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9 Sep Hi. I wrote this story because I was bored and procrastinating and so I'm posting it . Updates will be given in exchange for love ;) (It's up to you to figure out what that means). Rated T for Teenage Irresponsibility. Disclaimer: I don't own IDDI and I'm only using the characters to entertain!. Jasmine and Logan (also known as Jogan) is the popular, official, very romantic, pairing between. 9 Sep Logan and Garrett lived pretty close to campus in the campus associated apartments, and even though she knew people would be sleeping off their hangovers and studying today and basically just staying in, there was a high chance some people were outside. Jasmine didn't want to risk somebody.

They knew that they could live without each other. They had to much of a connection to be ever lost without each other. They have things in common and things that were different-but they knew no friendship was perfect. Though Jasmine didn't care about all the rumors, she heard many gossips about George being a user and cheater. She was just trying to get out a certain blonde out of her mind.

Meanwhile Logan was dating a sweet, likable girl, Haley Brown for 5 months. She wasn't popular more like decent, She wasn't a click or cruel like anyone could point out.

Many people call Logan and Haley ''the it couple'' some didn't. One being Jasmine Kang, It wasn't that she didn't like Haley. She just didn't like how easily she had Logan wrapped around her fingers. Logan though genially likes Haley, even if she wasn't Jasmine. Logan likes Haley, He did.

To him through the years, he has seen a deep connection to Jasmine. It sounded silly to him, since she obviously wasn't interested. Deep down he knew, It will always be Jasmine, He would always turn to her, He would always be by her side. You could call them Jogan, or that's at least what Garrett tells Logan, Which Logan always got surprised by that name but always shrugged it off. The day starts off well, Students have returned from winter break, and are ready to hit the books and homework- not really.

Jasmine has been dying to see the group for the whole week, Since she and her family went California for a trip during the whole break.

Though Jasmine didn't mind since she got a perfect tan during her break. She felt her face flushed, of course he was mistaken her for Haley, They did have the same color hair.

Logan always suspected that Jasmine and Haley weren't the greatest friends, like her and Lindy. Logan knew Jasmine was always gorgeous. Jasmine did notice that Logan's shoulder were stiffen, His features were also rough. Jasmine did notice that his fits were clenched, as she stared up to him and his fits, he took a deep breath.

She couldn't care less if George was cheating on her to her he was like a distraction. The thing with George and Jasmine was plain, They went on one date, that was it. It wasn't a perfect date just a diner near the area. George didn't bring her flowers, he didn't open the door I Didn Do It Logan And Jasmine Hookup her, He didn't push the chair out for her.

I didn't see Owen out there Jasmine: What's with your facial expression? So, what were you saying before? Today's top story, I'm your new co-host!

In all conclusion he wasn't a gentleman, Jasmine knew that but somehow the next day, George made them an official couple. Jasmine didn't fight back with the terrible date or anything, she let it be since Logan was still in her mind, Plus she thought George was a good kisser.

She knew Logan could tell her anything, They were Best friend since childhood. So why do she feel that the friendship is decreasing every minute? Logan and Jasmine walked in silence as they wanted to meet the group, Logan offered to carry Jaz's book but she decline. It was more awkward when they hands brushed together, sending tingles and blushed through their body. You look so Good! I missed you so much! Jasmine did miss Lindy to, she missed her funny blonde head who could be such a bad ass at times.

But look at you sweetie! Lindy felt a her stomach twitch as she wasn't a best friend to notice it. Delia responded Lindy, that she had a very bad cold and couldn't make to loving evil school. Have you seen her? Lindy noticed Jasmine's behavior and pulled her away from the guys. Near outside of school, where no student were around.

Well, this time it really is nothing. In the final scene, at Rumble Juice, Logan and Jasmine are seen talking and Jasmine asks Logan who manipulated him into dancing with her. I mean, if you're up into the idea of dating Jasmine:

Are you over my brother yet? Lindy knew that Jasmine had a major crush on her brother and did nothing about. Lindy thought they were meant for each other. She always saw the way, they looked at each other with passion and love. She knew that it was fate for them to be together, But then both dated two different person.

Lindy never liked George, The rumors were right about him, he was a user. One time Lindy invited him over to hang out, but it ended up flirting with Lindy, once they were alone. She tried to tell Jasmine about the situation, Jasmine though didn't really care about George and basically said, ''He can do whatever, he wants.

To Haley, Lindy thought she was a nice, sweet girl. She was caring and it did seem she was very fond of Logan. Though Lindy can through her eyes, that there was no spark or anything.

It wasn't that Lindy didn't like her. Lindy consider as one of her close friends, She just thinks that, It's not Logan's and Jasmine's connection.

Jasmine and Logan

She knew that only Jasmine and Logan can be the one. Why would I be over him. Jasmine took a deep breath, She felt like she couldn't breath, like her lungs were suffocating her. She wasn't over Logan, She never will be. Her feelings for him were more stronger, than she ever thought. You two were both to blind to see you are both perfect for each other,'' Lindy brought her arms around Jasmine and pulled her close.

Jasmine responded back to hugging her, then letting go after a minute. I was stupid and selfish, I had feelings for Logan and I still might do,''. Jasmine admitted and tried to let any verge of tears, stream down, She felt her heart pound and pound I Didn Do It Logan And Jasmine Hookup. Lindy tried to calm her down. But all Jasmine did was shake. She said it, She said the truth that was digging her up.

Uh, I have to go find George, I'll meet you later at lunch,'' With that Jasmine raced off to find what she calls her boyfriend, Lindy was confused at Jasmine's actions of leaving.

She tried to call her name and beg her talk to her, but Jasmine was far gone now. Logan took a deep breath, as he heard everything his best friend had just told his sister.

I Didn Do It Logan And Jasmine Hookup

Logan leaned his head to the wall, Jasmine had feelings for him. During the time, as Lindy and Jasmine talked, Logan decide that he wanted them to go and help him I Didn Do It Logan And Jasmine Hookup Haley. That turned to corner as he heard his name, He suddenly got interested and stayed in the corner as Jasmine and Lindy spoke to each other. Now he was overwhelmed, He knew him and Jasmine always had some sort type of connection. He just never wanted admit, but know he doesn't know what to do or even say, when he see See more. He had to talk to Jasmine, He needed to know what she actually feels about him.

He had to know, He was determined to know. Oh God Haley is still missing Logan then headed off to find his girlfriend, but still having a certain Kang in his mind. Hey guys so I just started this, I don't know if I should continue? It's pretty short but I don't know if I should continue? So review me if you still want to continue this. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. They were not looking to have feeling with each other. They were suppose to have a friendship not relationship.

They were click Logan and Jasmine. What happens when Jasmine is forced to think over her friendship with Logan. Those 2 best friends were Jasmine and Logan.

I Didn Do It Logan And Jasmine Hookup

Now Jasmine was all confused on his actions. I was stupid and selfish, I had feelings for Logan and I still might do,'' Jasmine admitted and tried to let any verge of tears, stream down, She felt her heart pound and pound more.

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Jasmine felt foolish now. She never Logan could never feel the same way.

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