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Now they spend all the weekends together, playing in the backyard. Whether she'd feel the same way if she'd seen the prenup he signed without reading it carefully is a matter for speculation. Couch Potato, Computer Whiz, Vegetarian.

Things are totally different this time and Pleasantview has been drastically changed. Name Censored My self-sim has taken a job in the McDonalds career and has been having difficulty keeping it darn those tricky chance cards and has been re-hired into it several times.

A sim of one of my friends was living with mine for awhile but soon moved out into a place of his own to broaden his horizons. Halo Wolfheart A sim of my mate furry for boyfriend moved in across the street from me and is in the Furry Artist as a "Respectable Artist".

He makes simoleons a day but could make more if he gets his skills up. Name Censored Sim of my best friend that lives around the corner from me.

He doesn't have a job yet but loves to go clubbing. He frequents the Lulu Lounge and the Crypt 'O' Night club in Downtown Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane Hints he isn't chatting on his computer or listening to the techno station at home.

Larxene is very ill-tempered and always seemingly in a bad mood. She frequently bad mouths anyone that she doesn't like and will say bad things about other sims when they aren't around. Marluxia is the life of the party and tends to be the center of attention in social events. Vexen is fairly quiet and can be found studying or playing the guitar when he isn't building his skills for his career The Nobody career, which all of these guys have.

Last for this house is the recluse Zexion. He doesn't go anywhere unless he's invited out or has to go shopping.

After their quickie marriage, Cleo went to work and Parker proceeded to have three affairs in one evening thanks to ACR and the matchmaker, but at least it brought him back to platinum status. She's considering letting David Pleasanther great-grandson Angela 's son back from College move in with her, now that he's already an adult and wants to start a life on his own. Sure he had green skin, large black eyes and what seemed slots for a nose. Keran doesn't have any business experience so he's going through of horrors of learing how to operate the cash register and having people throw their shopping bags on the floor and storming off. Alexander finally proposed his long-time-crush, Adora Lothario.

Like Vexen, he's seen studying or practicing something usually painting. Since his cooking skill is the highest of all his roommates, he does all the cooking.

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They have a pool built in their back yard as well as a very spacious patio with a bar and workout equipment. Demyx mostly spends his time goofing around playing games, watching TV, swimming, or playing his guitar. He's gotten quite good and always draws a crowd when he plays. Saix, despite Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane Hints lack of interest in certain playful activities can be a really good friend to anyone that he socializes with.

He also spends a great deal of time honing his cooking and logic skills. Xemnas is the big boss of the Organization and as such he's the popular guy around town. He personally has gotten to know everyone in the Org and even made friends with his old enemies Sora and Riku I'll get to them in a bit. He is a bit stuck up at times, but his charisma and enthusiasm make up for that. They also have a pool and a big-ish back deck that Luxord uses for hosting poker games on. Luxord can always be found playing some sort of game that can be gambled on pool or cards and is for the most part and even mannered guy.

Xigbar is quite the opposite and mostly plays his guitar or works out when he isn't at work. Even though her friends call her all the time, she doesn't really go out except for work or groceries.

Her place is kinda small so there's not much going learn more here anyways. He has a job in the Culinary career and is a Head Chef.

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His house is down the street from Riku's house and next to Woodland Park. He drives a silver Lamborghini Galardo that has flame decals going from the front to the back.

Roxas was living with him for awhile but then moved out after turning 18 to move into a new house with Sora so Axel lives alone now. Sora Keyblader and Roxas Nobody These two have had a very rocky relationship. When they lived in separate houses, things were a bit awkward.

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Sora was always wanting to make out with a new sim every time he met someone and became their friend and Roxas was just as bad. Now they've moved in together at a place around the corner from the clothing store. It's bit enough for at least 3 or 4 sims but its just them. They both have adult jobs, Sora being in the Law Enforcement career and Roxas being in the Culinary career. They even have separate cars. Sora recently decided that he and Roxas should go steady and so they did.

Roxas was thrilled and prompted him to have "fun" in their shower a special modded shower from the adult site. Riku's Dad is in the Furry Artist career and is currently a Fursuit Maker, although he still paints artwork at home.

Riku likes to play guitar and sometimes jams with his dad. He has college on his mind a lot and is working to get more scholarships, like the one for maxing out his body Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane Hints or being abducted.

Shuichi and Yuki Eiri Originally, Shuichi as a teen lived with his mom down the street from the big house on Wright Way but soon moved to Sim State University to major in music. While in college, he meet Yuki, who was at the time an aspiring novelist. They started dating seriously after Shuichi graduated and moved in with him. More info got a job in the Musician career and quickly rose though the ranks as a pop star.

With enough hard work, Yuki also made it to the top, essentially fulfilling his goal of becoming a novelist. They eventually relocated to a hacienda further down the road, where they were married.

One night during a date, Yuki got pregnant and soon had their first son Hikaru. He had Shuichi's eyes but Yuki's face and skin. When he was old enough, Hikaru started learning skills at an alarmingly fast rate thanks to smart milk. Yuki taught Hikaru how to use the potty while Shuichi taught him to walk and talk. Now Hikaru is a child and Yuki and Shuichi couldn't be more proud of how well he is growing up.

Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane Hints

Sorry for how long this is. When I'm not tired, I'll take some screenshots and upload them so you guys can see instead of just read. I continued my first round of the Megahood playing all houses for one day just to figure out if any more folks need to be added to the families already culled.

Nervous's roommate Gabriel Green is gay. Maybe Nervous can set them up? And if that doesn't work, Nervous's other roommate Cyd Roseland is bi. I'll find someone cute for Pascal. I just love him to much not to. Kaylynn has triple bolts with Antonio Monty. Natasha is currently wooing Darren Dreamer. Alexandra rolled gay in ACR but so far the only other lesbian I've come across is Samantha Cordial and they have no chemistry.

Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane Hints

I'm only halfway through the hood, though. I quite like Alex being gay. It gives a whole new spin on why she left Gabe. And in tragic news, I was playing the Newsons and my husband needed me for a second so I paused the game and went to help him. When I came back I realized I hadn't paused the game after all and all of them were dead.

I don't do the whole "exit without saving" deal so RIP Newsons. That is exactly why, instead of pausing, I save when I get up to leave. Nothing runs from the save screen. I hope you find some nice lesbians for Alexandra and Samantha in the second half of the hood. Gay men are the ones I'm having trouble getting dates for. I blame myself for having two female straight Romance sims so early in the game and no male gay ones.

I made two gay men in CAS when I started out, but they gravitated to each other too fast to flirt anybody else. Now the male townies and dormies have all been primed to respond sexually to women. I'm thinking about ditching my legacy and starting something new.

I want to start Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane Hints and play by the Yeoman farmer rules. I want to play for 8 generations until my sims reach with restrictions on each generation, like no women working, no TV etc until certain years. Also, I'm going to adjust their life span to suit the decade. There were much shorter life spans in the s, plus women had babies earlier in life thanks inteen.

I can't wait to start but right now I'm mapping out all of my rules. I want it to be hard! I'm going to roll for infant mortality, mother's life during childbirth, if a child were to die from disease There source be no birth control until the s, the men can go to the military in the 30s and real jobs in the 40s.

Women can't work a real job until the s. I'm gonna need lots of cc. I started my prosperity hood, Luxuriante which means lush in french and moved in my three families.

I'll post more updates later on, but currently, the family i am playing has an elder, Rose, and her two adult daughters, Robyn and Wren. And I'm planning on downloading a ton of 50s themed CC because i am making a stuck in the 50s family, inspired by a certain experience at a resutrant in Disney Hollywood Studios.

In the Goth family, Alexander befriended Alon his step-mother's adopted son and they're now best friends forever both teenagers, getting prepared for college ; even if Alon is a couple of days Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane Hints than Alexander and a little more rebelthey want to leave together.