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I recently ran into a problem connecting my Instagram app on my iPhone 5 to Facebook, and neither Instagram's or Facebook's help pages were as helpful as they claim to be. If you're lucky, it will be as simple as that.

But if you're like me, you'll never even see Instagram in the options. As the help page on Instagram suggested, I deleted both Facebook and Instagram, then reinstalled, but it still would not work. Facebook offered no help on the matter.

It could have just been a temporary glitch, but no matter what I read article, I kept getting the message to enable Instagram in the Facebook privacy settings on my iPhone, where Instagram never appeared.

So, if you've been having that problem too, this is what finally solved it for me. The trick is getting on your computer and going to the Instagram app page on Facebook, which you can get to directly from this link.

Make sure you're logged into your Facebook account before doing this, on both the online and Take Me Back To My Facebook Page version. You will not be able to do this in Safari on your iPhone, because clicking on the Instagram app on mobile Facebook there will merely send you to the Instagram app already installed on your iPhone or to the one in the App Store.

So, make sure you are doing this on your computer.

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Once on the Instagram app page on your computer, click on Send to Mobile to "send" the app to your iPhone. Since you're already logged into the Facebook app on your iPhone, this will simply send out a notification to you.

Once you get the notification on your iPhone, click on it. If you missed the popup, you can always find it in the notifications bar, too. Then, click on that notification and you should be golden. It will open up the Instagram app on your iPhone and finally let you share your photos.

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To verify, you can go back to the Facebook Privacy settings and see that Instagram is now turned on and not missing entirely. Pretty simple, despite this not being noted anywhere online. You'd think that since Facebook link Instagram, that something like this wouldn't happen. Maybe it just happened to be down temporarily while I was initially attempting this, but just in case it's happening to you, this will hopefully get you connected.

Please try again later. This is what i got after clicking on the "send to mobile" button on the instagrasm app page. I just got a iPhone 4S and cannot link Facebook to Instagram. This option is not being offered any suggestions? Gerry, hopefully this process would have worked for linking your Facebook to Instagram. If not, I'm not sure what to tell you.

If it did, sharing to Facebook is Take Me Back To My Facebook Page easy on Instagram from the iOS app. When you take a picture using Instagram, after you get past the filter screen, you should see the options to select Facebook, so it shares to both Instagram and Facebook. You can share pictures you've already taken by selecting your picture in Instagram, then clicking on the ellipsis button, and hitting "Share Photo".

This will bring you to the share menu. Make sure Facebook is highlighted and hit the green "Share" button in the top right. I get this too - I am really starting to get frustrated with the whole thing!

The worst part is that it WAS connected to one of my old facebook account on my phone, it is just switching it to THIS fb account that is giving me this issue. go here

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I'm glad this solution is working out for most of you! For those of you it isn't working on Or, maybe it just doesn't work for everyone.

It's pretty lame that we have to go through a process like this anyway to link accounts! I have been doing everything I could think of to fix this issue and what you listed is the ONLY thing that worked! I have deleted and re added my facebook app and the facebook account in my phone a million times and I still cant get facebook to ask for privacy permission. Even when i have reinstalled my account once you log in and it shows the apps that have access to your account, mine only lists calendar and contacts but does not actually list facebook.

My settings keep popping up and asking me to enter my facebook password because there was a problem accessing my account and no just click for source how many times i enter the correct password it still doesnt work. First, maybe go to Settings on your iPhone and just scroll down until you see the Facebook app usually right beside Twitter.

Click on that and you'll see the account that you're logged in with on the iPhone. If you're not logged into Facebook, try to do so from there. If you are logged in, you should also see the apps that use your account, including the Facebook app.

It's lite, fast and download videos. Have try this but still won't work. This could clear all of your privacy settings, which might make things easier, except be warned Nice understanding of the lingo that has been mentioned in the article.

Make sure it's turned on and Instagram if it's there. Then proceed with the instructions above if it didn't already take care of the problem. This could clear all of your privacy settings, which might make things easier, except be warned Then, try to go from there. I had tried all instruction given but it didn't work for me until I find your solution! Thanks for the additional help! I tried it, and unfortunately it still didn't work.

I will keep on searching for a solution and when I figure out what went wrong I will let you guys know! Justin, I can't thank you enough for the help The advices from the article also didn't help me and then I saw this picture you posted and went to check this web page settings and the reason I couldn't post from instagram to Fb is because a few days ago I changed the password to Fb and so, Instagram couldn't connect until I resolved the issue in Take Me Back To My Facebook Page settings Thanks for this info Justin!

But can you help me when the same problem happened for my iPad mini iOs 6? I'm logged in, did all the steps. I even deledted facebook from the ios facebook privacy.

Take Me Back To My Facebook Page

Well, OK, this works on allowing instagram to pose on facebook account but when i click share on facebook it says "sharing succeeeded" but the photos does'nt appear on my facebook page. I'm back to square 1 man. Didn't quite know what to do, until you via this article came to my rescue. Worked like a charm.

Take Me Back To My Facebook Page

There was an additional step that I needed to do, though, before Instagram appeared in my Privacy settings under Facebook:. I know all of us tried this learn more here first time around, but it was only after following Justin's method that I had success with this.

Perhaps this will help everyone who still cannot see the Instagram option when they go to the Privacy Settings for Facebook. You are the only person who has been able to help me get my sharing of Instagram back on Facebook. Thank you so much! I should have looked here before spending all my time uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. Finally a bit of advice on the internet that isn't written by a complete spastic. If there was an awards event for internet advice, you would get my vote.

Thank you so much. I think I echo the comments written a link times before - it worked for me. Although the instagram option didn't under facebook privacy settings, Take Me Back To My Facebook Page app connected and that is all I was after.

What should I do? OMG Thank you soooo much. I've been an android user forever, and recently got a free upgrade to an iphone 4 and I hate it so much. But thanks to you I finally got my Instagram and FB linked. Thank you very much, I was pulling out my hair. It also works for my iPad as well as my iPhone 4S. Great answer to this problem. I was driving myself crazy, wondering why it wouldn't work!

Great tips and lots of help for me. So far, so good. This happens several times. Combine that with the app listening in on conversations and targeting ads based on those conversations, and this is a good app to stay away from.

But now, because of your post, it works! Was deleting IG from FB cause friend got annoyed seeing my 'likes' running out. Have try this but still won't work. For everyone this didn't visit web page for - after trying nearly everything and almost smashing my iPhone - I have found the solution!

The only thing I don't understand now is how I'm able to open my facebook mobile app when I just deleted the account from my phone! I have tried everything hundred times in different variations! It was driving me crazy!!!! Thanks you so, so, much - It was so frustrating and there was no where on line on how to do it. Yay Georgia, what a relief I prefer to post pictures to tell my friends what's happening in my life.

I nearly went spare trying to figure this out. Thank you so much for eliminating the frustration!! I'm so happy to be able to share again. I've tried removing both apps and re-installing, no luck, tried all methods above, no luck, worked fine on my 4S but upgraded to the Take Me Back To My Facebook Page and now it doesn't work, very frustrating!!! Sorry to hear that Dawn.

If you end up figuring it out, let us know what fixed it for you, in case someone else runs into the same problem.