Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting: Hookups For Sex!

Meeting Slaa Hookup Single Womens And Sober Phone

Withdrawal, sex and love addiction recovery my experiences with my pain.

My Life as a Sober Sex and Love Addict

Posts about slaa written by Imperfect. I deleted his number, his texts, and the numbers and texts of most of the other men in my phone. . sick was I? I knew he was married, I knew he was seeing several other women, I knew that he was meeting strangers for anonymous sex, and I wasn't even the one to end this mess . About Us. The S.L.A.A. Women's “We Are Not Alone” Phone Meeting Group was started by one S.L.A.A. sponsor. One of her long distance sponsees was living in an isolated rural area. There was no access to S.L.A.A. recovery resources other than a working telephone. Read more. All meetings are posted in Eastern Time. View in landscape mode on a mobile to scroll down. It is suggested that you find a meeting that resonates with you the most and make that your “Home” group. This places an emphasis and commitment to at least one meeting a week. To download the meeting format, first click on the.

I'd almost be sort of afraid of going to an SAA meeting, for fear of hooking up with a female in the group, and acting out our addictions together. But really I do have that concern. I have never gone.

I hear it is mostly men. If it were half men and half women, it might be like alcoholics going to an AA meeting, but sitting next to bottles of beer. Yea my fear is about being around other sex addicts. We'll see what happens, lol. I checked into it here. The person I talked to said that most if not all their clients were ordered by the court for sexual offences.

I did Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting think I need that to get help. It may not be that way everywhere. I have been to three, and so far, no orgies. Most of the people go there because they know they have a problem and are looking for a solution.

As for going home with one of them, I think it would be rare, but not imposable. You need to remember one thing, these people have the same addiction you do, but they have had the time to confront their actions with honesty and anything they are familiar with in themselves, they will see in you from a mile off. You won't be fooling anyone if you start to act out, they have all been there before you, and that is the great strength of 12 step programs. They understand you maybe better that you do yourself right now, and you can get the best help from someone who can accept you for who you are and not condemn you for being different, for in there, you won't be.

Hey, littlem, I have seen that here in AA, too, but don't let it bother you. I have seen a lot of good sobriety out of court orders, as well as the expected failures.

You have to consider that the people there have the same problems you do, will make mistakes and probably offend you at some point. I go to save my ass and I go to find the people who are successful in their recovery. Go and take what you need to continue reading better and leave the rest.

I didn't like the first group I went to in town here so now I continue reading 50 miles to get what I need. If you really want to get well, you have to be willing to go to any lengths. Hang in there and keep trying, it will pay off in the end. I went to SA meetings for about six weeks, 2 a week, for a porn addiciton.

There are two disconcerting things about SA meetings. You find out that most men above the age of 50 seem to Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting able to stay sober for weeks, months, years at a time.

Men under the age of 40 were lucky to be sober for a week. I don't know if they were ordered there by the court. I know you shouldn't judge, and I didn't, but I did have a problem seeing my need for an orgasm three times a day compared to someone that wrecked the lives of many children. Also, I never saw a women at any of the meetings, which ranged from a group of 10 to a group of I'm interested in hearing how your first meeting went.

Harvey A Sexaholics Anonymous Convention - Get Paid To Flirt!

I'm at a disadvantage here. Second, I have been going to other 12 step meetings sinceso I walked in the doors of SAA with a different focus than someone going to their first 12 step meeting. I went to find someone with good long term sobriety who would help me work the steps. I didn't article source one at my first meeting so I moved on till I found what I needed somewhere else.

That's why I go. I see many 'hard core' sex addicts at meetings and online who did more in their addictions than I would ever have dreamed.

One Woman's Story of Recovery From Sex and Love Addiction

It was the same with alcohol. Many alcoholics quit drinking only after developing a three fifths of whiskey a day habit.

Anthony also had a high tolerance for crazy. Before I parked I saw him standing out front and almost decided to drive away. The very next weekend, I got a call from Greg. My life is filled with joy, love, and acceptance.

I drank at most a six or twelve pack of beer when I quit. One of the first things I wanted to ask after learning this article source if they had an AA-lite meeting I could go to. The only thing I have in common with these people is that my misery ran just as deep, and working the steps was my only relief.

We come together because we believe in a common solution. It states in our textbook that we are people who would not ordinarily congregate. SAA, and SA by inference, are going to be the same way. No, I have no desire to hang out with child molesters and I have little empathy for someone who cruised for prostitutes every night, but if they have worked the steps and can share some of their success with me, I am willing to sit by them for one short hour a night if it can keep me sober for the other The meetings are not the program, the steps are the program.

All you need to be successful is to find one person who has experiences similar to yours and work the steps with them. If your focus is on your recovery, and not on the Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting in the people around you, that is always your best chance for staying sober. Thank you all for your replies. I really Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting them. My first meeting didn't go so well.

Mostly because of me. I was the only woman which immediately freaked me out. Then there were men there that hadn't committed any crimes against children but were so consumed with the thought of doing so that they sought help. That's great for them. Atleast they chose to get help instead of act out.

But I just didn't feel comfortable there. I felt like I didn't belong there. I'm pretty sure I need help, I just felt so uncomfortable. I don't know what my next step will be. Maybe there's women's only programs or something.

Either way I wanted to thank all of you. I can't even imagine how uncomfortable that must have been for you. Good for you that you took that leap of faith. Let the board know if you find a woman's only group. I'm sure other women would be interested. Be strong and congratulations on having the guts to move forward in spite of your fear. That is what bravery is. Its not being fearless.

The very next weekend, I got a call from Greg. Because, as it turns out, wanting someone is not the some as loving someone. There was a problem, though. You won't be fooling anyone if you start to act out, they have all been there before you, and that is the great strength of 12 step programs.

Wow Chicago Dave, your message was awesome. Thank you so much!!! You totally inspired me. I'm sorry you had such a negative first experience at the meeting. Have you considered trying a COSA group? Although it's a co-sex addiction step organization, most COSA groups are strictly for women. Some of the people who attend are also Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting addicts, or some have gone to other step groups like AA or OEA, etc.

Either way, it's a very positive female environment that can learn more here you work your steps, regardless of why you are working them. Don't give up on finding a group -- it can and will help immensely with your recovery. There is a difference that I will notgo into right now. I would really search hard to get into an all female setting.

ORG for assistance and make some phone calls from there. Good luck and welcome to the program. I have been attending mostly SCA meetings. I attend one SAA meeting a week which is fantastic. In my area there are only a few SAA meetings.

Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting

My experience is that woman tend to be drawn towards SLAA. SA and SAA attract men of all sexual orientations. SCA attracts mainly gay men, but thats not exclusive.

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All the meetings I go to tend to be a mix of gay and straight men. There is never any sex involved. It is really a helpful program if you like the 12 step approach.

Single And Sober Hookup Slaa Phone Womens Meeting

The SAA green book is the best recovery book on sex addiction I have ever read. It nails the disease right on the head. Let me know if I can answer any specific questions you might have. Ok I'm highly confused, lol.

What do all those things stand for?