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24 Jan Headquarters HQ office location, customer service toll free number, head office address, helpline telephone number, customer support email id. Customer Care Service., LLC. Douglas Ave STE . Dallas Texas United States - I'm new to the area and I received a few emails from I never thought I would ever use a site such as . I just want to stop message from them to three of my e-mail addresses. There is an . Find Here Customer Service contact Information. Contact with Customer Service Team through Phone Number and Email Address.

I signed up for match. I paid them a subscription fee. A few days later my account was hacked.

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I reported it to them and a few days this web page they terminated my account. They claim their terms of use does not require them to justify their actions and they refuse to refund me my I am a Software Architect and CTO so I know how to opt out of background check data broker companies who sell your personal data to thousands.

So they have no problem making me prepay for a I admit that I am not the most savvy with technology today, however what happened to customer service and customer satisfaction? I'm new to the area and I received a few emails from match. I never thought I would ever use a site such as this one, but thought it may be a way to meet I did sign up for a free service on OurTime website for over 50 singles and what I have discovered is that Match Com Customer Service Email Address has linked me to several other web sites that are not wanted and this is one of them.

I live on Guam. I triedandbut Match.

On Jan 6 i joined match. I am sick of match. I've been a member since last march and I got basically zero activity. Shocking that after my subscription was over I shockingly get activity every 6 hrs baiting me into giving match more money to sign back up. This has happened in the past and I had signed up for a 3 month subscription with Match. I was able to start chatting with a few people; however, after 1 month I tried to log on and couldn't.

Come to find out, my account was closed and they claimed I broke their agreement, but they wouldn't give me details without a Hello, I became a match.

Never again for me. My emails contained nothing which could have harmed anyone or anything and were sent well before my membership expiration. I will report to anyone that ask about your site. Rather than posting their real age on their profile, they subtract anywhere from 5 to 10 years to appeal to younger women.

Trying to find matches was extremely frustrating because many of the profiles live on match. Also I consistently did not get good I thought when I cancelled one as your emails come up together, that both accounts would be cancelled. I have phoned and confirmed I think a lot of people who used match. My own experiences of match. Hello I am very unhappy with match. Whilst I appreciate I have not understood the small print reference the renewal, I am thoroughly disappointed in the customer service of this company.

My account was auto-renewed and the day this was done I called to formally close my account. I barely more info the service and paid for a 6 month subscription so you can imagine my I am a long time user of this service. I know that auto-renewal is a default setting.

Match Com Customer Service Email Address

I always disable it as soon as I start a subscription. I was not provided a link to I just want to stop message from them to three of my e-mail addresses. There is an "Unsubscribe" selection, but it leads to a place to sign up and never sent to the office or program to stop them. I cannot even send a message there. I have read a lot of other complaints for many year I canceled my subscription thru my settings before Match Com Customer Service Email Address renewal date. I was setup for a 3 month renewal and i went online before the renewal due date but was still billed anyway and at a higher rate and even though I went thru the system and i recieved a messagw that I would not be. Headquarters HQ Office Address, Phone Number, Email ID

After many emails asking what was going on, they said someone other than myself sent out unacceptable emails that They will take all of your link even when you have turned off auto renewal.

I have given them so much money over the years and will never use them again Recently Discussed Complaints Match. Tatiana Monica Garcia, Tatiana Garcia Art Futures Group Model and Talent Services Subjects of Wide Speculation 1.

It is not possible to cancel the profile or discontinue the service. The other speaks well. POF lets you customize a search.

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Match Com Customer Service Email Address

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