yeah, trying to deep-throat isn't necessarily the Only Way To Fellate -- hands can give stimulation outside the mouth. Reply Parent Thread Link.

Can I Give A Blowjob With Braces

I have given oral sex with braces and all was well If you are careless about that then bad things are a possibility! Some guys really can't tolerate too much stimulation on the head of the penis, and that might not work. I know my guy can't-he says too much direct stimulation is actual almost painful, because he's so sensitive.

Ideally, she'll talk to him and find out what he likes, or he'll guide her through it You're supposed to do that anyway during a blowjob, braces or not, so your teeth don't scrape I would imagine, if worse comes to worse, that a cut on the inside of the lips is far better than one on the penis.

There aren't rules on how to give a blowjob, or any sexual act for that matter. Not everybody's teeth scrape, and some guys like the feeling of teeth gentley scraping. Yeah, every guy I've been down on seemed to like the teeth tucked away behind the lips method they didn't complain anywayuntil I was with my husband, and he told me that he gets really hot with the gentle contact of my teeth on his cock.

It's been hard for me to get used to allowing myself to do that. It just always seemed such a hard and fast rule of giving head to a guy, and I still mostly do it that way, but I try to carefully give his cock gentle contact with my teeth as well now.

Well, true, but almost every website and every guy I've known on this complains when women don't tuck their teeth behind their lips, basically.

Can I Give A Blowjob With Braces

Teeth scraping is supposedly one of the biggest turn-offs for a blowjob. For guys who don't like it You never know when you could accidentally scrape, not meaning to.

That is soooo sweet and made me feel better in an instant. My boyfriend of three years and I are both 20, we're both old enough to be responsible and know the consequences of sex and Answer Questions Which of these two dental plans would be best for braces meaning cheaper, they both cost the same, details below.? And make sure you take out any rubber bands. Since braces are usually on the front of your teeth and since his penis usually won't touch the back teeth much, it's not a big deal.

I've never hurt a boyfriend's penis when I gave a blow job with braces, but I cut my upper lip a few times. Just take it slow! The first time I ever attempted a blowjob, I had braces.

Can I Give A Blowjob With Braces talk to him, tell him to let you know at the slightest bit of discomfort, and then you can adjust if you need to. Whether you have braces, dentures, or pristine teeth - teeth have nothing to do with oral sex. Your teeth shouldn't ever really touch the penis; just your lips and tongue! Some guys like when their partners' teeth touches their penis a little, but in my experience most do not. So, don't worry about it; your teeth shouldn't touch him at all in the first place!

You know, I both had braces and gave blow jobs in high school, and I never remember the braces being a problem. Since braces are usually on the front of your teeth and since his penis usually won't touch the back teeth much, it's not click big deal. However, if you have a spacer on the roof of your mouth, I would not recommend blow jobs.

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His penis could smack into the spacer pretty easily and end the fun for both of you. And make sure you take out any rubber bands. D and no i never hurt his penis but i cut open my lips on more than one occasion.

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