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We've added a just click for source of frames with slight imperfections to our special sections. Most have a small scratch or or paint chip, but are otherwise new.

There are also a few prototypes, two of which where never built up. You can save a fair bit if you can live with an imperfection of the sort that most frames will have after a few months of use anyway. Have you ever felt that your every commute, every ride, every trip to the grocery should be documented on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Myspace?

But as a retro grouch you couldn't bring yourself to enter the world of digital "action cameras. Finally, there is a film camera that you can mount to your handlebars, on a selfie-stick, on your car's steering wheel, even on your helmet duct tape not included.

We'll have two models: By Chris It's a rainy Friday afternoon with not much going on in the VO office, though shipping is busy. It was on a day like this a few weeks ago that I wondered out loud if 3-inch tires would fit on our new adventure touring frame. Our staff wasn't hopeful, but I had faith.

They do fit, sort of. If you run them at too low a pressure they rub in here, but keep them inflated to 25psi or so and they work.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men And Infidelity In Suburbia

Does that make this the very first VO fat bike? I always thought 3-inches is where fat bikes start.

It was New Year's Eve,that my Campeur was stolen at 6: Guerin is determined to protect Kenric, keeping the secret from him until he knows for sure if this daughter really exists and if she wants revenge. Remember that each of here dots is two patches, so there are I yell to Lisa to lock her bike and follow me.

The clearances really are very tight as you can see from the photos, so you might want to stick to the recommended 2. The production run is almost finished.

Though we still need to wait for paint and for the decals to be printed. I'm hoping that the first batch of frames might arrive in a couple of months. I think we'll call it the Pioletwhich is French for ice axe.

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I can't wait for it to dry up outside so I can take this thing for a ride in the dirt with the big new tires. The design, functionality, and sturdiness of the Retro series was spot on for the type of bag we were looking for. Available in classic gray and hi-vis orange, these bags look right at home on tour or running errands around town. The bags use denier textured nylon and denier nylon Cordura on the exterior for long lasting durability and abrasion resistance.

Welded polyurethane coated liners are integrated into the bag's interior for added waterproofness and the bright coloring means easy retrieval of contents. In addition to the interior mesh pocket, there is a long interior pocket for organizing your gear and everyday-carry items.

The bag's capacity is expandable by loosening the side compression Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men And Infidelity In Suburbia. The lid is also expandable for added height. In addition to daisy chains on the sides for lights and accessories, the bag features an easily accessible outer pocket that is the perfect size for your U-Lock. For mounting, Velo Transit implemented the use of the German-made "Klick Click hardware in conjunction with a clever lower hook mount for a universal and sturdy system that can be used on the drive, non-drive, rear, or front of the bike.

The top hooks work with mm tubing and can be adjusted along the rail to fit any rack. The lower hook can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The bag secures into place by depressing the thumb locks. No amount of jostling or impact will dislodge the bag. Each bag includes a detachable shoulder carrying strap. Within the next few weeks we'll be receiving the Retro 15 smaller version of the 20 in addition to a padded laptop bag compatible with Retro 20 and up to a 15" laptop.

Bewitching Bibliophile : April

In addition to Velo Transit's lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, each bag has a unique serial number and the initials of the sewer and inspector. The Maryland-made Grand Cru Porteur bags are now in stock. We have them with black or brown leather logo patches. They hold around liters. A few more details can be found in our previous post. Longtime Velo Orange customer, philosopher, social scientist, randonneur, ex-racer, and raconteur, Mike Ross offers us another entertaining guest post.

As with all of Mike's post there is social commentary boy is there social commentary! Opinions expressed here may not be, on the other hand they may bethose of our management and staff.

But to convert this special reference into a belief of exclusive ownership is as misleading as to suppose that breathing and digesting are complete within the human body.

To get a rational basis for moral discussion we must begin with recognizing that functions and habits are ways of using and incorporating the environment in which the latter has its say as surely as the former. Our entire tradition regarding punitive justice tends to prevent recognition of social partnership in producing crime; it falls in with a belief in metaphysical free-will.

By killing an evil-doer or shutting more info up behind stone walls, we are enabled to forget both him and our part in creating him. Everyone seems to want a Campeur. You can read my Campeur review here and this review by Gypsy by trade. It was New Year's Eve,that my Campeur was stolen at 6: I loved that bike.

Then, at about 7: It only had to involve a Google Nexus 5 cell phone, high-speed police car chase, helicopter searchlight, guns drawn, Coca-Cola and crack addiction, and my BFF and spouse, Lisa. So, let's start at the beginning. I had been riding my Campeur since they were made available last year by Velo Orange.

german-granny videos -

Truly it is a great bike, and it had already taken me thousands of miles. I store my bike in the house, but I didn't want a soaked bike to just drip and drain all over the wood floor.

So I put the bike on the attached porch, just momentarily, to drip click the following article. It's Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men And Infidelity In Suburbia small house and the porch is right next to the living room, and elevated a few feet, as it is the ground floor. I go into the house -- with the front door open to the porch!

It's about 4pm in the afternoon and while it's still drizzling it's plenty bright out. I hear a thud, after being home about ten minutes or fifteen? I couldn't believe it. Talk about a brazen theft. The door was open and I was physically no more than twenty feet from the bike at all times. I believe in Pitlock skewers and big U-locks, and have never had a problem locking my various bikes and leaving them unattended in some of the biggest -- and most economically unfair and undemocratic -- cities on the planet.

But here I am at home, and Luckily, all my stuff was taken off it, so I didn't lose anything but the bike. Clearly, nowhere is safe from bike theft, even at home, especially since the C ops, reactionary as they always are, and channeling the larger culture, simply don' t take bike theft seriously.

I report the bike stolen to the Police. I never hear a word from them. Well, I had meager insurance coverage. How's that for a product endorsement? And, so, I ride the new-er Campeur. What a great bike.

Fast and versatile, utilitarian and affordable, and it looks great. We grew up there and have family there, and it's a nice break from the winter cold in Washington, DC. It's an absolutely horrid place to ride a bicycle, unless you're us: Some of the bicycling is actually quite interesting -- plus it's all flat all the time, except for bridges.

And there is a huge, and potentially important, Critical Mass ride in Miami the last Friday of every month. We took in this years ride with our daughter, Claire. It wasn't as good or well planned as Bike Party Baltimore, or the Critical Mass rides in San Francisco, and it did not make the overt, explicit connection to the democratic political implications of the bicycle as a social tool.

But it was still impressive in a city that has Miami's reputation for progressive inertness. There are some very interesting spots to ride a bike in South Florida, given its unique geography and despite its horrifyingly bad car traffic: A bicycle is a great way to get around, if you're a capable bicyclist and have a bike like the Campeur that can ride comfortably on sidewalks and sandy gravel paths.

South Florida is a poster child for mind-blowingly bad land use and ocean use development. It is an ecological and un democratic disaster. It could be a tropical paradise.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men And Infidelity In Suburbia

The exhibit also neatly highlighted what is so wrong about unsustainable car-dependent America, and the kinds of people this structure produces. The Police we were destined to meet later in this story -- you know, "law enforcement professionals" -- repeatedly called Miami "a shit hole.

But we'll make the logo the Grand Cru crest on the production version. The clearances really are very tight as you can see from the photos, so you might want to stick to the recommended 2. I couldn't believe this, either. Remove quick release from the axle of the hub and set aside. With the shifter, cable, and housing installed, shift the rear derailleur into a lower gear so the lever is inline with the bars.

Irony is not dead in Miami, even though the Bay is. One area we ride down to and around is Homestead, Florida, about 30 miles south of Miami, the last built-up area before you hit the Everglades or head down into the Florida Keys.

In the past we have brought our tandem to Miami. We've ridden to Miami from Jacksonville, Florida, down the coast on a mini-December-Holidaze-bike tour. It's an easy tour of about miles, and o ff-season discounted hotel rooms -- at least until you get to south Florida.

It's all flat; it's the dry season; and it usually gets warmer every day. Some of the stops source the way are really interesting, like St. Augustine, or visiting the big turtle beaches and whale habitats.