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A Time Destiny Long Matchmaking Taking

Destiny! How Could Raid Matchmaking Work?


12 Mar I believe Blizzard's mmr matchmaking in unranked may be a bit too stringent. Because of it I struggle to get more than 2 games in an hour. I spend around minutes on the initial search, join a game, but if anybody leaves there's a high chance the match will be. 18 May Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan checked in with Wired recently and took part in the site's tech support via Twitter video series. The results, embedded above, have something for every kind of Overwatch fan. The questions range from serious to whimsical, and Kaplan's answers are pretty entertaining so we. 12 02 - To find streamers for Destiny, see our Community Streamer Page Matchmaking takes a very long time and it gives imbalanced games (3vs6. Destiny Matchmaking taking too long. I love how they break teams up and rebalance for better competition and all those features are fine. Same here. Maybe it is.

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A Wax Yogi Bear. I'd go in there and carry two seekers, no big deal, but the game won't let me. I've been on bnet.

An exclusion filter allows a flair to be hidden from your browsing experience. Who finally got a PS4? Discussion Guided game wait times will only get worse Keep in mind this isn't an LFG or regular matchmaking. It requires a clan fireteam of 3 or more.

Here has been pitched to us as a means to guide new players, not match make. Hence the guide tickets. My clan did one last night and had a good time helping a player out. He had waited about 30 minutes and had a previous Destiny Matchmaking Taking A Long Time that failed miserably and quickly disbanded. We finished the raid but I don't see those wait times improving without incentives for the guides.

Tokens or additional drop on completion would greatly reduce wait times and increase interest in guided games. I completely agree that the rewards are not great enough for guided games. It is much quicker to just use a 3rd party site to LFG for either role. The counter argument for increasing rewards would be abuse. I hope there are some changes. I have tried both being a guide and a seeker.

I gave up every time being a seeker because the wait is simply too long. Can a guide be a guide more than once with only one ticket?

If not that's a huge problem, cause there are visit web page more seekers than guides. I tried to be a seeker once, gave up it took too long. Thought I'd help some guides get through content by being a seeker. I did the guide thing once, it was for a nightfall, the seeker didn't have a mic or respond to messages. We completed it easily with plenty of time left.

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He was clearly just using it as matchmaking to get his nightfall done. I would do it more if I didn't have to have a fireteam to be a guide with I'd go in there and carry two seekers, no big deal, but the game won't let me. And really, I mostly did it to try it, and to get the emblem for doing it the first time. Now that I get zero reward next time I do it, I don't know if I'll bother again. Unfortunately guided games is somehow way worse than just matchmaking.

There's no check to ensure people have mics, there's no check to make them have the recommended light recommended light numbers are way too generous and not conservative enough in-game.

There's a long wait time for seekers and lots of needless complexity with tickets and ratings I will use it a lot later. Right now I have lots of people online to run activities with and I run extras with them when they need it. But in a few weeks I'll be working nights and won't be able to play with my normal group, plus the content will be old Destiny Matchmaking Taking A Long Time nobody will be online to play with anyway, so at that time I'll probably use my seeker tickets to play the game.

I hate LFG and having to have a computer to play a game on my console. I'll just load up my seeker tickets and put on some low-light gear and pretend like I don't know how to do the raid and let them explain it and say "I think I understand how to do it, let's try it". And if it takes 30 mins to matchmake me that's fine, still better than LFG, I'll go do dishes or something while I wait.

Our clan will use the system more as people start to drop off over the next few weeks. We've got no trouble filling a raid or nightfall at present, so we've not even touched it. If, when we do use it, it's quicker and easier than pulling up LFG, that's what will keep us using it.

Any incentives will just be a boon. Simple as that really. I agree, but Destiny Matchmaking Taking A Long Time that case it is being used like an LFG. Then it might as well remove the guide and seeker and the size limits.

Destiny Matchmaking Taking A Long Time

Though I think random matchmaking would still be disastrous and people would use an external LFG where they can filter through players. I guess the main plus is it being in the game and providing just enough hurdles to deter time-wasters. I don't expect it to be something that's perfect right out of the gate - it'll be interesting to see how it evolves as they see how people actually use it vs.

Sad the PS4 doesn't offer something similar. Guided games should be something different in my opinion.

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Oh, yeah, I'm not saying Guided Games shouldn't be a thing. Once we're comfortable with the raid we generally opt for helping out newbies if we need another so we'll definitely give it a shot. I'm not saying the incentives shouldn't be there, just Destiny Matchmaking Taking A Long Time for me and the guys I play with at least, they won't be the deciding factor.

Purely a subjective 2 cents, not an absolute by any means. But we can both agree adding a small incentive would help with queue times and keep guides coming back. I will do more but the queue times for seekers seem to be awful.

I haven't been a seeker though so no first hand experience there. It is more like a sherpa raid. People are waiting for almost an hour for someone to help them with the raid. As I clarified a bit further down: Where we source those noobs from will be just down to whichever's easiest, regardless of rewards.

That's just us though. Sorry for being toxic.

I put the code in, also beat the story and hit lvl Keep me logged in on this device. Well I think as you see more people getting through the raids quicker and people feeling confident in there abilities you will see more groups trying to participate. Hasn't it been year's? Blizzard wanted to cater to all audiences right?

It is just so sad to see people going into a 45 minute queue and then having their fireteam disbanded because people the "guiders" were expecting an lfg raid and not a sherpa raid Well I think as you see more people getting through the raids quicker and people feeling confident in there abilities you will see more groups trying to participate. It serves as a good in game way to find one or two people if you are short on people and don't feel like going through the hassel of LFG sites.

But as an LFG it isn't good.

Bungie on why it takes so long to fix Destiny 2 •

You can't specify whether you are looking for a particular class, or wanting to beat a particular part of raid. Those features don't make sense on a guided game though since you are expecting to help someone.

It's this in between thing. I get what your saying and your right but what I mean is a lot of times groups just looking for 1 or 2 more people and don't really care about skill level and as more people get comfortable with the raid I please click for source see a lot of them saying lets just do guided games to find the last guy.

What if they just add another clan objective to guide people through? That'd be an extra engram on top of the one you get for doing it normally. Currently a seeker looking for help in the raid been waiting for a solid 45 mins in game at a certain point this is just ridiculous. There is just not incentive. I hear of guide groups who are terrible a lot, just people using it to lazy match make. I ended up waiting over an hour but luckily got an awesome group who were really helpfull but I definitely think I'll use another method to find a group to help me next time.

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Destiny Matchmaking Taking A Long Time

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