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Best Female Country Singers: Women Country Songs - Music Playlist Updated Weekly 2018

The Greatest of All-Time Top Country Artists, Songs and Albums rankings are based on weekly performance on Hot Country Songs (from its Oct. 20, inception through June 4, ) and Top Country Albums (from its Jan. 11, inception through June 4, ). Titles are ranked based on an inverse point system. 1 Jun What makes a great country song? It tells a story. It draws a line. It has a twang you can feel down to the soles of your feet. Some get mad, some get weepy, some just get you down the road. But these are essential songs that map out the story of country music, from Hank Williams howling at the moon to. Calssic Country Top Songs of All Time. Classic Country The Greatest Country Music of the Past 50 Years. From WEST POINT COMMUNITY RADIO. TOP CLASSIC COUNTRY SONGS OF ALL TIME. "Bop" " Old Enough To Know Better" - Wade Hayes "Single White Female" - Chely Wright.

It's not always easy being a woman in the music business, but these women have done a great job at putting themselves out there with their art and their best work. Though the women on this list may come from different sub genres, like country popor from different decades, one thing's for sure: They reach out to ears across the world who love their music.

Top Female Country Songs Of All Time

Which song performed by a woman is the best? Vote up the best female country songs below, or add one you think is the best if it isn't already on the list. Joelene Classic Dolly Parton song in which a woman begs another to stop having an affiar with her husband.

Greatest Female Country Songs Of All Time - Best Classic Country Music By Female Singers - Hookups Free!

Crazy Patsy Cline's lonseome and iconic voice helped this tune become a classic. Coat of Many Colors Dolly Parton - This song was an emotional hit for Dolly, telling the tale of her childhood as a poor young girl.

Top Female Country Songs Of All Time

Fancy Reba McEntire song about a girl who grows up in poverty, only to make something of herlself. I Feel Like a Woman! Shania Twain - Shania Twain was at the forefront of the country mainstream explosion of the s with this tune.

Another rockin female empowerment song from Shania Twain.

Love, Me Collin Raye. Carrie Underwood released Undo It in and the song instantly became a fan favorite. Patty Loveless released the single Chains in and it became a 1 hit.

You're Still the One Shania Twain - A Shania crossover hit that appealed more to both mainstream and country audiences with its country roots and romantic notions. Trioxin added Strawberry Wine Deana Carter. This Kiss This peppy, fun loving song was a huge hit for Hill.

This Kiss This peppy, fun loving song was a huge hit for Hill. The passionate song tells the story of a couple finding love in Memphis. Finally at the end of the song she makes her proclamation that she needs a little recognition and something for herself. Loveless puts a great lyric on the latter part of the chorus allowing fans of all ages to have fun singing along.

Breathe Faith Hill leans also exploded onto the scene in the s carving out a large chunk of the country scene for herself with Breathe and other hits.

Kerosene This rocking revenge country hit from Miranda Lambert established her as a huge name in country.

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Love Story This poppy Country hit for Swift was her ticket to mainstream success. Two More Bottles of Wine Emmylou Harris hit about a soured relationship and drowning those sorrows in the only thing left - two more bottles of wine.

Wild One Early Faith Hill hit about a young adventurous girl. Cry ThisHill song is a striking ballad with that was another hit for the country star.

Did I Shave My Legs for This A country hit about a doting woman who gets all dressed up and is unappreciated by her man.

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