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Concerning the question that JYJ was asked: And now, even the Korean media is acknowledging it! Now, although the question is aimed at all the members, Micky with a curious grin felt the need to default the question to Junsu.

Kpop Idols Hookup Outside Their Race

Ok so we all know why! I thought it was interesting that he mentioned English…. I was happy to hear that he considered it an option, and spoke with authority when saying that the other two members, JaeJoong and Micky, were just as open. I will note that in another link that majolie87 posted, Junsu spoke of an instance of when he was Kpop Idols Hookup Outside Their Race France.

I would actually prefer a man like this. What do you guys think? I may be over-reaching in my thoughts, but I seemed to detect a hint of sadness in this comment. We see diversity everyday in the U.

Many of their Kpop Idols Hookup Outside Their Race do not leave the country, so whatever information they get about others is minimal at best. They may come to feel……Damn, look at all our people miss out on. I am sure that they are proud of their country and culture, but they crave individuality and freedom, somethng that the U. I agree with everything everyone has said.

I am all for being taught by somoene who wants to be with me and vice versa. I am sooo down for that, I think it would force me to learn quicker. Only in the next to the last episode did they have some black, white, etc characters and they were gangsters who were taken down in about 45min into the episode.

They must be just in awe when traveling to other countries and in every 2sq ft running into someone of a differant ethnicity. When I was in Japan I was always running into differant ones with strange hair colors and clothes. I thought was cool.

I guess when you live in a country where mostly everyone is born with black hair and similiar skin tones you want to stand out. Big Bang was interviewed and asked what there ideal girl was. Taeyang said he likes western woman. He has always found them to be fascinating and the others started describing Asian celebrities who matched their ideal. Are there any K-pop or celebrities married to someone other than Korean?

Kpop Idols Hookup Outside Their Race

I remember when Daniel Henney was on Family Outing he and LeeHyori were talking and he said he never dated a Korean woman and she said she only dated Korean men. When they asked would they consider differantly? Daniel said he would, she was hesitant.

Not to forget, Yoona has to distribute some money to SM Entertainment well known for under paying their kpop idols. My 5'10" model-good-looks, dancer-bodied sister who is African-American came to visit me in Korea--in conservative Daegu, no less. He got a sour look on his face said that she was fat and ugly.

She said it had nothing to do with language but everything to do with culture. I do think its a little sad tho.

Ask a Korean!: Ask a Korean! Wiki: Are Korean Men Into Black Women?

I guess because as Americans for the most part we inter-act and mix with different cultures every day and that makes most of us more open. I think it would be benefical to all. Open dialogue and all that.

This is from the 2nd part when Lee Hyori and Daniel are cooking breakfast.

Oh goodness, I had really better pull back my comments. I get so carried away sometimes I forget that not everybody comments but the World can read what we say. He pulled a pack of Ramen seasoning out of his pocket. Hyori really should expand her horizons. She already has enough problems finding her ideal man…. She said she wanted to marry that year and it has been I think more than 2 years since that episode.

She needs to branch out. I totally agree with everyone. The horrible thing is, they have to be VERY careful about this type of stuff. They will ruin their lives big time!

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If an idol picks up enough antis…. Death threats, hate mail and telling people to kill themselves. Idols getting away with known girlfriends is few and far between. Honestly, I think this is Really the primary reason why Bi wants to relocate to the U.

If I can presume to speak for him, he wants to get far, far away from the stalker fangirls. During some very, very recent interviews, Bi has stated he really wants to be married like right now, but he is not currently dating anyone so he more info. He IS the biggest Korean celeb to come out of that country.

At least in the U.

Black Kpop Fans

No one bothered him on the street when he was in New York recently, so I think he needs to come here. I saw a very stupid poll once where netizens stated they wanted Bi to stay single forever.

He wants a wife and family. Here in the U. I, for one, hope he does. For a while, I admit that I resisted getting into anything Korean because my best friend warned me about the massive amounts of suicides there, particularly with drama stars and idols. Sadly But not really: I already like a lot of K-pop idols and really hope I never have to read their obits out here because of some overzealous nutbags. Their entire system in that regard is just backward. Micky sorta threw his boy under the bus lol.

Also for them to know not to worry so much about not being able to speak go here English. When I was in Japan so many people I met apologized for their English not being good. I am in their country and they are apologizing to me.

The fact that they can even speak, write and read English is huge on so many levels. I know most of them said it is easier to read and write than to Kpop Idols Hookup Outside Their Race it. The good thing about these guys and some other K-pop male singers is that they are getting to see the real world, the good, the bad and the ugly or the reverse.

Not long ago,there was a post about Korean K-pop fans not worrying about non-Korean women approaching their idols. Some of those same singers may not speak good English,but as expressed by JYJ, no one can stop them from liking what they like, English or not.

I could be wrong,but those guys seem sincere in being in one. Since they speak very little to no English…the possibility of them getting in a mixed relationship will be impossible…NOT! Some Western women knows how read more speak Korean.

If they hook up, they still can have a fluid relationship. Odd as it may seem to some, there are people in relationships who may not speak percent of that persons language,but still is able to date each other. One of my friend who I have mentioned on here is Senegalese.

His wife is a Black American. They have been married for nearly 12 years,but there were times where I had to help him with bits and pieces of English.

So far he is at least 90 percent fluent with the language.

I'd like to also state it takes a secure being to date outside their race ,because an insecure one would never last in that relationship. What do Asian guys look for in girls? Ive learned that in my time on Earth.

I wish them well. Given that Daniel is of mixed parentage and being exposed the diversities of the world, I guess he probably would be more inept to be more open to it. Guys, There is also one other thought I had and forgot to write when it comes to them and this subject,I wonder are some of them are really open minded to people of all different races?

They can be Kpop Idols Hookup Outside Their Race any race but they may not want that. I meant non-Black woman. As it has been stated before, I hope if a Black woman is what they Kpop Idols Hookup Outside Their Race, then it is they want for an honest to goodness, real-life relationship….

I do think that they are still very cautious when admitting Publicly that they think of Black women because of the repercussions. I still crack up on that! I totally understand what you guys mean.

He clearly likes what he sees. Anyways, do any of you guys visit the Blasian Narrative? Yes, I have been to the Blasian Narrative blog a couple of times. I just watched the video from the link. Your favorite artists will interact with…………Black People…. Their song styling comes from Black music, their dance style comes from Black culture, their dancers are Black.

Okay was about to check out the blog and it gave me a content warning. Is it something I can pull up at work? I cannot stop watching this video…i love this performance! Oh and BTW… the comments on that page were a little much.