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5 Seconds Of Summer, Lucky girl gets to play guitar on stage (Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)

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20 Sep A look at all the girls 5 Seconds of Summer's Calum Hood has allegedly dated, including kendall jenner and jennifer phipps. 26 Dec 5 Seconds Of Summer have given a particularly frank interview in Rolling Stone magazine and fans are struggling with what they have learned. Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and. Read The Hook Up (Ashton Irwin Imagine) from the story 5 Seconds of Summer Imagines by AshyAndMicsBabexx (Paige Clifford / Irwin) with reads. one, directio You would normally play the game but you had a lot on your mind. Your boyfriend, Mike, had been being his usual self. Bossy, rude, always late, mean.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Wake me up now, and tell me this is all a bad dr Silent words are hard to speak 4. Now that I'm broken Now that you know it 5.

If you say that you don't feel a thing, if you d Pick up the pieces of whatever's left of me The But I remember the nights when you'd lie with me I don't even know what happened here guys I watched the video of ellen and 1D playing and this one question was more info, and then I read a comment that 5sos should play this game and it got my head thinking way too much and it sparked this fanfic.

Probably because I've reading 5 Seconds Of Summer Hookup Games many Muke fanfics recently.

See the end of the chapter for notes. Luke was feeling a little off today. It was promo time again and sleep had not come easy for the 4 Australian boys, as they were flying from one place to another nearly every day promoting the new album. But the past few days have been even worse for the youngest boy.

Recruitment consultant is FIRED for telling lorry driver he can't have an interview for a job eight miles Justin Bieber lifts shirt to show off tattooed torso while out alone on Valentine's Day It's always Michael's fault.

Tossing and turning and replaying conversations in his mind that he's not allowed to talk about. Or won't talk about. He's not even sure anymore. I guess they kinda go hand in hand when keeping a secret like this. 5 Seconds Of Summer Hookup Games got no sleep whatsoever. Since there was nothing to mark the end of last nights events and this morning's jam packed schedule, disoriented doesn't even come close to describing his state of being today.

He's shuffling around in a barely functioning trance of adrenaline and coffee. Being rushed from one interview to another. But he's kind of glad for the distraction at the moment. Because his mind keeps drifting back to the night before at every possible opportunity.

And he doesn't know what to do with that yet. The memory of the heated argument and it's aftermath. It's Michael's fault really It's always Michael's fault. He hasn't shown any desire to talk about last night with Luke.

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It's driving Luke nuts, but he's too awkwardly self conscious to bring it up himself. And Michael should be the one to talk first anyway, shouldn't he? I mean, he's the one who burst into Luke's hotel room screaming obscenities at an ungodly hour. Something's obviously shifted between them and he can feel it, check this out every fiber of his being, not to mention in his aching muscles and numerous bruises, but no one's commented on it yet today.

Because he doesn't really know what he'd say to Ash and Cal if they asked what was up. So he's holding out hope that no one notices. 5 Seconds Of Summer Hookup Games all standing backstage chatting here getting ready for the show.

The normal band banter is there, although Michael and Luke don't really speak to each other, just join in with the groups conversation. Luke keeps sneaking Michael glances though, trying to initiate an opening for Michael to jump at, because God knows they need to talk about it. But no such luck. He only thinks he sees Mikey glance back once, but he looks away too fast for Luke to be sure.

5 Seconds Of Summer Hookup Games

So he continues to say nothing. Luke's spent the past 3 minutes of commercial break just staring at the table between themselves and Ellen. Drifting off and not really paying attention to the small talk among them all. Even though he's the closest to her on the left side of the couch her voice felt as if it was coming from far away. He was 5 Seconds Of Summer Hookup Games to participate in the earlier interview well enough though, talking about the album and the tour, thanks to Calum, who was sitting next to him.

He had to nudge him with his shoulder occasionally when Luke would start to get lost in his own thoughts. Conveniently Michael hadn't noticed, because he chose to sit on the opposite side of the couch, closest to the audience. But Luke's not going away anytime soon. They're in a band together for fucks sake Calum nudges him again. It's called Never Have I Ever. I'll say never have I ever done something and you respond with the appropriate side of the paddle. Seems easy enough right?

They might even know more about these dude's than Article source do sometimes. And hopefully we'll learn even more today.

Never have I ever hooked up with a fan. Not after a concert or at a bar? Michael flat out cackles. Well no, that doesn't actually surprise me that Calum would say that. He's pretty laid back. It's all he can really manage at the moment.

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Luke kind of loses track of time, the questions are pretty funny and easy to answer, and don't really require too much commentary on the matter. That's part of what makes it so much fun, not knowing the context. There's only a few questions left when Luke's caught off guard. The fans in the audience breath in a collective gasp, and start laughing. All the boys turn their heads toward Luke who currently looks like a deer caught in the headlights. A slightly bitter curiosity.

Like it's a little painful for him still, even though they've moved way beyond it in the past few years they've been friends. It still shows a little behind his eyes though. And Luke feels terrible about it. His paddle remains in his lap. Ellen's eyes are wide in disbelief as she's grinning ear to ear and trying not to laugh.

She clearly doesn't know about Aleisha.

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Michael's staring Luke down just waiting for him to fess up and enjoying every moment of his best friends discomfort. Never have I ever dated someone another band member has dated And there it is, the same challenge in his eyes as last night, although not as heated, it's there, making him blush. Luke hangs his head in embarrassment as he slowly and regretfully turns his paddle.

Ellen can't believe it. Ashton and Calum keep looking between Luke and Michael, laughing.

5 Seconds Of Summer Hookup Games

And we hated each other back then, you need to let it go already! Ashton is the first to notice, he feels Michael's demeanor change beside him as Michael stiffens almost imperceptibly. Michael's eyes still haven't left Lukes.

Ashton's confused, what just happened here? He turns and gives Luke a worried look.

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That's when Calum notices. Oh God, Luke thinks, pick this back up before it gets too out of hand and someone else like Ellen or an audience member catches on. He picks up his water mug, effectively cutting eye contact with Michael, as the audience has settled into a comfortable silence and Ellen is about to say something else. I mean you guys were kinda young but you were pretty serious.

You've never told me. The audience is dead silent. There's a pause as Luke finds his voice again. Ellen jumps in to try and get the interview back on track, "Wow that's an interesting backstory you guys have, but I think that's a too personal to air out on television don't you think?

Maybe too intimate even for his friends-" All eyes are on Michael. I don't think he and I can get more intimate than that. Ellen's jaw has all but dropped to the floor and her eyes are darting between the boys. Not sure what to make of this information and whether to take Michael seriously or not. Luke's eyes are wide as he continues violently coughing and his head turns to lock eyes with Michael's mischievous glare.

Luke looks utterly terrified, but Michael is loving it.