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Dolph Ziggler Aj Lee Hookup Did

AJ attacks Dolph Ziggler in the locker room: Raw, Nov. 19, 2012

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Many have considered it a [[Headscratcher as to why AJ Lee would turn against John Cena and then hook up with Dolph after the way he told her off on November 19, But here's where it all makes sense. Ziggler telling her off about her clingy tendencies over the smallest bit of attention given to her, likely sprinkled that. Explore Ashley Plumley's board "WWE" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Aj lee, Wwe wrestlers and Wrestling divas. IGN recently published her interview where AJ Lee talked about her real life relationship with Dolph Ziggler: "The really funny thing is that somewhere along the way, Dolph and I and E became really good friends, which is so weird. Especially since a year ago, Like how did that happen? So now it's so.

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You might even win a prize! At first, she thinks it's some sort of game, but as it turns out, it's more like a dream becoming reality. Every time AJ turns a corner, it seems a member of the Shield is attempting to court her. Set in May This is an unapologetic fic about poly negotiation and how much I like AJ Lee.

Written Did Dolph Ziggler Hookup Aj Lee the wrestling big bang which faded into nothing, and none of the fics were claimed by artists, so I'm posting this anyway because I like it a lot. This is written with the assumption that all storylines are set in reality, which is obviously not true, so, as a blanket disclaimer: It's a fairly common occurrence, because AJ likes pretty things, and the Shield is like, a bunch of pretty things, all at once. Dolph is a very understanding person, which AJ is grateful for.

Neither of them had wanted to jump into anything too serious, when she was still trying to get over Daniel and he had just gotten out of a catastrophic relationship with Vickie Guerrero. That was six months ago, granted, but what they have works. Not that she blames him, because, well, wow. Dolph rolls over, resting his head against her hip and sighing heavily. Snorting, Dolph nuzzles up against her hand.

Besides, I thought one of the things you liked about them was the — what did you call it? The element of danger. His voice is vague and grumbly, because fiddling with his hair always makes him sleepy. Maybe the Shield can be my man-harem. Her answer is a snore, and AJ sighs. Still, Dolph would almost definitely be in her harem.

She could probably convince Big E to be in it, too. Maybe she can convince the Shield to marry her without talking to them at all. She swings her legs back and forth, heels kicking against the wood of the crate. Probably because AJ just nearly broke her neck falling off a crate. He definitely meant to scare her.

Please whitelist TheSportster or disable your ad blocker to continue. While she does have two country music albums under her belt, James is currently making sweet music will fellow TNA superstar Nicholas Aldis Magnus. He quirks an eyebrow at her, and then leans down to kiss her on the cheek.

Seth Rollins is a very cute boy. Well, that solves one problem. Big fan of you. Your in-ring work is impeccable. The Shield, I mean. It makes his biceps look fantastic. Everything about him looks fantastic. You planning on watching? Probably a little too much. Well, amused is better than terrified, most of the time.

Soap opera actors have to learn pages after pages of scripts in a short amount of time because episodes are filmed in blocks. And after all that, an injury of all things changed this, finally establishing him as a crowd-favored face. The Great Antonio to Gene Kiniski. So… someone other than Roman or Seth. Sunny and Chris Candido were high school sweethearts.

Dolph had better appreciate this. She is ending a conversation with Seth Rollins for him. Instead, she bobs her head in a nod, feeling a little like one of those bobble head dolls they sell at the merch stands.

Did Dolph Ziggler Hookup Aj Lee

Reigns is standing with his arms folded, looking generally intimidating, while Ambrose is leaning against the wall. As she looks, Ambrose pops his gum, and holds up his wrist, tapping it like he would if there was a watch there.

They have their own little silent language. Very scary cute men. Oh, he will definitely be seeing her around. She gives Seth a coy look, hopping off the crate onto her feet.

AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler passionately kiss under the mistletoe: Raw, Dec. 24, 2012 - Free Hookups Sites!

Whatever he says, Seth glances over his shoulder at Did Dolph Ziggler Hookup Aj Lee, and AJ chances a little wave. He gives her source little wave back, then turns back to his partners.

AJ flicks her hair over her shoulders and lifts her chin a little, skipping down the hallway. She has to pass them to get back to the locker room area, anyway, might as well make a grand exit.

To his credit, Big E barely bats an eye at her question. He narrows his eyes suspiciously. His beard is tickling her, so she laughs, and weaves her fingers through his hair, holding him where he is.

She likes feeling floaty, flighty, flirty. You got up the nerve? Was he with the other two? Well, not at first. But it has the potential to become sordid. He kisses her sweetly one more time and then leans his forehead against hers. Dolph sulks a little, playfully, then helps her slide back off his lap. The way AJ figures, that gives her maybe twenty minutes to see if she can find something to do. Not in the fun way.

So either she can see if one of the other divas are still there none of them really like her, which means any of them would probably be willing to fight her or she can just wait until they get back to the hotel, where Dolph will be only too happy to help her out.

Wandering seems to read more the answer in any case, so Did Dolph Ziggler Hookup Aj Lee grabs her bag which just has her wrestling gear in it and pulls it over her shoulder, heading out the door to begin a good skip down Did Dolph Ziggler Hookup Aj Lee hall.

Roman Reigns is a very large man and AJ is very attracted to him and he saw her swoon like an hour ago. AJ is in so much trouble. Reigns is calmly assessing her with his eyes and it feels a bit like he can see all the way to her soul. It changes his face. It does seem to be your preferred mode of travel, though. Reigns smiles at her, and AJ comes perilously close to swooning again.

He raises his eyebrows a little, casting a glance over her shoulder. Is it her imagination, or is he closer than he was at the beginning of this conversation? Reigns flicks his eyes toward the monitor in the next room, visible through the open door.

She is really not attractive from that angle. AJ tilts her head. Maybe she should figure out something to do about that.

Dolph Ziggler and Lana: No chemistry couples - Last Word on Sports

Not important right now. He does the same thing Dean Ambrose did earlier, tapping the spot on his wrist where a watch would be, but he also holds up two fingers and then adds a wave at the end, giving AJ a grin that actually makes her knees tremble.

Did Dolph Ziggler Hookup Aj Lee

It seems Did Dolph Ziggler Hookup Aj Lee the right decision, because Reigns actually smiles back, offering her a hand, which she shakes. He nods at her, one bob of his head, and then slips past to join Seth. AJ feels slightly creepy about watching them go, but not enough to stop her from doing it. The only conclusions AJ comes to make no sense, is the thing. Seth Rollins planned to talk to her in that hallway, and somehow, Roman Reigns planned to be there for her to run into at the end of the show.

AJ is considering this point further while she wanders backstage at SmackDown. Another arena, another barren hallway. AJ likes empty hallways because it makes it easy to keep up with her thoughts, when the only other thing she can hear is her footsteps as she paces one foot in front of the other, one-two-three-four-five-turn, one-two-three-four-five-turn.

She stops mid-step, closes her eyes, holds her breath, and listens. She whirls around, bringing a hand up to punch if she needs to, and only just manages to keep from driving it into the face of the guy who was standing behind her.

He just raises an eyebrow at her, and then tilts his head in question. Less terrifying, in a way. She laughs in the face of danger and all that. His mouth quirks sideways and he leans his hip against the wall.

Not that AJ knows of anybody who would casually join a conversation between herself and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose laughs, a quiet, huffing chuckle that oddly suits him. He appears to be genuinely asking, as much as a member of the Shield can appear to be genuinely anything.

AJ narrows her eyes at him.

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Only concerned with compliments.