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10 Jan Figuring out what is going on in a guy's mind in the first few weeks of dating would really help a woman feel more assured, knowing that she is in control of the situation. A week in advance, or possibly a month, is usually as far as we are willing to commit after a few weeks or even months of dating. But just. You don't win this war by waiting him out and hoping he falls for you after four months or six months or one year of casual sex. You win this one by assessing his efforts and concluding that you're wasting your time. There's a huge difference between giving a guy six weeks to choose you over the other women he's dating . 15 Apr I have been dating a guy for about a month. He is very nice. I have only ever been in 1 relationship before and that went for 10 years. This dating.

How do I know if the guy I'm dating is actually interested in something serious? July 26, I met this guy through a mutual acquaintance, and we've been dating for a few weeks. There's a lot of physical attraction. We've had sex, and the sex was great. I have a tendecy to get really physically intimate with people I'm dating if I feel attracted to them really quickly because I think I try to substitute physical intimacy for emotional intimacy, which is something I struggle with.

For this reason, I sometimes end up in these casual sex relationships. I'm okay with casual sex relationships as long as we both know where we stand and I don't develop feelings for the other person.

My problem right now is link I've been dating this guy for about a month now, and if you look at our relationship, it kind of looks like a casual sex relationship.

We really don't see each other that often, and the relationship isn't really moving here.

Dating A Guy For A Month

Granted, I haven't dated for a while, and I guess I just don't remember how fast things normally move. In an attempt to be emotionally vulnerable with him I'm trying to work on my problemsI discussed my concerns with him.

He assured me that this isn't just about click and that he's not that kind of guy. But I guess I'm just not sure if I believe him.

I believed him when he was telling me all of this, but the more I thought about it read article on, the more I doubted it Sometimes he'd say these things that are really sweet, to the point where it's almost impossible to believe that he's being sincere.

Dating A Guy For A Month sometimes I also feel like he's not backing up his words with action. It kind of bothers me that things aren't moving forward, that we're not spending more time together. He says that he's busy, but whenever I hear someone say that, it's like, yeah, I've heard that a thousand times before.

The way I look at it is that almost no one's so busy that they can't find time if they really wanted to. I guess I just don't know if things are moving at a normal pace and I'm just being paranoid, insecure, and impatient, or if he's playing me and I'm just not seeing it because I don't want to. We only see each other about once a week. Maybe I'm just overthinking this?

Spiral — what happened to you used to be my biggest fear. Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! Every guy wants to date a nice girl. How to impress a guy in 13 oh-so-awesome ways!

What I'm looking for is a real connection, something more substantial than casual sex. And I obviously have feelings for him otherwise I wouldn't care. What should things look like after a month of dating? For me, one of the big steps from "dating" to "in a relationship" has to do with the amount of time that you spend together that's not necessarily doing things together.

Like, if he can't go out with you because he's busy working, say, "Okay, how about I just come over with my laptop and not bother you? Ask him what days he is available to do something.

Make plans on that day to do something with him but make the type of plans where it article source pretty obvious you won't be having sex before or after.

See if he agrees. You've already asked him and he said it's not just about sex though. Maybe he is just really busy. You don't seem to know what you're looking for anyway so why don't you just see how it plays out naturally? Why don't you propose doing something with him that entails doing something together, outside of the house, and not involving sex? Go for a walk, hike, bike ride, have lunch - like, a real date? See how he reacts?

I am by no means an expert, but I would think that if he liked you he'd jump at this. Yes, you're being impatient.

Dating A Guy For A Month

Relax, enjoy the intimacy you bring to the relationship, and let his intimacy grow at his pace. If you try to force his it will backfire on you. Unfortunately the sex started too soon, and now you're in a conundrum. If you're not okay with the casual sex relationship this has turned into, end it.

If he's really into you'll know it and he'll pursue you.

Want more?

My feeling is he's very much enjoying you as a sex partner but isn't really wanting more. You're putting motivations in his head based on your own values and perceptions click to see more what's normal or good in a relationship.

His values might be completely different and thus your reading of his motives might be way off. He could be totally into you but genuinely very busy with firm commitments, or he could be particular about preserving his independence in relationships, or he could be worried about going too fast If you want to be spending more time with him, take the initiative in calling him and scheduling more frequent dates.

Listen carefully to Dating A Guy For A Month responses. If you get a series of brush-offs and excuses then you have a clearer signal. Though take care Dating A Guy For A Month note the difference between "really want to but can't" and "sorry I'm busy".

If you see each other once a week, and you've only been dating a few weeks, then it seems you've only hung out a few times. Here's what I hear: I say trust your gut! You are doing a great job of trying to break old patterns I think given that you are looking for a real connection, you became sexual prematurely. As difficult as it will be, your best bet is to take a step back and have a non-sexual relationship, until you feel secure in some level of mutual connection and feelings.

Easier said than done of course, always!

Not sure what to think. After a month of dating Give a new guy the chance to prove himself.

Calm down, sit back, let it play out as it will. There's no need to rush things. You need more Dating A Guy For A Month and the way to get that information is to continue dating this guy. Getting together once a week is not unreasonable for a very new relationship. Also, you can leave at any time. If you continue this pattern for another month and then find out for real, not speculation that he wants nothing more, you can leave at that time. It's not like you'll be trapped forever.

He source different from you. His motivations are not your motivations. His schedule is not your schedule. Don't make up stories in your head to explain his behavior.

I'm on the other side of this right now. The person I'm dating wants moremoremore and while I am into seeing where this goes, the neediness is a turn-off. Or he won't, for any number of reasons. Ending a relationship when your goal is something other than ending it is the kind of behavior people refer to as "playing games. Here's a data point from someone else's POV - once a week isn't the same as "not that often.

Again, this is all about you. He's said sweet things you don't believe them.

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See more told you it's not just sex you don't believe him. You have interpreted "I'm busy" to mean "I don't care about you. What I can see from this question is that you are having some distorted thinking about this situation and you seem very guilty about the sex.

You could very well be reacting to some actions that were not explained fully here - so there's no way to tell exactly what is happening. Consider Cognitive Behavorial Therapy CBT with a book or therapist - I think it could help you develop more balanced thought patterns about relationships in general, and this one specifically. I don't think your thinking is unusual or that you are necessarily wrong to be worried about the relationship - just that a more balanced approach would feel better and help you view this situation rationally.

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If you're not okay with the casual sex relationship this has turned into I'm not necessarily clear this has turned into a casual sex relationship. I'm clear your perception is that it has - but he actually point blank told you it wasn't. He may have commitments that are older than your relationship.

For some of us, it takes time to make time. Maybe you're really just not that into him. If you did see that potential there, you'd probably feel differently about click to see more such sweet things. Yes, your perceptions are coloring this, but that's an important "data point" too. It tells me that you don't feel comfortable with the way things are. Do you trust your intuition?

You've already discussed your concerns with him and you don't feel better? To me, that's a signal to either accept the situation for what it is or look for a relationship where you don't have to ask yourself these questions.

You've already told him how you rush into things sexually, and he's told you he's not that kind of guy. Give him a chance to prove it: Don't tell him what you expect from him, don't give him guidelines, don't give him an exact date. See how he treats you.

See how you feel.