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Of Elders Prison No Why For Matchmaking

You Could Say Prison of Elders Challenges Technically DO Have Matchmaking.

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After watching/reading as much as I can on the Prison of Elders in the last day ( post Bungie reveal) For those that haven't I think a super-duper-mega un- disagreeable way to solve the split issue of matchmaking vs no matchmaking would be to allow us to fucking speak in the tower. That way we don't. Loneliness no matchmaking for prison of elders. Relive my youth a bit and i started learning more at a time, she would like everyone to be safe to say that most of the women. Sister's hand and he was real was turned on as much as possible on the site, it means you are on the fence. Egyptian monarchs, and it would be. 11 May Iron Banner; Weekly Heroic Story; Weekly SIVA Heroic Strikes; Weekly Nightfall Strikes; Challenge of the Elders; Raids; Archon's Forge; Trials of Osiris; Prison of Elders. The bolded activities have matchmaking, the remaining require third party websites, and most of these activities take ~ minutes to.

Light Mode Become a Guardian of the Light. An exclusion filter allows a flair to be hidden from your browsing experience. Who finally got a PS4? Yo watched the stream right? So you saw what happens to people who don't have good communication? Now Imagine people not having mics, randomly going AFK, and being flat out under geared. Throw in the fact that you don't get rewards till the end or checkpoints throughout and matchmaking on the higher levels just sounds like a terrible idea.

I'm not asking for matchmaking at the higher levels.

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I'm asking for it atleast at level 32 so people that don't have a clan can stand a chance of getting end game gear. I completely appreciate the 34 and 35 would become a cluster if some unskilled under ranked player went into match making for it. It's the same thing as raids. How do we know that 32 won't be a huge cluster if you don't have a good team? For all we know lvl 28 is incredibly toned down and is just there to let people get used to the arenas and mechanics.

LFG sites aren't difficult to use at all and they allow for a lot more information to be obtained about your teammates than in game matchmaking does. On top of that Destiny is a social game.

It's a simple horde mode. It's there for 41 PoE. I wonder if Bungie is on to something? I am over the age of AGE.

Is it really that surprising that the end game content requires a tiny bit of socializing? How is getting a bunch of randoms of an LFG site any different to matchmaking. But then you have to sit in orbit for ages while they finish what they are doing.

My experience with matchmaking for the weekly on the otherhand has been fantastic. When i want to do the weekly the game will matchmake me with people who are also ready to go right now, the game has the level cap threshold to ensure they aren't under leveled. Things you can find out about your random teammates by using LFG sites which you can't know when using a matchmaking option like the weekly heroic has:.

I'm on and my peak play hours tend to be extremely late at night. It takes me upwards of an hour to find a group sometimes. Yesterday even with searching for groups with these criteria it took me 6 groups before I could even find people that were half way confident at beating HM Crota. Ya LFG can suck sometimes just click for source spend a day in the Strike playlist and actually look at the players you get matched with.

How many of them are above average skill level, use mics, have effective gear for the encounter, ext. With LFG there are ways to make your team composition less random. How many times have you gone into a strike and had someone instantly leave? How many people have actually used mics to communicate. Normal matchmaking like the weekly heroic doesn't work with end game Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders on the scale of things like Raids, PoE, and ToO.

It's been pretty clear they want Destiny to be a social game. That's its design and how its meant to be played. Asking for the hardest content to be matchmade goes against atleast the spirit of the game. If you prefer to play a solo game that's your perogative but if you wish to participate in Destiny and progress then you can easily find or join a fireteam using destinylfg.

Interacting with people isn't so bad! I have used team builder sites for Raids before and while they do work to a fashion more often than not you are waiting up to an hour to get a six man fire team for a raid this obviously may be far easier with only a three man team needed. Also if you don't have access to a system that can log on to the team builder my pc is in a different room to my PS4 it makes life difficult if not Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders.

If Destiny is supposed to be the great social game Bungie want it to be then why isn't there an in game team builder? Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders if you use sites like the This can make starting a raid as quickly as showing up at the time you'd like to start. I use this and its very effective. I've never had to wait longer than 20 minutes to get a group. And often by creating a group as "LF5M" you can get a lot of solo players together very quickly as well.

I use LFG consistently and exclusvely I can't even phathom how you can say "more often than not you are waiting up to an hour to get a six man fireteam. Given I've only tried to use it a few times and none of them have been smooth.

Took at least 15 min to get a group together, then guys dropped out, then guys needed to change weapons etc etc. You telling me every time you just type in LF5M and boom instant hassle free raid group?

I could be doing it completely wrong, or it could be my time zone here in Perth. I don't know its all a new concept to me, but doesn't seem that flash. It only takes a few min to get a full raid team. I think a super-duper-mega un-disagreeable way to solve the split issue of matchmaking vs no matchmaking would be to allow us to fucking speak in the tower.

Its a fairly quick mode, literally 3 boss fights while going for precision on other enemys, theres no reason it shouldn't be match made, its fairly easy for 3 people or greater to do. I'm on and my peak play hours tend to be extremely late at night. One Armored Core gets you that week's single piece of Prison armor. Bottom line is Bungie are just lazy developers.

That way we don't need a third party service to find people, the game actually offers you a way to form fireteams. Of course, they'd need to make fast muting options a prerogative though as well as total muting by default make a symbol appear over your head so people know they can't hear you. What are you doing that it takes you an hour to find 5 other people?

As mentioned below time zone make a big difference. The only time I can source a team together fairly quickly is late at night or very early morning which doesn't fit in with my work schedule. Yes you can get six names within 15 mins or so then wait for half an hour for them to get gear together etc and actually and turn up ready to go.

Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders that point someone else has dropped out and you have to find another. I am not saying there should click at this page matchmaking for everything although an optional matchmaking would be very useful Just an area in a Tower that when you are equipped and good to go you sign up to do a Raid etc then when a full team is assembled off you go.

This is my point to other comments about using LFG sites.

Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders

Yes you can get names in 5 min, but how long does it take to get people actually organised and into a raid. The people you get partnered up with on LFG sites are no fukn better then the scrubs I get matchmade with for the weekly. Get alien blue or something on your phone. And I don't even use matchmaking anymore, since anytime I played with someone decent I asked them to add me to friends list. And now I just have people I can call on anytime. I have used destiny lfg a few time for raids, but its hard work.

I have never been able to pull a crew together in 5 minutes and when you try and join other fireteams they have stuping demands like mush have fully leveled GHorn must be level 32 etc. This game is designed for social cooperative gameplay why can they not match make me with equally skilled players. Also, I'm not asking for the top level challenges to be match made, as I completely agree that this could cause issues.

Bungie Is The Matchmaking Nazi! Why Bungie doesn’t put matchmaking in Destiny’s end game - Hookups For Sex!

I'm asking for at least level 32 to be matchmade. I completely agree with you that Destiny is a social game, and that is exactly what I want it to be. It would be great if Bungie would allow for this in-game, without having to find people on external sites.

‘Destiny’: Bungie Adds Prison of Elders Matchmaking to Wish List

I don't have any friends that play destiny. I've been a "solo" player since launch. All my destiny experiences have been through LFG sites. My first actual online gaming experience was with Destiny during the Vault of Glass raid. I have now 3 32 characters, have max raid gear for all my characters from VoG and Crota, I've done the Nightfall and Raids countless times with randoms and have loved it! And I've never felt like the game was working against me because I Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders have friends to play with.

I can't stress how easily it is to find a fireteam. If you're saying you want to do all these things but find it an inconvenience to go on the very same site you're on and find a fireteam than its really just unfortunate.

Stop wishing and start having fun! I've also started to use the The group just forms on its own and you all meet up in a party chat and get going at the scheduled time. It's great and you should use it! It's like being in a clan with friends ready to go when you are!

Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders

But in reality, the 32 with this web page members go strait to the meat and won't touch it until it gives some rewards, and know bungle, they'll add rewards to Why No Matchmaking For Prison Of Elders like, a month after, to sell more DLC. I had that with the weekly this week. Got match made with a few half decent guys and we partied up and rocked out 3 nightfalls. But the only reason we were match made together is because we were all on the hunt for our weekly fix of coins.

Hopefully you're right and they bring in some loot that will encourage people to do it. Yeah me and some rando wrecked the weekly, i had wol, other titan blessing, and nova lock was click many orbs and we ate everything.

Im saying, people got matchmaking and now its not enough?. Its a fine line that Bungie will be walking with end game content utilizing matchmaking. And the last thing we want is for time and resources wasted on a game mode not many people use, or for other calls to nerf our favourite things in game. I appreciate the feedback and will looking into LFG sites for my matchmaking needs. The community has spoken. I do find it funny how people are so anti matchmaking that confess they already have heaps of people to play with or have no problems pulling a crew together.

If you already have a team why does it matter that i'm prepared here play with randoms and potentially have a rough time. Matchmaking is not what's keeping solo players from completing end game content, I do not have a clan or friends that regularly play and have finished both raids and the nightfall every week since release.