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Should I sleep with my ex?

He left me and met someone else - But she's a downgrade. | Lipstick Alley

Love is awesome. And in order to find it, you sometimes have to swallow your pride, put yourself out there, and take some scary risks. But finding love shouldn't require you to compromise your self-respect or do things that are likely to turn you into the-guy-of-your-dreams' hookup when you were actually trying to be his. 13 Oct I find that having a meaningful connection improves sex. I look back on the 'hot ex ' with a state of baffled amusement." User “optimisma.” "Yeah, people aren't objects like kitchen cabinets- you don't upgrade or downgrade. I've had a more physically attractive partner than my current partner, and I don't care. My ex put me through hell and I always felt I was never good enough in any way, shape or form. He is extremely superficial, the way he behaves you would think he would only hook up with models, so I was shocked when I recently found out he'd wifed up some chick who is just basic. Shaped like a.


Discussion in ' Jane Doe Alley ' started by incogneatoJan 1, Tapatalk is temporarily disabled. A server update is running and unfortunately, Tapatalk causes the server to crash when this particular update is running. Once the update is complete Tapatalk will be re-enabled. He source me and met someone else - But she's a downgrade.

Him not having an attractiveness-scale in no way affects you or makes you wrong for having a different opinion. She was a model, she was a striking natural beauty and she was a fitness nut, so she always looked fantastic. If you must rate women, it's a lot better to rate them on a scale of 0 to 1. I see things in her that I did not see in you that make her just as if not more beautiful then here were. But, have you ever downgraded yourself?

Jan 1, 1. Have you ever experienced this? My ex put me through hell and I always felt I was please click for source good enough in any way, shape or form.

Even though I don't have a problem meeting guys - I never felt good enough for him. And I stayed with him, even though our relationship was never 'official'. Stupid as hell I know, but at the time I didn't think I could do better, and I wasted years of my life on this man.

He is extremely superficial, the way he behaves you would think he would only hook up with models, so I was shocked when I recently found out he'd wifed up some chick who is just Shaped like a young girl, no curves whatsoever, young but very haggard in the face, bad skin, poor makeup skills.

I don't want to sound conceited I know I willbut lookswise she hasn't got shit on me at my worst. I'm certainly not claiming to be a beauty queen Yet this is his 'girlfriend', loud and proud. I'm shocked, and a little sad. I wasn't good enough She's has the same background as me, and the near enough the same social circle. I just can't help but think Jan 1, 2.

He loves you, but you wish him to show it. You better damn well believe I know how good she is, and why if any ex ever came back to me, i'd laugh in their face and push them down a flight of stairs rather than even taking the remote chance of hurting my wife. So they learn, and move on.

So basically what are you asking? Jan 1, 3. Jan 1, 4. That's something your friends say to make you feel better Jan 1, 5. Why are you butthurt over a man who treated you like shit new chic?

Maybe he treated you like crap because you allowed him too,and she doesn't. Who knows, what you should be concerned with is, why you care. Sounds like you're still dealing with the effects My Ex Is Hookup A Downgrade this horrible relationship. Focus on getting yourself mentally and emotionally together, not him and who he is with. Truth is, you should be grateful you are not her,because if you were Jan 1, 6. If My Ex Is Hookup A Downgrade such a superficial asshole then you should be glad she caught the bullet you dodged Now turn that frown upside down.

Jan 1, 7. I am not trying to click mean but you sound extra salty that he is with someone else. Looks aside even though I feel you would be extra critical of whoever he was with after you, she may have the confidence you lacked in your relationship with him. Men pick up on girls who exhibit signs of low self esteem and capitialize off it so even if she is a 6 if she walks around like a 10 it is more attractive than a 10 walking around like she is a 6.

I doubt either of them is thinking about you so do not waste energy thinking about them, if you know your are better in every way she should not even be a passing thought in your head. Jan 1, 8.

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I experienced something similar. I never allowed him to "put me through hell" or cause me to have low confidence but he was something else. Anywho, I saw him recently and he was out with some girl. All I could do was look at him, look at her, look back at him and then smirk. He had the nerve to text me telling me she was just a friend and "you know I don't deal with chicks like that".

In the end he looks stupid not u OP. Jan 1, 9. Jan 1, To the person who said I sound 'salty' We have a child together that he never sees. This girl lives 10 mins away from me and he sees her regularly, and has been lying about having a child with me.

She found out this lie through mutual friends. He called me, put the phone on loudspeaker and asked me "why am I telling lies I also found he My Ex Is Hookup A Downgrade sleeping with us both at the same time towards the end of our relationship.

She is apparently staying with him despite the lies and our mutual friends say he treats her well. I just feel sad about it, wondering what she has that I don't. It probably isn't something she has that you don't. It's something you have that she doesn't and that seems to be insecurity from your posts.

No one can "make you feel not good enough" if you KNOW you are good enough. You need to work on your self love, no shade. Sometimes it's just about how that person treats him and makes him feel and sometimes it's about fit, then other times it's about timing. It could be all of those things that more info making that union work for them. You may be as fine as you say you are, but internally is:. I wouldn't be trying to figure out what they have going.

I think you should turn your focus to yourself and finding someone who is a better fit, and figuring out how to co-parent in a way that will benefit your child.

Whoo lsa can be cold blooded sometimes lol. Listen op we've all been there ok. Bad relationships are like Hondas, you'll be in one at My Ex Is Hookup A Downgrade point in your life lol. He's with a basic chick cuz he's basic his damn self.

Anyone that has the gumption to bang you and another person at the same time clearly doesn't give a damn about you. Shit he doesn't even care about himself! Article source out date and get you some new dick.

Get over it and let the world know ur over it. And I'm not gonna sell u a dream saying he'll be trying to get back with you cuz he may very well be finished but if you move on atleast you won't care. So wait, you had a kid by a dude you weren't officially with, and now continue reading wondering why he "downgraded" to a chick YOU deem "unworthy"?

You sure you weren't just a jumpoff?

My Ex Is Hookup A Downgrade

Sounds like he didn't downgrade anything since you two weren't officially together, or maybe you think more of yourself than he does.

What else do you have after we remove your looks? What's your spirit like? Is there anything else worth mentioning? You sound as superficial as you claim he is. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You are only graced to be you. You're hurt right now, but someone else will come who won't treat you like hell and you will be good enough.

But you HAVE to be more than a cute face. I'm sorry OP, I didn't know you had a child with him. That makes it a little harder to let go. Is he paying here support?

Because he can lie about it all he wants but he can't lie away that deduction coming out of his check! The best thing for you to do is pick yourself and move on.

My Ex Is Hookup A Downgrade

I know its easier said than done but you MUST do it. It will take time but the more you concentrate on who he is with and why her and worry about what they're doing, the longer it will take to get over him. And let me tell you, once you hit that sweet spot where it doesn't hurt anymore, baby, its a beautiful feeling! It will show on your face when you see him and he will know it!

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I can't wait for you to get that peace in your life! And if you're stalking him and her online on facebook or twitter or whatever, stop it. Don't even concern yourself with them and tell your friends not to bring you news about them. Get your child support and put him out of your mind.