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Stabbings, stalkings, semen handshakes!

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Idol fans are the scum of the earth! The idol industry just encourages this mess! Countless at this point and yes, I admit that I have added fuel to this fire. Watching the girls, they are trying to live their dreams of becoming a star, also using idoldom as a way of boosting their self-esteem.

Native American Hookup Pictures Tumblr Yuzu

Their self-motivation in getting a career going for themselves is admirable. They really think that these girls are into them on some level, these girls that are often young enough to be their daughters.

But why are these men even going after girls this young? One of my favorite people in the documentary, because I agreed with her so much, was journalist Minori Kitahara.

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They think they should be loved and accepted without making any effort. This society will stop at nothing to protect male fantasies and provide comfort for men. In the documentary, Hyadain talked about how male idol fans often feel powerless in real life, but at an idol concert, they feel as if they are fighting alongside the girls against The Establishment. The mother of 10 year old Yuzu of Amore Carina said that she was suprised at first when she heard the deep voices of old men screaming in support of her daughter.

Continuing with the underage theme, there was a bit of what I feel was editing dishonesty in the Amore Carina segment.

Granite spires rise up to feet above the mixed aspen, fir and pinon pine forest. Look at Sashihara Rino. There are few in music show performances. A very beautiful image of these smiley blackfoot.

People were looking for something new. London got the Sex Pistols, while Tokyo got idol culture. Native American Hookup Pictures Tumblr Yuzu said that that the line between the mainstream and otaku culture is blurring. Part of this is due to the rise in sales of idol groups over the past few years due to gimmicks like handshake tickets, which is something he touched on when he mentioned that idol fans often buy too many CDs, unlike normal people. The more childish the conversation, the better.

They feel safe and can let their guard down. They can feel pure and free again. Idols have that healing effect. Rio is asked if she wants a boyfriend. I looked behind me and saw all these faces. They looked happy and desperate at the same time.

It was so moving. Unmarried and alone in the truest sense. To further show how strong the AKB48 brand name is over the name of the actual girls, look at how many of them have flopped after leaving the group. How many real female stars in Japanese music are as high as they are because of the male gaze? One more info weird thing is that Koji, upon announcing that Rio had signed a major label record deal, also announced that she was no longer an idol, but now an artist.

Umm, how does that work? But the bigger question I have is why is there this smear campaign by the media worldwide against Japanese pop culture? This narrative has been going on for years at this point, this narrative that Japan is a mixture of the cute and the crazy.

Anyone who watches a show like the one I just posted earlier tonight, TV Tokyo Music Festivalcan see how ordinary Japanese pop culture really is. But then again, South Korea left no real impression on people pre-Hallyu and was often confused with North Korea. South Korea was basically a blank slate. But why not focus on something else, besides this meme? Because it takes work, and the media is largely lazy at this point. Why not do a documentary on strong, relevant female figures in Japanese pop culture today, instead of just filming irrelevants because it garners views?

The most relevant point i believe, is to distinguish what the wota are, and what the occidental view wants them to be. On the other hand, we have to accept our part of darkness. About read article idol fans… International fans always talk about how there are so many in Japan, but I never see that many in any capacity.

There were few in this video. There are few in concert videos. There are few in music show performances. In general, there are few that are seen.

Native American Hookup Pictures Tumblr Yuzu

Why is there this overpushing of female fans in Japan by international fans who are mainly female when there are very few examples that they exist? Female fans exist but the reality is a lot of them are uncomfortable at these events because of male fans. But while they exist I think the fact that a lot of international fans are deluding themselves if they think female fans make up the majority or even a huge part of these fanbases.

In Kpop, girl groups are still very much reliant on the support of young female fans, but in Japan, most of these idols do ultimately depend on male fans for their success. I Native American Hookup Pictures Tumblr Yuzu it depends a lot on the group — Momoiro Clover Z, for example, has a lot of female fans and their concerts tend to have a lot more diversity in its fanbase.

Keyakizaka46 is incredibly mainstream and has a lot of female fans, AKB48 has a ton of female fans,etc. Indie groups or performers tend to still be mostly male. Individual idols have big female fanbases Mai Shiraishi; Kojima Haruna, etc but the groups in general — and most female idols — are popular with old man. Look at Sashihara Rino. Should she not be burned at the cross, instead she just won an election for the third time in a row basically proving she has the most fans out of any female idol.

Some groups are starting to actively say they have no dating ban and no one really cares. Yeah, when Fujimoto Miki got caught with her boyfriend her fans got mad at the tabloid for breaking the story rather than at her for having a boyfriend. Matsuura Aya had a boyfriend all through her Hello! A lot of it was her being strict on herself as a role model but AKB should have stopped it, especially since other AKB members had scandals around the time and no one cared at all.

There was no proof of Goto and Yamapi though and Nacchi got the golden treatment for sure. Rika was dating Miyake Ken when she was center for The Peace but although 2ch was angry there was no proof.

What made you first want to explore the subject? Growing up in Japan as a girl was a confusing experience for me. So I decided not to return. A few years ago, when I became aware of the phenomenon called idols during my visits back home, it felt like it had something to do with what made me uncomfortable about being a woman Native American Hookup Pictures Tumblr Yuzu Japan and I wanted to explore it.

What were you most surprised to learn in the Hookup A Loser With No Job of production? Initially, our idea was to follow a few aspiring idol singers.

I also thought that I could sympathise and identify more easily with the girls as I was once a girl in Japan. I had all sorts of preconceptions about middle-aged men who fantasize about teenage girls. The film ended up becoming as much about their fans — the men who have become increasingly disconnected from women of their age and shy away from real relationships.

Making this film really forced me to look at our generation and what we have gone through in post-bubble Japan. What was the most difficult part of the story to tell? To find the balance between the inside and outside perspectives.

We wanted please click for source have a critical look without judging negatively from a western point of view. It was surprising for us how quickly our initial sense of creepiness went away. After a few concerts, a sense of normalcy kicked in.

Idol scenes are not seedy and we never saw a drunken person even though the venues often sold alcohol. The physical distance helped us to restore our psychological distance and to keep remembering how uncomfortable we felt at the beginning while constantly asking ourselves how much we can accept while retaining our critical perspective?

This balancing act was perhaps the trickiest part. What have been the differences in reception to the film in countries it has now travelled to?

What has been very encouraging for me was to meet many young female audience who came to tell me after the screenings that they saw parallels between the film and their own experience, and really appreciated the story. Did source have a social media strategy?

Has there been a positive response on social media to the film? Any updates on contributors since click finished? Rio is still performing. A bit off topic: First question that came to my mind after reading this article: Why are Japanese men so afraid of Japanese women of their age?? Younger girls are easy targets. They can be tamed, have little life experiences or confidence and are unlikely to speak up.

Also not certain that Tokyo has been economically in the state of decay London reached back in the seventies. Native American Hookup Pictures Tumblr Yuzu love that there is an idol scene, band boom acts, visual kei bands, urban-inspired etc acts all exist. I guess it starts with all of us to show the world a different side of Japan.

Say a skilled writer in AramaJapan regularly does pieces for artists in Guardian, the lineofbest fit or Noisey coz there is so much good stuff released in Japan.

And a SNH member dated a rich female fan. Concerts revenues and physical sales are where money is at and idols are unbeatable. Of course idols will initially be marketed at core idol fans. The multi-storied adobe buildings of the Taos Pueblo near Taos, New Mexico, have been continually inhabited for over 1, years. The strange thing about this comment by Nakamori is that the idol culture is nothing new.

Oh man, i hope these fans fix those issues that they could be facing- man idk what to say about that. The strange thing about this comment by Nakamori is that the idol culture is nothing new.

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So acting like this is a new phenomenon is completely false. Yeah, I mentioned the most influential ones but there have been TONS of idols since the 70s at various levels of popularity.