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How To Attract Older Women (Cougars)

Cougar (slang)

In hunting cougars – the term, not the women or the wild cats – I found a March 3, , article in the Globe and Mail of Toronto which credits “cougar” to a Canadian website called, which the story says was started in It is, as you have guessed, a website where older women can meet. 28 Aug Forget cougars, it's all about the WHIP! Writer, 51, coins new term for older women who are 'hot, intelligent, and in their prime' - and says younger men ALWAYS approach her. Writer Bibi Lynch, 51, says she has been on dates with men as young as 26; Thinks women shouldn't be labelled as cougars and. 4 Mar Here are 10 common myths about cougars in the dating world, and the REAL facts that totally debunk them: 1. A cougar is a hunter who preys on an innocent younger man. Imgur. Who hunts whom? Some guys are naturally drawn to older women like any other physical "type," such as preferring blondes to.

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Why Are Some Women Called Cougars

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Why are older women who date younger guys called cougars?

It is supposed to mean an older or mature female who dates younger men. It seems to be all the rage now in the U. Most of its popularity stems from a book by Valerie Gibson, called Cougar: This is Why Are Some Women Called Cougars sort of book you buy as a joke for your newly single women friends, but one that they will read with go here when no one else is around.

When seeking the origin of terms, lexicographers look for printed evidence. It is, as you have guessed, a website where older women can meet younger men.

The story given in that article is that one of the two women who founded the website was told by a nephew that the two ladies were like cougars in search of small defenceless animals.

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The nephew said he picked up the term from players on his hockey team. The information you provided has been extremely helpful. I appreciate your quick response. I look forward to interacting with others interested in etymology.

Why Are Some Women Called Cougars

There are still numerous leads that have yet to bear any fruit, though, so we may learn more later. Double-Tongued Dictionarya dictionary of slang, jargon, and new words from the fringes of English. A Way with Wordsa lively public radio show about language. I appreciate any information I can find on that topic.

The etymology of animal related words is a great teaching tool, and the children gain a larger vocabulary! When discussing the groupies that would come to the games Cougar has also shifted in valence since its origin. It originally referred to an undesirable older woman, one who, like the wild, preyed on the weak and defenseless i.

It was quite a nasty thing to call a woman. Your certainty, alas, is not transferable.

In fact, forget the term all together. The "cougar phenomenon", [15] as it is called, is frequently associated with present-day, glamorous celebrities such as MadonnaSam Taylor-Johnson and Demi Moore. Click below to let us know you read this article and want to be a part of our mission to help othersand wikiHow will donate to World Possible on your behalf.

No, a MILF is simply an attractive older woman. The word implies no sexual aggressiveness on her part or that sex may be a realistic objective. Neither are MILFs, as the term is actually used, the full phrase nothwithstanding. However one stretches the imagination, it is difficult - nay, downright impossible - to think of the emperor Nero as a MILF; whereas his qualifications for the other title are well attested.

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Be prepared for rejection, and take it gracefully. Or is this their way of seeking revenge??? The age of a Cougar is not based on a exact science; nor, is the age of a peaking male. We know how to act in a public place and show respect Some of us get to Love again with our grandchildren If some young punk wants to call me a cougar, i dont wear fur! Casually clad beauty Elle Fanning, 19, looks fabulous in black leather coat with fake fur trimmed collar as she arrives in style at LAX 'I could destroy him in seconds':

Your additional information has been very helpful. A cougaron the other hand, actively courts younger men. Is it similar to MILF?